Fall Skirmish Week One – 5 Things To Look Out For

Fortnite’s official competitions are back. Kicking off today, the 6 week long Fall Skirmish with its total prize pool of $10,000,000 is set to be even bigger than the Summer Skirmish.

The Fall Skirmish will have a decidedly team based feel – 500 players from NA and EU are being invited and placed into Epic formed ‘clubs.’ Players will earn points during matches which will go towards their clubs – the club with the most points at the end of the Skirmish will be awarded additional prize money.

The clubs are –

There will be two games each Skirmish, there will be a competitive event and a trial event. All club members are allowed to participate in the trials, while only selected club members are allowed to participate in the competitive event.

Here are 5 things to look out for in this week’s Fall Skirmish.

1) The Best Of Both Worlds

The two formats this week will give viewers a taste of competitive gameplay and the balls to the wall pub stomping format seen in Keemstars Friday Fortnite’s. The competitive format is ‘Hold the Throne.’ Duo’s will fight it out over 6 games with points for Placement and Eliminations. Placement has less incentive than we have seen previously with only those placing 1st to 5th gaining points.  Eliminations are also heavily incentivized with 1 point for 4-5 kills, 2 for 6-7 and 3 for 8 or more kills. Expect players to go aggressive in these games as skilled players would rather rely on combat ability than the RNG of the final circles.

The trial format will be Squad Goals. Anyone in the “Clubs” can join these games. Players will queue in standard squad lobbies – placement in these games don’t matter only kills! So expect to see players going ham to get as many eliminations as possible.

There are club points and prize money to be won in both formats.

2) The First Taste of Squads

Fall Skirmish Week One

Competitors will play in Squads for the first time. (Image: Fortnite)

As Fortnite developed its esport scene Epic had stated that Squads wouldn’t be a supported mode but things have changed. Previous tournaments had been limited to solo and duo formats because of lag – a problem that was exacerbated in Squads. But with an ever-improving net code Epic has gone back on their decision and included Squads for the first time.

This week Squads is only in the pub stomping format but we won’t have to wait long for a competitive Squad format. With Week 4 scheduled to be just that.

3) Deadly Duo’s

Viewers will get the chance at watching some of the best duos in the game battle it out this week. Epic has selected team captains from each ‘club’ and they are able to invite another player from the club to join them in the competitive game. Which will inevitably throw up some Pro + Content creator duo’s but a few strong pairs have been confirmed.

Look out for Ghost Saf and Ghost Ghoul on the Bush Bandits which also has 72hrs, Chap, DrLupo and Ninja. 100T Kenith and 100T Parallax are playing for Dusty Dogs. Liquid Poach and Vivid give Lucky Llamas a good shot.

Eye’s will also be on surprise PAX West Winner Morguesse. He will team up with MonsterDface, who you might remember as one of the better casters in the Summer Skirmish.

It’s not perfect. We would rather see the respective organizations putting their best teams forward. But we will still have some of the top players going up against other pros for big money.

4) Europe Getting Some Love?

Yoshi Fall Skirmish

Solary are one of the most well known EU teams. (Pictured here – Yoshi)

While the North American players have blown up over the months to become bonafide celebrities the European players could feel they have had a raw deal. With an unfavourable time slot for American based audiences and no proper LAN tournaments yet the EU, players haven’t had nearly the same exposure as their friends across the pond.

That looks set to change with NA and EU players being sorted into the same clubs. That means results in the EU games will have a direct impact on the standings across the whole skirmish.

So with the NA guys and their fans having a stake in what happens in Europe, we will finally see some of these pro’s get the recognition they deserve.

5) Expect Crazy Challenges

Fall Summer Skirmish Challenges

The challenges promise to bring an element of chaos to precedings. (Image: Fortnite)

Epic is always looking to ramp up the entertainment factor – we’ve seen this from the beginning of Fortnite with weird items and in-game events that directly effect the meta of the game. The Fall Skirmish will be no different. Epic plan is to have different Challenges every week that can net players points for their teams. We’re told to expect ATK races, golf outings and various mini-games. While this sounds good for the casual viewer those who want to see a serious esport develop might be left disappointed. The very thought of something like this in CS:GO or LoL would be unthinkable and send shivers down the spine of any fan.

This is a litmus test for Epic. If these Challenges find their way into the Skirmish’s competitive games and not just the trials. It will go a long way toward answering what Epic’s idea of esports is.


So what do you think of the Fall Skirmish? Are the challenges out of place in a competitive game? Will EU finally flex on their NA counterparts? Let us know in the comments below.