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Fall Skirmish Week 4 - Five Things To Look Out For - Esportsranks
Fall Skirmish Week 4 – Five Things To Look Out For

Last minute changes, weird formats, weirder caster, lag, EU treated like the ugly stepsister – what will it be this week? Maybe all of them its Fall Skirmish Week 4!

Let’s get right into the five things to look out for!

1. Fours A Crowd

Week 4 was set to be a Squad format but things changed.

We called it back in Week 1 but its now been confirmed Squads is out. The servers simply cannot handle the load as it currently stands, it’s just a shame Epic can’t quite grasp what so many viewers and players can, but there we are.

This week will return to Solos with the following format –


Victory Royale: +3 Points

2nd-3rd Place: +2 Points

-10th Place: +1 Point


7+ Eliminations: +3 Points

5-6 Eliminations: +2 Points

3-4 Eliminations: +1 Point

Big Bonus:

$7500 and 1 point for each elimination after 7 elims.

We can’t be too disappointed though, Solos is the most enjoyable mode at the moment. It allows naturally aggressive players to flex without the fear of being stomped by a competent duo and top players aren’t saddled with a content creator for a partner.

Some of the players featuring this week include Tfue, Cloakzy, Poach and Ninja from NA and Solary Kinstarr, Loyea and KINGUIN Sk1x from EU.

It’s another EPC f**k up, but this time we don’t mind.

2. Quad Launcher

Fortnite Skirmish Week 3

The Quad Launcher is just the latest explode item in Fortnite.

One play where 4 isn’t a crowd is the brand new Quad Launcher. Introduced in the latest patch, the Quad Launcher is a 4-load rocket launcher with a large hook trajectory this thing does over 300 damage to structures and looks to be an absolute beast at destroying structures.

How many we’ll see in the game this week is debatable. Explosives tend to be dropped by pro players in the later circles because as people get into CQB combat the exploding everything around you is just a bit risky.

You can’t help but feel this is more of a (S)quad based weapon(YEAH!) that was planned to be released alongside the first Squad skirmish.

It’s always cool to see pros getting their hands on new equipment so look out for this in Week 4.

For the full patch notes click here.

3. Bunny Hopping

This one really excites us. Bunny hopping in shooters is almost as old as shooters itself. So ubitquious is this “bug” that many games, most famously CS: GO and Quake, have kept it in as a learnable skill rather than patch it out.

If you not entirely sure what bunny hopping is let me explain. By manipulating your avatars momentum and smashing or *cough* macroing jump you can increase the speed you move it allowing you to traverse distances and sometimes jump higher.

Well, Fortnite has its own bunny hopping and its bunny hopping on crack, because there are so many items that can increase your momentum, like the grappler and shadowstones you can fly around the map at insane speeds.

Check out this tutorial here if you want to become a bunny hopping god.

But the big question is, will Epic patch it? Or more importantly, should they? When does a bug become a game mechanic, an exploit? Counterstrike kept it while keeping pixel jumping out and there is nothing more satifsying than watching a pro player bend the game to his will. We feel this falls on the side of a feature rather than a bug and any attempt to remove it will just be another concession to those not willing to put in the time to learn the game.

How pros use this recently discovered mechanic in this Weeks skirmish will go a long way to deciding how Epic look at this “problem.”

4. The Prodigal Son Returns

Natehill best fortnite players

Natehill has served his suspension.

It’s Natehill baby! He’s back. After being suspended in Week 1 alongside Funkbomb he has been allowed to return to the fold. Just in time as well as Solo’s is where he shines. Natehill could have reason to be a little peeved at having to sit out the last 2 weeks as he technically didn’t do anything but don’t expect him to say anything like that.

No, it seems that in his time off Natehill has been putting his mind on how to fix the end game and he has shared his thoughts on Twitter.

Maybe he sat and watched the last 2 weeks and thought he could better. Nate’s idea doesn’t seem a bad one but the real worry is he seems to be putting more thought into that the people who are paid to do so.

The irony when he wins with a heal off.

5. Come Fly With Me

So remember when we said Idropz_bodies was returning last week? Well, he pulled at the last minute. His reason was good to be fair, he had to eh…. pick up his cousin from the airport(queue GTA joke.) Y’know instead of winning another life-changing sum of money.

Well, he’s back for this week and is confirmed to be playing so let’s hope he doesn’t have to pop out for some milk.


So what do you make of the Quad Launcher? Is the change to Soloa blessing in disguise? Bunnyhopping, cheating or skill? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.