EU LCS Summer Split 2017 Day 3 : H2K Overpowers Mysterious Monkeys, Fnatic Dominates Ninjas

The EU LCS Summer Split 2017 Day 3 went more or less as expected. We’ve seen once again why Fnatic and H2K are considered favourites of their respective groups, with both teams winning convincingly in a 2-0 fashion. Here’s Esportsranks’ short recap of the EU LCS Summer Split 2017 Day 3.

EU LCS Summer Split 2017 Day 3

H2K vs. MM – 2:0



In the first game, Mysterious Monkeys showed no fear and engaged H2K on an equal footing. With an excellent display of team coordination, they picked up a few easy kills in the early game. They even stole the first Baron kill from H2K. However, MM started overstepping a bit during midgame, with CozQ being overly cocky a few too many times, feeding H2K easy kills.

The second Baron kill went to H2K’s side this time around as well. Through superior rotations and team vs. team engagements they managed to balance out the tempo of the game soon after. From that point onward it was all H2K, leading in both gold and tower kills. This was enough to turn the game around completely and take the first win.


The second game was a more clear-cut display of H2K’s teamplay, coordination, and composure, with MM’s continued overstepping and seemingly uncoordinated solo efforts taking a toll early on. Taking heavy casualties with no trades whatsoever during the first team vs. team fight, MM’s fate was sealed then and there.

Taking the first Baron kill, H2K were able to maximise on the tempo and gold advantage. All attempts from MM’s side to slow them down and maybe turn things around were futile. H2K simply went all 5 together for rest of the match, relying heavily on favourable team fight matchup. With an 18 to 2 kill advantage in the end, it was obvious MM had no chance at all.

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FNC vs. NiP – 2:0



Fnatic picked up where they left in their previous series against Misfits. The first match saw a typically strong opening from FNC, with everybody on the team carrying their own weight and then some. Still, whenever NiP banded together, it was obvious that they could parry FNC’s talent. At around 18 minute mark, it looked pretty even, as both sides had the exact same amount of gold, number of tower and player kills.

Soon after that, FNC took the initiative and started gaining ground again. NiP quickly fell under pressure and were unable to recover. FNC showed no mercy by pushing teamfight after teamfight. With 10 towers down and a 6-20 kill deficit, NiP succumbed in less than 35 minutes of game time.


In the second match, NiP 3v1’ed FNC’s sOAZ at the top lane tower to draw first blood, all the while FNC was pushing down the bottom lane, with NiP’s sprattel dying soon after. The first teamfight around 10 minute mark went to FNC. This resulted in FNC getting cocky and overstepping again, and just a few minutes later, NiP Shook 1v1’ed FNC Rekkles, showing NiP’s individual talent is definitely on par with FNC’s.

NiP managed to equalize in the midgame, picking up a few kills just like in the first match. It started to look like NiP might even be able to turn the tide heavily in their favor for a bit, however the crucial teamfight around the 27th minute mark went to FNC again. Soon after, FNC collected the first Baron kill uncontested. However, NiP stole the second Baron kill, with several members dying in ensuing teamfight again.

37 minutes in, there was yet another crucial 5v5 in the top lane, with NiP decimating FNC. However, instead of pushing for tower kills and base pressure, they kept chasing the scattered FNC players, which was a huge missed opportunity to turn the game around. Soon after, FNC capitalised on this mistake and re-established the map presence around their base. After that, it was all FNC with NiP on the constant retreat.

After 45 minutes and 21 to 13 kills, FNC took game 2 for a dominating 2-0 series victory.


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