F2Tekkz makes Bucharest home with third trophy win – PGL Cup Recap

In an all-English final, Donovan “F2Tekkz” Hunt defeated Tom “FUTWiz Tom” Leese, 5-2 on aggregate in the PGL Cup cross-console final making it a clean sweep of tournaments held in Bucharest, after winning FUT Champions Cup: Bucharest and Decembers’ PGL Cup earlier in the season.

F2Tekkz had relatively little trouble until the semi-final against Alex “SPQR Rodrigo” Rodrigo but after going behind he kept his trademark cool and booked his place in the final.

It was a unique tournament for viewers as you could pick any individual match to watch as it was being played but it wasn’t without its problems with Dani “Ajax Dani” Hajebuek claiming it caused the players to experience delays and lag within the game.

Of course, if anyone could rise above the issues it would be F2Tekkz and that he did – adding a further 850 Global Series Points and $8,750 to his winnings but you couldn’t help but feel this is all a bit redundant now. He has no need for the Global Series Points as he sits 1st on the leaderboard thousands of points ahead of his rival Mossad “Msdossary” Aldossary. In fact, barring the highly anticipated finals of the eChampions League on the 31st of this month, these end of season tournaments feel like killing time before the Global Series Playoffs.

FUTWiz Tom, on the other hand, had much more to play for. and as the PS4 Champion he won $5,000 and a crucial 850 Global Series Points which will lift him from 50th to around 19th on the PS4 Global Series Rankings – securing his place in the Global Series Playoffs next month.

What did you make of the PGL Cup? Did you enjoy being able to watch all the different matches? Will F2Tekkz win the eChampions League? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.