EU LCS Summer Split Week 8 Preview – Back to Group Matches!

EU LCS Summer Split Week 8 Overview

EU LCS Summer Split Week 8 marks the return to group series. Group A standings are largely determined already, with Monkeys still holding onto a slim chance of beating Vitality and maybe not finishing in the last spot. Misfits also have a small window of opportunity to overtake the second spot back from G2, but there’s a tough road ahead for them.

Group B is locked in a fight for the top. EU LCS Summer Split Week 8 will leave two of the current three teams in contention. Splyce and H2K meet on Day 2. The loser likely won’t be able to recover any more as there are only a few series left to play out for each team after that.

With just hours left till the first series, here’s Esportsranks quick preview.

EU LCS Summer Split Week 8 Standings

EU LCS Summer Split Week 8 Standings

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EU LCS Summer Split Week 8 Schedule

EU LCS Summer Split Week 8 Day 1 (July 27)

MM vs. VIT

Team Vitality is obviously a slight favourite here. However, in my opinion, they’re not that much better.

Monkeys have demonstrated the ability to beat the bottom-half team such as ROCCAT. Vitality falls somewhere in line.

Now, Vitality already defeated Monkeys back in Week 3. Oddsmakers have Vitality as favourites as well. They’ve certainly been very consistent so far, but Monkeys have been slowly and steadily improving as the time goes by.

Will it be enough?

WINNER PREDICTION: Vitality most likely.

G2 vs. NiP

NiP’s chances of beating rejuvenated G2 Esports are next to none. One step closer to relegation. One more W for G2.

WINNER PREDICTION: G2 through and through.


EU LCS Summer Split Week 8 Day 2 (July 28)

SPY vs. H2K

This is the first of the deciding series for group B. Currently, Splyce, H2K and UOL all have 6 wins and 3 losses.

Whoever loses this one will most likely remain below the other two top teams, fighting for that second spot in the group standings.

H2K is definitely a favourite, but Splyce is on a winning streak from Week 7, so there’s going to be fire here.

Expect it to go the distance regardless of the winner.


EU LCS Summer Split Week 8 H2K

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Realistically, Misfits are heavily outclassed in this matchup. Fnatic is simply too good now. They’ve begun working on their objective-game and macro plays since Rift Rivals, so the prospect of beating them looks outlandish.

Still, Misfits have proven their worth this summer. Can they stage yet another upset?

We’ll find out soon enough.



EU LCS Summer Split Week 8 Day 3 (July 29)

NiP vs. ROC

If there was a time, place and opportunity for NiP to finally grab their first win, it is now during EU LCS Summer Split Week 8.

ROCCAT have shown significant oscillations in the quality of their play. If they come in a bit off, NiP have a solid chance to beat them early, seeing how they usually have very strong game openings.

Otherwise, this is probably already NiP’s 11th straight loss.


EU LCS Summer Split Week 8 MM

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UOL vs. MM

Nobody knows what’s up with UOL anymore. They probably don’t know it themselves.

After solid first half of the Summer Split, they got absolutely embarrassed last week against ROCCAT. If that series is any indicator, then Monkeys actually DO have a small chance to snatch a win here.

What an upset that would be, huh?



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