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Fall Skirmish TwitchCon - 5 Things To Look Out For - Esportsranks
Fall Skirmish TwitchCon – 5 Things To Look Out For

Fall Skirmish will be ending with a bang with the final instalment taking place at this weekends TwitchCon.

The series so far has been a mixed bag. The positives include watching Tfue stomp his way through Week 2, Daequan silencing his doubters and Myth finding his voice as a caster, on the other hand, we have had the usual issues around server stability and poor communication from Epic including such basic details as format and participants.

There is hope though, especially on that last point as Epic has created a brand new Fortnite esport website that includes a lot of the information fans have been begging for since Week 1 of the original Summer Skirmish. And the server thing? Well the less said about that the better, thankfully TwitchCon is LAN so for this week at least we’re going to have a great tournament.

1) Our friends over the Atlantis

Atalantis TwitchCon

Atantis Magin (Right) and Mitr0 (left) will be competing against NA players for the first time. (image: Twitter)

One of the most exciting aspects of Fall Skimirsh TwitchCon is for the first time EU players will be making their way to the US to compete.

It’s been an interesting story so far in the Fortnite Pro scene. Both invite based and with no in-game ranked mode the participants in the tournaments haven’t always been the best players. It’s safe to say that in no game before has the space between content creator and pro been so blurred and in that space, it has been the English speaking USA based players that have benefited the most.

That will all change this weekend with viewers getting their first look at EU players competing against the best of NA.

And there are good reasons to think they might show up their North American friends. EU Lobbies, while not as sexy as NA’s have a higher selection of professional players with arguably the highest performing player across all regions being Atlantis Mitro with his 17 wins across all major tournaments.

Magin, Mitro, Villex and Juganza of Atlantis are making their way to TwitchCon, as well as the Domentos of Team Secret and the full roster of Wildcard.

These guys know that popping off big in one game could change their lives, so don’t be surprised when one of them does exactly that.

2) There is something spooky going on

Fortnite Halloween

The latest patch has caused an uproar in the pro community.

Some scary news and a sweeping meta change is coming today patch which will be live during TwitchCon.

The patch has a Halloween theme and includes two new weapons and a major change to the way glider’s work. The ‘always on’ glider has been seen in some  LTM’s is being put into the main game for a “week” for testing.

It has been confirmed by Vivid of Team Liquid via Reddit that this will be in play during TwitchCon and the feedback from pros so far is mixed.
If you don’t know, basically when jumping from any height above 3 floors you can now pull out your glider negating any fall damage and allowing you to traverse the map at great speed. This will change a couple of major things in the meta that you will see play out at TwitchCon.

This needs to be looked at in two ways – the early-mid and late game

First, early to mid game. In this situation, the change is a positive one. Players will be able to engage in a build battle knowing that if they start getting 3rd partied they have an out to disengage and reposition. 3rd partying is a major problem in the competitive game mode as it de-incentives getting into fights at all. Why take on an enemy, expand mats and health to be attacked at you weakest?

In the late game though its hard to see how this change can’t contribute to many of the problems seen in that portion of the game. Players will now be able to move in the end circles without using up all their materials and there are no disadvantages to taking the high ground. FaZe Jaomrock summed up many of the pro players fears when he stated, “it’s gonna be terrible, TwitchCon might look really bad,[…]they’ll be 80 people in the final circle.

We will have to see on Friday if their worst fears are realised.


The full patch is out now and there are a few more unannounced changes, including storm changes and down times.

The storm will now move as soon as the storm closes in the final circles. So that means no wait time between storm movements. We’ll leave the last word to Liquid Poach on this one.

The full patch notes can be found here.

3) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

A major sticking point for many players heading into TwitchCon is Epic’s insistence on both peripherals and in-game settings. There really is just two decides to this debate – Epics and everyone else.

This story goes all the way back to the Pro-Am. People gave Epic the benefit of the doubt on that occasion, it was after all their first event. However, as time has gone on people have become increasingly annoyed at Epic’s insistence on these key issues.

Epic says they need to control the peripherals because of the sheer amount of players in a Battle Royale but whether that is true or not is really beside the point. Ultimately, this is reducing the competitiveness and has become an accessibility issue with players who use bespoke peripherals been effectively told to lump it.

Many point to Logitech’s sponsorship of the event being the main factor in the forced peripherals.

The settings issue is tied into the spectator view or lack thereof and shouldn’t be a long-term issue but with this much money on the line its a shame we are here.

With the crazy meta changes and the peripherals, Epic may be setting themselves up for a backlash.

4) Pull A Format Out The Hat

Fall Skirmish TwitchCon Participants

The participants confirmed for TwitchCon. (Image: Twitter)

Jokes aside the format have stayed relatively fixed the last few weeks and any players who have participated in the “Live Events” will be accustomed to the point system.

There will be 5 heats held over Friday and Saturday before the Grand Finals which will be on Sunday. The qualifying heats are 4 games with the top 12 duos from each heat qualifying for the Grand Final*. The Grand final is across 6 games.

The Format is called Big Bonus and is as follows –

Big Bonus

Victory Royale: +3 Points

2nd-3rd Place: +2 Points

4th-5th Place: +1 Point

7+ Eliminations: +3 Points

5-6 Eliminations: +2 Points

3-4 Eliminations: +1 Point

Big Bonus: After 7 Eliminations, +1 Point will be added to each elimination

The Grand Finals have a further bonus – Victory Royales (Per Match): $50,000, Most Eliminations Total: $50,000.

*Two additional wildcard teams will move on to make a total of 50 Duo teams.

The tournament including the qualifiers will be streamed live on Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, Twitter and Facebook. 

The lobbies for the main event are sure to be stacked. Professionals from the pro discord were allowed to apply first and with a qualifying heat, it is sure to weed out any pretenders. Casting will be Zeke + 1, with MonsterDFace and CouRage having also been confirmed.

5) The Kings of Tilted Towers

Fortnite TwitchCon

King Richard and Aydan are joining forces.

It was the rivalry that became a love-in. The two best controller players are coming together to compete as a duo at TwitchCon.

A highlight of the Summer Skirmish PAX West tourney these two’s battle over Titled towers and subsequent slaying in PC lobbies was a high point of the entire series. To come together and compete as a duo will be an interesting experiment at the very least.

There has been a number of changes for controller players since the Summer. They can now fully customize their layout, change the sensitivity when building compared to combat and the much-maligned edit delay is gone.

All this has reduced the gap between controller and PC the big question is – is it enough?

With NickMercs and Aydan teaming up we have the best chance of finding out.



So what do you make of the meta changes? Do you think EU will clap NA? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.