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2017 EU LCS Summer Split preview - Esportsranks
2017 EU LCS Summer Split preview

In just a few hours, the 2017 EU LCS Summer Split is about to kick off. Following the Spring format change to 2 groups of 5 teams formed through snake draft, the 2017 EU LCS Summer Split is going to see more of the BO3 action. The midseason roster changes brought us a slew of fresh new faces and swaps across all teams, so it’s going to be interesting to see which ones retain the most consistent team dynamic, chemistry and adaptability. Here’s Esportsranks’ last-minute preview of the teams, their compositions as well as overall chances & expectations.

2017 EU LCS Summer Split – Group A

2017 EU LCS Summer Split

G2 Esports
Coach: Joey “YoungBuck” Steltenpool
Lineup: Expect, Trick, Perkz, Zven, Mithy
Substitutes: Send0o, loulex

Despite their 2 Korean starters Expect and Trick missing in Week 1, the EU behemoth G2 is bound to start and finish strong carried by seasoned veterans Zven and mithy on the bottom lane, followed by Perkz in the middle. We expect nothing less than a clear group top-spot and the 2017 EU LCS Summer Split title.

Coach: Dylan Falco
Lineup: sOAZ, Broxah, Caps, Rekkles, Jesiz
Substitues: Xyraz, Amazing, MrRalleZ

Opting to go without any imports prior to Spring 2017, once untouchable Fnatic struggled throughout the split. Barely scraping by in Group A with a 7-6 record, they picked up the speed in playoffs, sweeping H2K, losing 3-1 against reigning champs G2, then convincingly defeating Misfits for third place. Now with new coach Dylan Falco, and a new team composition, Fnatic are more than likely set to secure a strong second-place finish just after G2.

Coach: Hussain Moosvi
Lineup: Alphari, Maxlore, PowerOfEvil, Hans Sama, IgNar
Substitutes: Paragon, Hiiva

With a strong 2nd place debut in Spring 2017 Group A, Misfits lost to Unicorns of Love in the semi-finals. Then they came short against Fnatic in the third-place match, losing 3-0 convincingly. Now with Maxlore as a jungler instead of legendary KaKAO, can Misfits even stand a chance against Fnatic, G2 and UOL?

Coach: Fabian “GrabbZ” Lohmann
Lineup: Phaxi, Pridestalker, Betsy, Hjärnan, Wadid
Substitutes: XoYnUzi, EdinPriqtel

Missing the playoffs since Summer 2015 and being on the verge of relegation, ROCCAT had a rocky 0-7 start at this year’s Spring split as well. But then, just as everybody already wrote them off, they started winning, going as far as defeating the reigning champs G2 Esports in the last week of the regular season. Unfortunately, the 2-1 Fnatic win against Misfits meant they were out of playoffs again, however they avoided the promotion tournament for the first time since 2015. Could this glimmer of hope and a surge of confidence be enough for Team ROCCAT to make an upset this summer?

Ninjas in Pyamas
Coach: Nicholas “NicoThePico” Korsgaard
Lineup: Profit, Shook, Nagne, HeaQ, sprattel
Substitutes: Zhergoth, M1RAGE

One of the oldest esports names on the stage, NiP purchased the spot from Fnatic Academy. However, they decided to include none of their members, partly due to Fnatic Academy demanding they take either all of them, or none. The drama and controversy around the issue drew a lot of social media criticism, with both sides unable to come to an agreement. NiP ultimately decided to form a mixed group of unknown/rookie Korean imports and EU LCS veterans. Can they exceed the low expectations and upset the predictions this season? We’ll find out soon…

2017 EU LCS Summer Split – Group B

Unicorns of Love
Coach: Fabian “Sheepy” Mallant
Lineup: Vizicsacsi, Xerxe, Exileh, Samux, Hylissang
Substitutes: Audrey Coën, Uby

On a consistent rise since 2015, UoL is about to enter a fierce race with G2 again. Sporting a high level of talent, with a jungler Xerxe, who won EU’s Rookie of the Split award, and a veteran Vizicsacsi, who won the region’s MVP award, they only came up short against G2’s dreaded bot lane duo, Zven and mithy. However, they will first have to go through the group stage, which, by all accounts, is going to be more challenging this time. The other 4 teams all have reasonable hopes and expectations, so UoL is in for a serious challenge this summer.

Coach: Neil “pr0lly” Hamad
Lineup: Odoamne, Jankos, Febiven, Nuclear, Chei
Substitutes: IceBeasto, ProxyFox

Dropping out before the semi-finals against Fnatic in the Spring 2017 playoffs, H2K stands on somewhat shaky ground. Nevertheless, they seem confident enough to bring the same team composition back again this Summer Split to stake a claim as a top 4 EU team. One thing’s for sure, they’re up against equally set-up opponents, and with UoL gazing upon that top-dog spot both in group and in playoffs, it’s hard to imagine H2K being serious contenders for anything more than a third place.

Coach: Fayan “Gevous” Pertijs
Lineup: Wunder, Trashy, Sencux, Kobbe, Mikyx
Substitutes: Gripex, Annes Ravkic

Splyce brought in a new coach for the Summer Split. After more than successful 2016 and somewhat rocky Spring Split this year, they went with the same lineup as before. This time around, they’ll be faced against notably tougher competitors. Their former coach, Jakob “YamatoCannon” Mebdi is now coaching their group opponents – team Vitality. Mysterios Monkeys has replaced the relegated Origen (0-13 at Spring Split). Whether they push through or fall short, nobody can count them out at the moment.

Coach: Jakob “YamatoCannon” Mebdi
Lineup: Cabochard, Djoko, Nukeduck, Steeelback, VandeR
Substitutes: Alderiate, AoD

Vitality surely holds high hopes for playoffs, however they’re far from a superteam they were once regarded as. Still, the new coach Jakob “YamatoCannon” Mebdi is a strong addition, considering he helmed Splyce to Worlds stage last year. It remains to be seen whether they can hold their ground throughout the group stage, since there’s no obviously weaker team this time around.

Mysterious Monkeys
Coach: Petar “Unlimited” Georgiev
Lineup: Jinsu, Lamabear, CozQ, Yuuki60, Dreams
Substitutes: Phones, Inition

Following a rule that prohibits an organization from having 2 teams in the same league, Mysterious Monkeys purchased a spot from Misfits Academy for the 2017 EU LCS Summer Split. Unlike NiP who assembled a rag-tag group of Koreans + EU LCS vets, Mysterious Monkeys decided to keep 4 out of 5 Misfits Academy starters together, betting on their synergy, communication and familiarity of playing with each other rather than skill alone. This stability might be a crucial advantage to carry them through the group stages. Realistically, they’re not yet ready to battle it out with the top guns, but they are certainly able to surprise any team.