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FIFA eWorld Cup Day 3 Recap: The Finals - Esportsranks
FIFA eWorld Cup Day 3 Recap: The Finals


The 3rd and Final day of the tournament was upon us. With just 4 semi-finalists left the 02 Arena was transformed into a space fitting the occasion. Where before there had been an area for attendees to mingle and watch the previous days action all that was gone. In its place, two gaming stations sat face-to-face and surrounding them fans of the game filled the arena to watch the culmination of the biggest tournament in FIFA’s history. It was the perfect setting for these players as they battled for a place in the final. Read on to find out all that happened at the FIFA eWorld Cup Day 3.

It started with 20 million and now there was just four left all desperate to be crowned the FIFA eWorld Cup Champion and take home a cool $250,000.

Kurt vs Msdossary

eWorld Cup day 3 semi final

Such is the talent on show in this match that wouldn’t bat an eye to hear it was the final itself. Kurt and Msdossary sat down at first to duke it out for a place in the final.

These two men’s approach couldn’t be more different. Kurt abrasive and boastful whereas Msdossary cuts a rather more cheerful figure, his “just happy to be here persona” hiding a competitive edge.

Kurt has always made bold statements about his abilities and this tournament was no different. He put on a show for attendee’s with his fawning over the new trophy stating it was, “too beautiful” and that the only name that would be inscribed on it would be his.

Whereas in previous tournaments his statesmen rung hollow because of his performances this year looked to be different this year. He was in imperious form going into this game. His 2nd leg performance against Gorilla, in particular, highlighted a new found maturity in his game… if not his demeanor. In that quarter-final game, he effectively shut out one of the greatest attackers in the sport’s history for 90mins. It was a master class in defending that serious FIFA players will be analyzing long after the final whistle.

Msdossary’s road to the final hadn’t thrown up too many surprises which says a lot about how highly regarded he is in the FIFA competitive scene. The man is a machine. Able to change his game plan on the fly and react to opponents in a way that no one else can do, comfortable in attack and measured in defense this game was set to be a classic.

The Match

kurt fifa

The game was held first and as both players emerged there were cheers for two stalwarts of the game.

Both players kicked off in a 4-2-2-2.

Msdossary took control of the game early on but it was Kurt that opened the scoring with R9, before Msdossary quickly leveled via C. Ronaldo. An uncharacteristic mistake from Msdossary allowed Kurt to take the lead again before Henry leveled just before halftime.

In the second half, Msdossary began dominating going in front for the first time in the tie and from there he didn’t look back. As the goals went in attention turned to Kurt who was growing more and more animated with every goal and missed shot.

The 2nd leg was a non-event. Kurt was unable to find a way back into the tie and growing frustrated, began making silly mistakes. It can best be summed up by the Rio Ferdinand own goal he scored in the second half. Sergio Ramos and De Gea falling over themselves and failing to stop it crossing the line.

Final result 7-3. Msdossary was through to another final and for Kurt was left waiting another year claim to be the greatest FIFA player in the world.

Marcuzo Vs Stefano Pinna

Marcuzo vs Pinna

For many, this was an unexpected semifinal for no reason other than it didn’t contain Nicolas99FC.

But these two were not without pedigree Marcuzo playing for Man City and the 2017 eClub World Cup, and in Stefano, a player on the rise arriving at this semi-final unbeaten in the competition and previously reached the last 4 FUT Champions Cup in Manchester. Whatever happened in this game both of these players stock had risen considerably.

The Match

marcuzo manchester city

The match started with Marcuzo racing into a two-nil lead similar to his game against Nicolas in the previous round. Pinna had the opportunity to take one back from the spot but it was a poor effort by C.Ronaldo low and with little power. Another header was cleared off the line as Pinna pressed forward and you began to wonder if it wasn’t going to be his day. Pinna did pull one back through a low placed shot by Henry after a lovely one-two on the edge of the box. The game ended 2-1 and astonishingly this was the first “loss” Stefano Pinna had recorded all tournament.

The 2nd leg started much like the first with an early Marcuzo goal. Pinna’s fortunes were to change though. A R9 shot took a deflection off a defender sending it high into the air and over the goalkeeper. C. Ronaldo didn’t need a formal invitation, leaping high and heading it into an empty net. From there it was all Pinna, who was now playing with confidence. A C.Ronaldo near post header sending the game into extra time.

As ET kicked off the noise levels in the O2 were rising. Marcuzo hit the post just before the end of the first half but it was Pinna who was enjoying a lot of the ball. Pinna capitalized with a stunning goal and Marcuzo had no reply. The game ended 4-3 and Pinna took his place in the final and a minimum $50,000.

Stefano Pinna vs Msdossary

Msdossary vs Pinna

Both players had performed well and were deserving of their place in the final, but there was a feeling before the match that it was Msdossary’s to lose. I spoke to a number of players including UNILAD Shellz, Ajax Dani and Eisvogel and the reply was delivered without hesitation, “Msdossary will win.” The reasons were numerous some citing his experience in competitions, others his ability on both consoles but the message was clear.

If everyone thought Stefano would lose no-one told him. Speaking to him before the game he was confident the only issue would be playing on the XB1 where he had “trained a little but the controller is difficult.” The confidence spread throughout his camp. Stefano’s coach at Team ESV mentioned how as the tournament progressed expectations changed. Initially, Stefano had expressed a desire to get out the group but after finishing 2nd and almost beating Nicolas99FC then that changed, “He told me “I am playing so good your coaching so good we are going to win,” so he is very confident.”

The Final

msdossary fifa eworld cup champion

A coin toss decided the choice of platform and it would be Playstation first. An early win for Msdossary there now if it went to extra time he would be on his favored console.

Both lined up with a 4-2-2-2 with the only difference being Pinna played Viera where Msdossary had Pogba.

It was a cagey first 25 minutes that was punctured by one of the most glaring misses you will ever see in FIFA. Msdossary was the culprit. A misplaced pass sent C. Ronaldo bearing down on goal and with just the keeper to beat. But he was out quick and Pinna could breathe easy.

It didn’t take long for Msdossary to atone, R9 with the goal to make it 1-0. And it was that man again after the break with a beautifully worked goal. If the PlayStation was Msdossary away console it certainly wasn’t showing.

Pinna knew he had to push. It wasn’t going to get any easier but when Msdossary is in front you can’t be in a worse position in FIFA. For all Pinna’s effort, the match ended 2-0.

Then it was the second leg on Xbox.

Part of me would love to say Pinna was able to get over his uncomfortableness with the controller and really give his opponent a game but that would be a lie. He misplaced passes and made basic errors. Msdossary was comfortable throughout the game and scored two goals to make it 4-0 on agg.

The FIFA eWorld Cup its winner and it would be Saudi Arabia’s Msdossary.

Final Words

msdossary fifa eworld cup champion

So that brings an end of the FIFA 18 competitive season, and it’s been another great year with amazing players and even bigger prizes. Of course, the next time we are covering a tournament it will be on the new FIFA 19. We caught a glimpse of it at the tournament and the new features and ICON cards look amazing. We’ll get all the information to you soon but we’ll let you know this because it’s asked for every year. Gerrard and Lampard. ICON cards. Let the debates begin!

But there will be time for all that later, for now, let’s give the last word to our finalists.

Stefano Pinna – “I am disappointed but I am very proud[….] I am proud to represent Belguim and I just want to thank all the fans back home.”

Msdossary – “I knew I was going to win. I am good on Playstation and Xbox[…] I want to thank my family and it’s an honor to have my name on this trophy.”

So what did you think of the tournament? Is Msdossary a worthy champion? Can Kurt go on and take the trophy next year? Let us know in the comments below.