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FIFA eWorld Cup Day 1 Recap: The Tournament Begins - Esportsranks
FIFA eWorld Cup Day 1 Recap: The Tournament Begins


It feels like an age since the players initially qualified for the FIFA eWorld Cup. Since then there has been a lot of talk and predictions of who was going to do well but finally, the time for talking was over. This morning Day 1 of the FIFA eWorld Cup finally got underway at the O2 Arena in London.

And what a day it was!

160 games were played across the four groups. To break that down 5 games were played from each group. With the day being split. Group A(XB1) and Group C(PS4) kicked off in the morning and later in the day Group B(XB1) and D(PS4) got their chance.

We had plenty of goals, massive upsets and even some game crashes. So if you didn’t tune in yourself let’s look recap the FIFA eWorld Cup Day 1!

If you are unsure of who these guys are and are tuning into the tournament why not check out these handy cheat sheets. Get all the information for Xbox players here and Playstation players here.


FIFA eWorld Cup Day 1 – Group A

Group A Day 1 eWC

The story of group A had to be MegaBit’s dominance. The man has walked into this tournament as the number one seed for Xbox and has said time and time again that he intends to win the whole thing. And going off his performances today he is walking the walk. 5 games 5 wins. While he played with a calm determination it wasn’t a trouble-free day for the German.

Alekzandur could be disappointed to not at least draw with him, 7-7 on agg in the second leg the game with just 20 mins to go the game crashed. At the restart Alekzandur was clearly rattled and could only shake his head as MegaBit scored two goals to win the tie. You had to feel for Alekzandur and you hope that there aren’t many hiccups like this. Aero also pushed Megabit hard before eventually succumbing to his superior attack.

MegaBit can be happy with his performances today he will have to improve on his defense to win the tournament. At the moment he is shipping to many goals. He still has Kurt and Dani to play on Friday, two of the best players in the group and I would be surprised if he went 7-0-0.

Kurt had a strong showing losing only his second game against the impressive Alekzandur of Sporting KC. He demolished Dani across two legs 5-0 and you get the feeling he’s like a boiling kettle – if he can control his emotions and pop off at the right time he could beat MegaBit and top the group and possibly win the whole thing. On the other hand, he might allow it to get the better of him as we’ve seen before. In fact today during a break in the games the presenters had this exchange with Kurt across the room –

‘Are you enjoying yourself?’

‘No’ shaking his head and laughing

‘Will you be tweeting later?’


Whatever happens. He’s a lot of fun.

Elsewhere in group A, it’s been rather poor. Presende7 and Fabio Denuzzo sit just outside the knock out places with 6 points and Aero could squeeze in but has to win his two remaining games and hope for other results. Though he did manage a similar feat earlier this year in Amsterdam so don’t rule him out just yet.

Games to watch –

MegaBit vs Kurt04011 Will decide top place in the group.

Group B

Group B Day 1 eWC

Regarded by many as the group of death and you can see why. You have reigning champion Gorilla. Legend of the game Msdossary. The 2nd top seed Rafsou, and Nsraeck, a player everyone respects.

The first thing you’ll notice is Rafsou. 5 straight loses. He had a dismal first day and is out the tournament. I expected big things from the Frenchmen after Amsterdam and I must not have been the only one, as on the eve of the tournament he signed for Team Vitality. It’s hard to say what happened. He looked to be lacking confidence and after losing his first game 8-7 vs Crafty he became a punching bag for the other players. His tournament is over.

Gorilla started off slow, with draws against JSSF107(Senna) and GoalMachine21. The latter has a history with Gorilla having met each other in tournaments earlier this year with both of them winning once. Here they shared the points. Gorilla then really kicked off his tournament in the 3rd match against Msdossary beating him 6-3 on agg.

At first, it looked like it wasn’t going to happen for Gorilla. In game one Msdossary’s De Gea wasn’t letting anything in exasperating Gorilla. However in the 2nd leg luck was finally on his side, as he scored 4 goals to win the tie. A real statement of intent from the Englishmen, setting himself up nicely for tomorrow.

There is not much to pick between the top 3. Gorilla beat Msdossary and before that Msdossary had beaten Nraseck 5-3 in a very close game. Any of these guys could finish top and a lot rests on Gorilla and Nasrecks game.

Who secures 4th is a toss-up between Crafty and GoalMachine21. Crafty has done well on home turf beating Rafsou 8-7, Sakul 2-0 and Senna 7-5. Just the two losses coming against Nraseck and Gorilla which is nothing to be embarrassed about. He goes into Friday with everything to play for.

Games to watch –

Gorilla Vs Nraseck A huge 6 pointer for both players.

Crafty Vs GoalMachine21 Crunch tie for both of these players. One of them will be going home.

Rafsou Vs Gorilla He’s beat Gorilla before and with the pressure off for Rafsou could he throw a spanner in the works and throw the group wide open?

Group C

Group C Day 1 eWC

No surprises here with Nicolas99FC taking the top spot with a perfect 5 wins. He scored 25 goals throughout the day conceding just 12. Ridiculous stats for a ridiculous player.

Stefano Pinna improved his standing in the sport with a strong showing throughout the day. Few had tipped him but if you looked at his past performances you could see something was brewing. In fact, he is one of a few players to run Nicolas close in previous tournaments losing only to a last minute goal in Amsterdam. It will be interesting to see their matchup tomorrow.

Eisvogel will be disappointed how his day ended after starting strongly. He drew against deto smashed Web 9-0 and beat Boras 5-4. But then came two defeats at the hands of Nicolas and Stefano. He can take solace in the fact that both these players are going to top the group but pressure is on for tomorrow’s matches.

Deto gave himself a lifeline with a late win against Honey badger. But it’s a desperately poor showing for last year’s finalist with loses to Nicolas, Stefano, and Eisvogel. Although tomorrow he has games against “easier” opposition so you can’t count him out just yet.

Nicolas99FC Vs Stefano Pinna Every other player will be watching this tie to see if Pinna can do anything to stop the unstoppable.

YimmieHD Vs Eisvogel Big game for both of these players and one that is too close to call.

Group D

Ground D Day 1 eWC

Group D is a really tight group with only Damie out the running going into Day 2.

The story of the group was the great showing by the Danish players Agge and Marcuzo. Agge is a vastly experienced player, having won this trophy all the way back in 2014. In the last few years questions raised about his abilities however he put them to bed here with strong performances against Damie and Marcuzo. The draw against AdoniiPM after being ahead for much of the game could come back to bite him. Although he tops the group his position is precarious, on Day 2 he will have to play both MoAubameyang and TheStrxnger two of the toughest players in the group.

Marcuzo was showing why he is considered one of the best attackers in the game racking up 29 goals across his 5 games, including a thumping 9-4 victory against MoAubameyang. Expect him to progress to the knock out stage.

Three times German champion MoAubameyang can take some positives away from Day 1, even after two bruising defeats against TheStrxngeR and Marcuzo. A win against Agge will certainly see him through to the knock out stages.

M4RV will be kicking himself after drawing against Damie who had yet to collect a point. As a result, he will need to pick up maximum points in his last two games.

Finally, don’t sleep on AndoniiPM. He started strongly winning his first two games and fought hard for a draw in his last game. He is definitely not here to make up the numbers.

Games to Watch –

Agge Vs MoAubameyang The winner of this game will have a massive impact of the table.

AndoniiPM vs Damie and MaestroSquad. Huge games for Andonii and I fancy him to pick up 6 points and putting some serious pressure on the top 4.

Player of The Day


FIFA announced their player of the day and it went to the ‘Iceman’ Nicolas99FC.  5 Games 5 Wins 25 Goals with just 12 conceded. There’s no arguing with that.

But we thought we would have some fun and show some love to the best in-game player by awarding them our ePlayer of the Day.

So without further ado, drum roll, please!


It’s Ruud Gullit!

The man is an absolute boss in the midfield and can score some silky goals too.

Check out this one by MegaBit at the start of the day

and if you think that’s good check out Crafty’s goal with the big man.

Absolute filth.

Who do you think has performed better MegaBit or Nicholas99FC? Who might sneak into the knockout stages? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.