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EU LCS Summer Split Week 7 Preview - Esportsranks
EU LCS Summer Split Week 7 Preview

EU LCS Summer Split Week 7 is closing in, with some interesting matchups. There’s not much time left to make a bigger move in the brackets, so we can definitely expect each and every team to step up their game a bit. Here’s Esportsranks’ quick preview with schedule and predictions.


EU LCS Summer Split Week 7 Standings

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EU LCS Summer Split Week 7, Day 1 (July 20)


There’s hardly any fight left in ROCCAT to offer meaningful resistance in this series. On the other hand, UOL is still suffering from overextending, overstaying and chasing syndromes, so there’s a small potential for an upset here.

I expect this to go the distance, UOL has definitelly had the most trouble with weaker teams this season.


H2K vs. G2

Now this is one of the most interesting series this week. G2 has shown significant improvement last week against Splyce, despite atrocious Rift Rivals showings just a week before. Continuity of play is probably a factor here, plus, G2 left Rift Rivals with quite a bitter taste of NA meta – something that can definitely add up to their game.

On the other hand, H2K is one of the most relentless and consistent EU LCS teams, hungry and hunting for that big result. Knowing them, they probably spent their Summer Split break scrimming till exhaustion.

WINNER PREDICTION: Probably G2. 1-2 or 2-1. Sweep is very unlikely here.

EU LCS Summer Split Week 7, Day 2 (July 21)

MSF vs. MM

Mysterious Monkeys’ victory over ROCCAT last week is probably their peak for this season.

Meanwhile, Misfits need a convincing win after last week’s defeat against UOL.

Realistically, MSF wins this at least 9 out of 10 times.



EU LCS Summer Split Week 7 NiP

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It is extremely unlikely NIP can do anything against Splyce other than maybe, MAYBE, take a win and make the series go the distance.

Splyce DID have a recent bump down the road against G2. However, that shouldn’t be relevant to this series. Splyce is simply too good of a team to let anything slide here.


EU LCS Summer Split Week 7, Day 3 (July 22)

G2 vs. VIT

Judging from G2’s performance against Splyce last week, they should make quick work of Vitality here.

However, Vitality is a veteran team that nobody should take lightly. Yes, they’re very beatable, but we know what happened to Fnatic in Week 3, right?

G2 needs to make sure something similar doesn’t happen on July 21st.



Now this is the most exciting matchup of the entire week, hands down!

Fnatic has distanced themselves a bit from relentless and Rekkles teamfighting strategy. Rift Rivals taught them a lesson.

UOL though? Not that much of a change after the embarrassing 0-3 against TSM in Rift Rivals Finals – at least not on the first glance.

One thing UOL does have is they excel when it matters.

This series is the finals before. These two teams are the most likely finalists of the Summer Split. I think winning now matters a lot to both of them.

WINNER PREDICTION: I’d give just a slight edge to FNC here due to their last week’s performance. UOL can definitely win this one too.

EU LCS Summer Split Week 7, Day 3 (July 22)


EU LCS Summer Split Week 7 SPY

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This is a very interesting series as well. Both teams performed really well this summer.

Obviously a step below the likes of Fnatic and UOL, this is a perfect opportunity for both of them to tighten the gap at the top a bit more.

WINNER PREDICTION: Splyce looked more convincing overall so far, I’d give them the edge here.

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