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EU LCS Summer 2018 Semifinals Recap: Mid Vayne Madness - Esportsranks
EU LCS Summer 2018 Semifinals Recap: Mid Vayne Madness

Now, the EU LCS Summer 2018 Semifinals was the sort of weekend well deserving to be watched. The matches were awesome and blew up in every sense of the phrase, and we truly believe things will only get even more exciting from here on out.

Below is a recap of everything worth taking away from what happened during the EU LCS Summer 2018 Semifinals:

Vitality’s Loss Against Schalke 04

EU LCS Summer 2018 Semifinals

Cabochard’s unique builds couldn’t do much for his team in the EU LCS Summer 2018 Semifinals. (Image via LoL Esports Flickr)

There are multiple dimensions which influenced what happened during the first match of the semifinals, and Vitality’s decision making wasn’t exactly their strong suit. The first thing we noticed was that Jiizuke was forced onto utility picks rather than carries.

What happened to Spring split Jiizuke? He was the player we’d bet our money on, and unironically, he was nowhere to be found. Schalke did nothing but ban Ryze away from him, and he was suddenly handicapped … not able to play anything other than his trusty Galio. Vitality, please do not put Jiizuke on a Galio during the gauntlet! He’d have been better off playing on Syndra rather than the Galio.

The point is: we predicted Jiizuke would be the one to carry his team to glory. He wasn’t even given half the chance. That’s not where Vitality stopped, however … we’re not even close to covering just how underwhelming their performance was. During the first game, they opted for a draft around Attila. This was the exact opposite of what they were supposed to do, and it ended up costing them.

The only game Vitality were able to win was the one where Schalke messed up by handing Amazing a Poppy to work with. We’re not entirely sure whether this was a mistake like the one YamatoCannon made, but it wasn’t a great move either way. Analysts were quite happy with Vitality’s performance, but no one seemed to talk about how Amazing basically handed them this victory.

His ults were spectacularly out of line and ended up helping Vitality more often than his own team. He failed blatantly with the champion’s mechanics which made the entire team dysfunctional, consequently letting Vitality win.

What Schalke 04 Got Right

EU LCS Summer 2018 Semifinals

Amazing and Upset were impossible for Vitality to handle. (Image via LoL Esports Flickr)

Aside from the Poppy jungle pick? Everything. Schalke 04 were virtually impeccable during their games and displayed their ability to adapt to anything thrown at them. We predicted that Amazing wouldn’t be able to keep up with Kikis’ aggressive jungle pathing. Well, he sure proved us wrong. He ignored the open Sejuani pick and opted for Skarner multiple times, and was able to match Kikis throughout the games!

If he wasn’t counter ganking Kikis, he was making proactive plays across the map. Vitality made the mistake of focusing all of their attention on their botlane, which was … you guessed it: another crucial fail on their part! It did nothing whatsoever for the team and just fed the Schalke machine.

Any amount of pressure on Upset and Vander proved ineffective, as Upset was easily able to come back from his deficits and still carried the game. Attila was comparatively invisible in terms of the damage he provided; in fact, Upset dealt a record worth 1500 damage per minute during the first game! That’s enough to destroy literally any team on earth.

Nukeduck cannot be ignored when looking at Schalke’s victory. Who else do we know that can play so many champions in the mid lane? He’s got around 18 unique picks for the split and played each and every one of them perfectly. He had a rough time against Nisqy, but now he’s returned to his perfect form, and he’s carrying games. His performance during the 4th and final game of the EU LCS Summer 2018 Semifinals match was legendary and forced Vitality to submission on his LeBlanc.

Misfits Had it All Wrong

EU LCS Summer 2018 Semifinals

Hans Sama tried, but Fnatic proved to be too much during the EU LCS Summer 2018 Semifinals. (Image via LoL Esports Flickr)

Their mistakes during the match reminded us somewhat of Vitality. They sought to forego their winning strategy of getting ultra-early picks, and yes … they went for a scaling comp during the first game.

Sencux couldn’t do much during this match, but at least that’s understandable. There’s no way he could hold a candle to Caps’ mechanical prowess. He was put on Malzahar duty, and performed his role well for the most part.

However, Misfits didn’t play aggressively. Not at all.

The only game they success was during game 2, which might seem like their redemption, but you’d be mistaken to think so. The win was not much of an achievement on Misfits’ part. It has far more to do with Fnatic throwing the early game even though they had the scaling comp and had to do nothing but farm in order to win.

Hans Sama shone during the second game, and that’s all he has to show for his EU LCS Summer 2018 Semifinals against Fnatic. In every other game, he was barely there … there’s an odd similarity between Vitality and Misfits, somehow.

Another player that was virtually missing from the Misfits roster was Alphari. Seeing him on his last few games, we’d really built up our expectations from him, but his plays were lacklustre at best. He didn’t have any dominance during the laning phase, which helped Fnatic scale to infinity.

Rekkles is Back

EU LCS Summer 2018 Semifinals

Rekkles is back as the DPS powerhouse that Fnatic needed in this meta. (Image via LoL Esports Flickr)

We had our doubts about this man, and he more than happily cleared them out for us. Rekkles played to an absolutely insane level during the match, with his signature play being him jumping behind Hans Sama under the enemy turret, and ulting him into his own team. Talk about being aggressive, right?

When he wasn’t carrying on Tristana, he was happy to waveclear and scale up on Sivir. All it took for him to be silently (or loudly) consistent were these two champions. We’re sure this isn’t even his final form yet. His team was so dependable that he didn’t have to do too much, which leaves us questioning as to what he has in store for us.

Caps, the Carry Machine

EU LCS Summer 2018 Semifinals

Caps really rocked Misfits’ world during the EU LCS Summer 2018 Semifinals. (Image via LoL Esports Flickr)

While Rekkles was where most of the team’s farm was going, Caps wasn’t too far behind. He was were most of the action was focused, and boy did he convert that pressure into entertainment for the audience. He carried hard for his team, and played a variety of champions, which is nothing to say for his most memorable pick of the year:

Vayne. Mid.

You’d think Fnatic were downright trolling, and you would be too far from the truth if you thought that! It really seemed like Fnatic weren’t taking the match too seriously, because they kept diving Misfits under their turrets during the early game even though they had the scaling comp.

Fnatic! Just farm, for the love of Aurelion Sol! You don’t need to fight if you’ll win anyway. A Vayne mid pick also seemed like all the BM in the world, and almost cost Fnatic the game … if not for Caps’ insane outplays, of course. He farmed up all game and won a key team fight for his team, from which point the tables completely turned and Fnatic took the game.

Caps was able to provide security and reliance for his team. Every pick he made, including the Cassiopeia, LeBlanc and Corki, came out huge and really impacted the games. His plays drew attention away from Rekkles, who was always a Gathering Storm just waiting to be scaled up and unleashed.

Finals Thoughts

EU LCS Summer 2018 Semifinals

With the EU LCS Summer 2018 Semifinals down, the split is almost over! (Image via LoL Esports Flickr)

Schalke and Fnatic both looked far superior to their opponents during the Semifinals. It’s hard to tell, because of this, which team is going to reign supreme during the Finals. There may be numerous stylistic similarities between both teams, but Fnatic have experience on their side.

They also seemed far more confident during the EU LCS Summer 2018 Semifinals, which leads us to believe they might have an advantage coming up.

Either way, what’s for sure is that Schalke have gone far and beyond what everyone thought would be their limits. This team have really made the EU LCS far more exciting, and we’re thankful for that.

What did you think of Caps’ insane Vayne Mid pick during the EU LCS Summer 2018 Semifinals? Which team do you think has the edge in the upcoming finals and 3rd place match? Let us know in the comments below! 

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