Fall Skirmish Week 3 – Five Things To Look Out For

As we enter Week 3 of the Fall Skirmish the tournament is starting to heat up. Week 2 saw a Solo format being played and we saw some great Fortnite from the NA and EU lobbies.

G2 RazZzero0o of EU and Tfue from NA kicked off their respective regions with a ‘Royale Flush’ thats 7 Kills + the Victory Royale in Game 1, and both regions went on as they begun with top-tier play and plenty of high kill games.

TSM Daequann regained some luster with possibly the game of the weekend when he slayed out finishing on 9 kills and making a lobby of professionals look like no skins.

But onwards to Week 3 where we see the return of Duo’s – with content creators as team captains the skill level won’t be as high but with a mix of pro’s and amateurs, we’ll at least get to see some players getting stomped on which is fun in its own way.

So without further ado let’s look at the big stories heading into Fall Skirmish Week 3.

1) The Return of The King


iDroPz_BoDiEs returns for the first time since THAT week.

If you don’t what all this is about here is the short version. SS Week 2 was a pub stomping format. Invited PS4/PC Solo players queued in lobbies with the objective to kill as many people as possible. iDropz_Bodies, a virtual unknown, preceded to outscore and outkill EVERYONE and not just by a little bit but by a lot. He dropped 4 separate 20 bomb games.

Further suspicions were raised when he was one of the few players unable to stream so there was no footage of his games as all this happened. On top of that slaying out in PS4 vs PC brought up a whole heap of fairness issues.

So what has happened since then? Well after the initial furor Epic confirmed iDropz_Bodies and his results as legitimate, he uploaded his game footage and he was duly awarded the $130,000 in prize money. However, many still aren’t convinced. That was 4 months ago and in that time Epic hadn’t invited him to any other tournaments and he had essentially disappeared from the scene.

Until now… iDropz_Bodies is back and he is a Team Captain for Week 3.

It’s going to be interesting.

2) Atlantis Mitro Sends Shockwaves Through the Meta.

Atlantis Mitro, one of the top EU players, stunned everyone in Game 4 with a play that whoever saw it will be trying and failing to do for weeks to come.

As one of the final 2 players Mitro was sitting pretty on the high ground but with just a pump-shotgun, a P90, 4 minis, and 2 Shockwave grenades his options were limited. For your average player the thought process would have been something like this – Do I gamble on a heal off and hope my opponent doesn’t have a medkit or bandages? Or do I launch a shockwave grenade down and try and send my opponent flying into the storm? 

But luckily for us, Mitro isn’t an average player. In fact, he’s one of the best in the world. 

What he decided to do was build a series of walls above him and then using one of his shockwave grenades he threw it at the wall which sent him hurtling through the floors that separated him from his opponent. As he flew down he caught Eragonist with his pants down and easily dispatched him with the shotgun. It was a thing of beauty.

What made this all the sweeter? The extra point he earned from the elimination won him the entire tournament.

For all the faults in Fortnite’s baby steps into esports, and there are many, it still has the ability to make your jaw drop.

3) New Week. New Format.

As we said up top Week 3 will revert to duos. Content creators have been named team captains and they are free to invite who they want.  This has led to some lopsided teams in the past and this week will be no different. In NA keep an eye out for the unsigned duo of BOXR Joseph and BOXR Anthony. These two have been tearing it up in the pro discord and the format suits them perfectly. On the EU side look out for Kinstaar and Hunter.

The format, called “King Pin”, is as follows:

  • Victory Royale: +3 Points
  • 2nd-3rd Place: +2 Points
  • 4th-5th Place: +1 Point
  • 8+ Eliminations: +3 Points
  • 6-7 Eliminations: +2 Points
  • 4-5 Eliminations: +1 Point
  • Victory Royale: 2x Points Earned Next Match (Does not Stack)
  • 8+ Eliminations: 2x Points Earned Next Match (Does not Stack)

It’s not too different from previous weeks. The bonus should add some excitement, any player who activates them is going to have a real incentive to go balls to the wall in the next game. It will also help keep the matches feeling interconnected and help with the narrative.

Expect to see some players go ham in the final circles to secure the 7+ eliminations bonus.

4) Fortnite Embraces the Weird and Wonderful.

If you haven’t been tunning into the mid-week trials, few could blame you. Week 2 saw Zeke spinning a homemade wheel the likes of which have not been seen since a 70’s game show or more recently a cam girl stream.

Depending on where the pin landed on the wheel a rather wacky challenge began. We had the best cosplay costume, the best rap(!?) and in-game challenges like finishing a match as a bush. All of these challenges had real world ramification and I am not talking about the copious amounts of drugs you need to take to forget the raps. No, these actually earn points for the final standings.

The winners of the trials will be announced during this week’s broadcast which I guess is a net positive because the only thing worse than Fortnite raps is Zeke’s casting.

5) 1-0 EU?

As the week’s progress we are beginning to see different meta’s developing in the regions. EU players are more cautious, compared to the rather gung-ho style that can be seen in NA. This extends to what players carry in their inventories. We see a lot more Grapplers in NA and aggressive plays and thus more high kill games.

There is a couple of reasons for this. EU pro scene has been organizing scrims and have had access to custom keys much longer and thus have become more “experienced” Pro players. In addition to that, the line between Pro and Content Creator is blurred in NA. The NA domination of Twitch has given some players clout which far exceeds their skill level and as the weeks go on we are seeing the true professionals break through.

It could be argued that at the moment EU players, on the whole, are at a higher level. They frequently bring push the meta forward. Who could forget Turkey’s Emre “Refl7ction” Delikara throwing down a floor and launchpad simultaneously or Mitro and his shockwave play? (You really shouldn’t have forgotten the latter it was last week and we just talked about it.)

They might not have the hype but when the dust settles it might be EU that reigns supreme.


So what did you guys make of Week 2? Will I_Dropz_bodies turn up in his return? Will the format improve the experience? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.