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Berserker Ex-Immortals Players join the 100 Thieves - Esportsranks
Berserker Ex-Immortals Players join the 100 Thieves

Life is good for the berserker ex-Immortals, as they’ve found a new home with the rather ironically named (given the situation) 100 Thieves. We don’t have to go into the exciting history of the head knife-artist of the old Immortals roster one more time, but the ‘executioner of the Immortals team’ now has a new home, along with his buddies, the fighting twins. They’re all together again in the 100 Thieves. That team has recently locked down their spot in the League of Legends’ North American Championship Series. Taking on the Immortals’ ex-berserker and his henchmen now gives them a driving powerhouse entry into CS:GO.

So what does the new 100 Thieves CS:GO roster look like?

Well, it contains Vito Guiseppe, or kNg, of course. That’s the knife guy who went after poor old Mehta of Counter Logic Gaming. Interestingly enough, not only did Immortals fall apart after that incident, but so did CLG’s CS:GO team. While both the original Immortals team and CLG look unlikely to recover anytime soon, kNg has a new place on 100 Thieves. His old friends the Teles twins, going by the monikers HEN1 and LUCAS1, have joined him there.

This makes the 100 Thieves CS:GO roster a formidable one

Remember, kNg, despite his instability, is a brutally effective CS:GO star, and the Teles twins don’t lag far behind. Yes, the other ex-Immortals players, boltz and steel, are formidable players in their own right, but three of the once-dominating Immortals team together again on a single team make for a powerful combination, one that could well make the 100 Thieves CS:GO team one of the dominating teams in the industry. As if this wasn’t enough, the new 100 Thieves team also includes another highly effective ex-Immortals CS:GO player, Lincoln Lau or fnx. The fifth member of the team is Bruno Lima, also known as bit, a reasonably effective pro CS:GO player.

How does this team match up to other pro teams?

Together, these players make 100 Thieves a team certainly on par with other pro teams in the industry, and one that might tweak its roster further in future to become even more powerful. Remember, these players already have a set meta for team play and working together. They won’t have the usual problems a new roster has when it’s first put together. They’re a new roster on a new team, but in reality, they’re old team-mates who have had the wrong end of the morality stick, and they’re raring to go brutalize the opposition.

We just hope they do that in the CS:GO universe, and not in reality

Perhaps they’ve learned their lesson and sobered down on being given a second chance by the 100 Thieves making a bid for power and glory. With these heavyweights on the team, the power and glory are virtually certain. Whether the new team’s management will be able to hold this team on course and keep them working smoothly together is something that only time will reveal. Here’s more on these new developments…

Don’t know the history of how the old Immortals roster fell apart? Read all about it here, and also about how steel and boltz were snapped up by Team Liquid and SK Gaming. Stay tuned for detailed day-by-day analyses of major CS:GO events, and ace reporting. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest on your favorite Esports titles.