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EU LCS Week 9 Preview – Group B Conflict! - Esportsranks
EU LCS Week 9 Preview – Group B Conflict!

EU LCS Week 9 Overview

With just two weeks left on the schedule, we’re almost all set and done for playoffs. The only question left unanswered is “Who will play against whom?” EU LCS Week 9 will bring us a step closer to answering it.

We already know Fnatic go straight to semifinals as clear Group A winners, but group B is still pretty tight at the top.

H2K and UOL (tied with 7W-3L score) are one step above Splyce (6W-4L). UOL have established themselves as the most inconsistent of the three teams. However, anything is possible.

One thing’s for sure – they all want to avoid G2 Esports, so third place is definitely not an option for either of them.

G2 are firmly entrenched at the 2nd place of Group A and will meet the 3rd placed team from Group B in the playoff Quarterfinals. They have been on the rise for a while now, following their mediocre results at the start of the summer split.

Then there are Misfits. Clearly, they are a better team than ROCCAT, NiP, Vitality and Monkeys, but they’re also just half a step or even less behind the rest of the playoff teams. They should pray they get UOL as their Quarterfinals opponents – H2K and Splyce are too good at the moment to be contested with.

EU LCS Week 9 Schedule

EU LCS Week 9 Day 1 (August 3)

MM vs. SPY – Odds: 3.35/1.28


Flickr @lolesports

The only team Mysterious Monkeys are clearly better than is Ninjas in Pyjamas. They’re equal-ish to ROCCAT. Every other team is a few steps above them in competitive sense.

They often have great early games, but in most cases those early leads evaporate by mid and/or late game. Splyce shouldn’t drop a game here.


G2 vs. MSF – Odds: 1.35/2.95

This is not necessarily an easily winnable game for G2 as oddsmakers would let you believe. Misfits pack a punch, and G2 haven’t yet shown they’ve fully grown into their current form.

Expect G2 to drop a game here. They’re clear favourites to win the series though.


EU LCS Week 9 Day 2 (August 4)

H2K vs. VIT – Odds: 1.18/4.25

Vitality is a stereotypical “lower-half of the bracket” team. The gap between Vitality (4W-6L) and Misfits (5W-5L) is much greater than the current results would let you believe.

Vitality will clash with H2K, UOL and Splyce in the next 2 weeks. On the other hand, the only tough opponent left for Misfits to contend with is G2 Esports this week. The other two are easily winnable NiP and ROCCAT.

Expect this to be a standard H2K stomping clinic.


EU LCS Week 9 H2K

Flickr @lolesports

FNC vs. ROC – Odds: 1.12/5.25

The odds really speak volumes.

ROCCAT’s form has been slowly, but steadily falling since the upset they pulled off in week 3 https://esportsranks.com/eu-lcs-2017-summer-split-week-3-midweek/, ultimately culminating in their defeat against NiP last week https://esportsranks.com/lol-weekly-recap-lol-patch-7-15-changes/

Meanwhile, Fnatic have been actively working on adapting their game to the international meta, moving away from the stale, MSI-stuck meta most of EU teams are still pushing in their plays.


EU LCS Week 9 Day 3 (August 5)

NiP vs. MSF – Odds: 4.75/1.15

Ninjas are finally moulding themselves into a proper team. Sadly, it’s a little too late in the split.

And it’s a little too early to pose a serious threat to a seasoned team like Misfits. Realistically, they can make it go the distance, but a win against Misfits is unlikely.

However, crazier things have happened…


EU LCS Week 9 NiP

Flickr @lolesports

UOL vs. SPY – Odds: 1.5/2.4

This is the only series that truly matters this week.

Splyce need a win for a chance to get back into the 2nd place of Group B. UOL need a win to avoid 3rd place at all costs and remain in contention for the top spot and go directly into playoff Semifinals.

Unfortunately, Splyce have recently released their head coach, so the team is surely not as calm and collected as they could and should be. Maybe that’s a good thing for them.

On the other hand, UOL has been winning most of their games on raw power, skill and experience rather than relying on discipline, synergy and consistency.

I personally expect a mini-upset here. I’d certainly prefer it, to make things “splycy” again.

WINNER PREDICTION: Splyce. Believe. Play Now!

Thoughts? Opinions? Let us know in the comments down below and on Twitter @Esportsranks.