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EU LCS Summer Split Week 6 – Mysterious Monkeys Pick a Second Win! - Esportsranks
EU LCS Summer Split Week 6 – Mysterious Monkeys Pick a Second Win!

First week of the second half has finished. The matches have been played. The series are wrapped up. If you have missed the action, Esportsranks brings you a quick review of the EU LCS Summer Split Week 6.

EU LCS Summer Split Week 6, Day 1 (July 13)

VIT vs. NIP – 2:1

The expected result confirms two facts:

  1. Vitality is still a bottom gate-keeper. Good enough to keep the level of LCS high enough for all the newcomers to prove their worth, but still weaker than the teams above.
  2. Ninjas in Pyjamas is another example of an outdated “Koreans + veterans” formula. It might’ve worked in the past, but the competitive LoL scene has evolved. Team familiarity, coordination and communication are irreplaceable.

Ninjas in Pyjamas definitely have the skills and the potential for great results, but they need time to grow and mature into a proper team.

H2K vs. ROC – 2:0

Honestly, anything other than 2:0 for H2K would be a surprise. It took them just 47 minutes in total to crush ROCCAT.

Every single H2K member was on point that day – Febiven even more than the others.

In the first match, ROCCAT didn’t get a single kill. H2K collected 13. Second game was an even quicker annihilation, with H2K accumulating 4 times more kills than ROCCAT – 20 to 5.

Realistically, nobody can compete against H2K on an equal footing other than UOL and FNC.

EU LCS Summer Split Week 6, Day 2 (July 14)

SPY vs. G2 – 0:2

This was probably the only surprising result of the week. It seems like G2’s participation in Rift Rivals helped them stay on form, while Splyce caught some rust during the break.

The first game was quite balanced in the first half. Then, G2 snowballed quickly into the second half of the game after a successful teamfight that resulted in a total of 4 player kills.

Game 2 was a very quick and easy work that finished with 23 to 7 kills for G2.

The positive result and the convincing fashion that produced it is a promising indicator for G2’s immediate future. If they can maintain this level of play in the following 4 weeks, they are in the title contention pool for sure.

MSF vs. UOL – 1:2

EU LCS Summer Split Week 6 UOL

Flickr LoL Esports Photos

Unicorns of Love continue to display holes in the game and inconsistencies in their form. They looked really bad against Misfits in Game 1.

However, their true colours were on full display in the following two matches. Game 2 was a 46-minute roller-coaster for both teams. There’s a pattern when UOL is involved in these chaotic games though – they usually win them.

Third game was slightly in favour of Misfits for almost 25 minutes. Then the massive, monstrous UOL turnover happened, with Samux on Caitlyn in main role. The tempo swing was immense – Misfits couldn’t catch a breath from that point onward.

UOL sealed the series in 39 minutes.

EU LCS Summer Split Week 6, Day 3 (July 15)

ROC vs. MM – 1:2

Monkeys looked really good for a while now. They’ve minimized the amount of critical errors and misplays in their overall game. They finally seem to have settled into a decent form.

This victory against a team as troubled as ROCCAT proves that point.

Nevertheless, don’t expect much more from the EU LCS newcomers. For a team like Mysterious Monkeys, success means keeping their spot in the league until the next season.

VIT vs. FNC – 0:2

EU LCS Summer Split Week 6 VIT

Flickr LoL Esports Photos

There’s really not much to say here. Fnatic sealed both games with their trademark teamfight aggression.

However, it was evident in both games that FNC is actively working on adapting to the objective-oriented meta on the international stage. They’ve been brutally exposed in Rift Rivals, only managing to defeat recently revitalized Phoenix1.

There are definitely times when Fnatic’s aggressive teamfight killing tactics are actually counter-productive. Their games rarely last less than 30 minutes – a fact that proves they are not that adept at rushing for objectives.

It remains to be seen whether they can successfully incorporate more efficient macro-plays into their overall strategy.

Turns out we’re getting better with our predictions! Read a full preview of Week 6.

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