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EU LCS Summer Split Week 7 Recap – UOL Loses Both Series! - Esportsranks
EU LCS Summer Split Week 7 Recap – UOL Loses Both Series!

EU LCS Summer Split Week 7 has brought us uncertainty at the top. The situation at the top of group B is entirely up for grabs. H2K, Splyce and UOL all have 6 wins and 3 losses.

Meanwhile, G2 Esports is steadily pushing the pace in group A and has now overtaken the second spot from Misfits. Fnatic is still firmly at the top with just 1 loss so far.


EU LCS Summer Split Week 7 Standings

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EU LCS Summer Split Week 7 Day 1 (July 20)

The Upset

EU LCS Summer Split Week 7 started off as wildly as it can. Remember Week 3? Well, ROCCAT did it again.

Facing the group B leader Unicorns of Love, ROCCAT came in hot and bothered. They took the first game easily only to falter in the second. Was it because Pridestalker opted to pick Kayn, The Shadow Reaper?

The third and final match was yet another decisive win for ROCCAT. Overall, they were pushing for objectives all the time, while UOL was utilizing their usual teamfighting and chasing tactics.

It’s obvious they need to change something as soon as possible.

The Champs Are Back!

G2 Esports is back. It seems like their horrible Rift Rivals showings were a wake-up call for reigning EU champs.

They were on point against the usually well-prepared H2K. First game was an almost 40-minute long back-and-forth with a total of 16 kills combined in the end. G2 emerged victorious in the end even though H2K had a decent tempo, gold and objectives advantage.

Second match was a typical H2K landslide trashing victory with a final kill-score of 26 to 7. It looked like G2 was getting back to their old troubled way.

However, they pulled together in game 3 and decisively won, establishing early tempo advantage and game control for a series sealing 2-1.

EU LCS Summer Split Week 7 G2

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EU LCS Summer Split Week 7 Day 2 (July 21)

Monkey Business

It really seems Mysterious Monkeys are not yet on a competitive level of teams such as Misfits, Vitality and Splyce.

That fact was made painfully obvious by Misfits on Day 2. They easily won the first match.

Then, Monkeys opened up the game 2 relatively aggressively. However, as it often turns out, once again they failed to transfer that early advantage into the late game.

Misfits rapidly snowballed by the end and it was over all too quickly. 2-0 for Misfits.

Ninjas Without Shurrikens

The following series was basically a light scrim for Splyce. Beat up and demoralized NiP offered very little resistance overall.

In both matches, NiP took the first blood, but as soon as Splyce’s more coordinated and familiar team pulled together, Ninjas found themselves on their knees.

It was all over in just a little over an hour of total playtime and 0-2 for Splyce.

EU LCS Summer Split Week 7 Day 3 (July 22)

Lifeless Vitality

After G2’s win against H2K on Day 1, it would’ve been too much to expect a team like Vitality to defeat them all of a sudden.

However, they did take the first match win. It’s a proof that G2 still has a lot to work on if they plan on being competitive in playoffs.

However, it was evident from the next two matches that G2 is on another level compared to Vitality. It was a well deserved 1-2 victory for G2 in the end.

Unicorns Without Horns

UOL’s troubles continued against Fnatic. It started off with a chaotic and gruelling 49-minute long first match that UOL managed to win in the end.

However, FNC quickly retaliated in the second match with 19 to 1 kills in just 28 minutes. It took Fnatic just a minute longer than that in the third game to seal the series for a 1-2 victory. Good game, well played!

EU LCS Summer Split Week 7 UOL

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EU LCS Summer Split Week 7 Day 3 (July 22)

The last of the cross-group matches definitely featured some fireworks. It was a critical game for both Misfits and Splyce. They both needed a win here – Misfits to preserve their second spot in the group A standings, and Splyce to join H2K and UOL at the top of group B.

As it turns out, Splyce is definitely a top 4 or at least a top 5 team now with G2 back into the fray.

It didn’t go without trouble for Splyce though. Misfits won the first match in a weird game that only had 8 kills total (7-1 for Misfits).

However, Splyce managed to grind through the second match only to come out heavily on top in the third. 1-2 for Splyce in the end – more than deserved if you ask me!

With the cross-group matches all finished and done, we’re turning our heads back to the group matches again. Stay tuned as we bring you the preview of Week 8.