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EU LCS Summer Split: June 1st-2nd recap - Esportsranks
EU LCS Summer Split: June 1st-2nd recap

With the group matches well under way, EU’s top teams are already battling it out, and their standings are shaping up as expected. Here is the Esportsranks’ recap of the first two days of the EU LCS Summer Split, in case you missed the action.

EU LCS Summer Split Scores and Games recap

June 1st – H2K vs Splyce


First day of the EU LCS Summer Split ended with fairly unsurprising results in both matches. H2K 2-0ed Splyce, while Fnatic blew Misfits out of the Rift finishing the series with the 2-0 score as well.

In the first game between H2K and Splyce, SPY’s Trashy picked up the first blood, followed by Kobbe and Mikyx slaying H2K Nuclear at the 10 minute mark. Entering mid-game, H2K balanced out SPY’s early aggression, killing both Barons and taking down more towers as well. This was enough to secure a win.

In the second game, H2K started strong early with Jankos picking up 3 kills before the 5 minute mark. H2K Odoamne picked up where Jankos left, going on a rampage himself. It was getting worse for SPY as the time went by. H2K picked up easy kills and SPY barely scraping by with only a handful here and there. Odoamne was particularly troublesome as he was regularly soloing against 2 or even 3 opponents, masterfully representing the H2K name by being literally un-killable. As soon as it started to look like SPY just might come back, H2K shut them down. They cleverly pushed the bottom and top lanes, gladly trading towers for deaths. It wasn’t long before they finally won the second match of the series and made it clear who the better team was that day.

June 1st – Fnatic vs Misfits


The clash between Fnatic and Misfits was a one-sided stomping. Clearly missing KaKAO’s magic touch, Misfits were unable to handle Fnatic’s stacked roster.

Game 1 saw a somewhat slow start, kills were few and far in between. However, FNC made it obvious who the more coordinated and composed team was. A crucial few 4v4 and 5v5 fights saw FNC gaining the upper hand, with MSF confusion, indecisiveness and timidity taking a huge toll on their shotcalling and confidence.

It all came too apparent in the second game where FNC put a clinic, with Rekkles pulling out a triple kill early on. Towers were falling down all too quickly for MSF to keep up, with all 5 of FNC’s starters showing their A game and teamplay coordination. It was over quickly at just a bit above 23 minute total playtime.

June 2nd – Roccat vs G2 Esports


Team ROCCAT was up next against G2 Esports. G2 was forced to bring in substitute Blanc as a starter instead of Perkz who got ill and will be missing for a while.

Game 1 was a very slow and methodical chess match. No side showcased a clear advantage well into the midgame. 30 minute mark onward saw ROCCAT gaining the upper hand. They managed to take down a lot more towers, gain significant gold advantage and a decent lead in kills as well. G2 was unable to recover in time and ROCCAT took the first game in just a bit more than 40 minutes of playtime.

What looked like a surprise upset in the first game, soon turned around in game 2. G2’s subs Blanc and Loulex combined forces to draw first blood on Pridestalker and continued to harass ROCCAT through the early game. The early aggression was too much for ROCCAT to bear as G2’s famous duo Zven and mithy emerged shortly after. ROCCAT was fighting back fiercely, however they were unable to catch up, playing whack-a-mole till the rest of the match.

Game 3 saw G2’s substitutes dishing out even more pressure than before, with ROCCAT unable to answer in any way, shape or form. An absolute stomping performance from G2 for a 2-1 victory with a total of three substitutes really puts things into perspective in terms of how good they really are!

June 2nd – Unicorns of Love vs Vitality

UOL Vitality

Second series saw a classic UOL against Vitality, with the Power Ponies clearly showing their talent and teamplay is matched only by G2 Esports’ own.

Game 1 showcased UOL’s Exileh and Vizicsacsi, who were simply too much to contend with. The pressure was overwhelming and Vitality soon stumbled and continued to play on back foot till the rest of the game. Exileh managed to rack up a total of 9 kills in less than 30 minutes. He participated in almost every kill for his team. A smooth and clear-cut win for the Unicorns.

The second game started almost the same. Vitality drew first blood. Soon after that, Exileh equalised, and UOL quickly started asserting dominance across the map once again. Their teamplay was crisper and well organised in all situations, with timely shotcalling and on-point team communication. Towers were falling down quickly side and super minions started flooding in around the 25 minute mark. It was too late by then. A stunning performance from UOL showed once again why they’re currently the top 2 EU team.

Make sure you let us know your opinions and predictions in the comments below. Also, stay tuned as we bring you more day-by-day recaps of the ongoing NA & EU LCS Summer Split matches!