EU LCS Summer 2018 Finals Recap: Fnatic and Vitality to Worlds 2018!

It’s hard to tell who’s happier with the way the EU LCS Summer 2018 Finals turned out – Vitality fans or Fnatic fans.

In either case, we’re definitely happy since we predicted this weekend just right! While Vitality had a decisive victory against Misfits, Fnatic had to strive a little harder for what they have right now.

Here is our EU LCS Summer 2018 Finals recap for those who missed out on all of the action!

Vitality Had the Time of Their Lives

EU LCS Summer 2018 Finals

YamatoCannon is definitely a proud coach right now. (Image via LoL Esports Flickr)

It’s almost funny to think just how much everyone was siding with Misfits on the third place match. Even Caps and Rekkles were certain that Misfits would wipe the floor with Vitality, but the exact opposite happened.

Jiizuke was finally put on some carries, and he truly took off. There’s no telling why Vitality held off on doing something like this in the semifinals, but the important point is that Spring Split Jiizuke was able to play again, and Misfits didn’t stand a chance. Aside from the Zilean, every champion he picked was a hard carry, and his damage charts were insane.

The whole event looks even better for Jiizuke because the rest of his team members didn’t really stand out during the match, with him being the sole threat for Misfits. While his LeBlanc was spectacular, we’ll never forget his performance on Ryze during the fourth and final game of the match. The Italian Stallion completely ravaged Misfits with outplays and insane amounts of damage. If anyone came close to him, it’d be Attila, who also played to his very limits!

Misfits never knew what hit them, and their macro game was far less than what it should have been. Vitality were back at their unstoppable tempo which they displayed during the final week of the group stage. Now, through this victory and the one by Fnatic, Vitality have earned themselves a place in Worlds 2018, and they couldn’t be happier about it.

Fnatic Won Their Seventh Title of the EU LCS

EU LCS Summer 2018 Finals

The man who’s made the EU LCS Summer 2018 Finals memorable – Rekkles. (Image via LoL Esports Flickr)

Without a shred of a doubt, Fnatic are, once again, the Kings of Europe. That doesn’t mean they had their victory easy, though. As we’ll discuss during this EU LCS Summer 2018 Finals Recap, Schalke were extremely domineering in their gameplay and managed to give Fnatic an extremely hard time.

Schalke were vary of Rekkles throughout the match and didn’t let him have his Tristana for a single game. Fnatic responded by scaling for the late game and drafted Kai’sa for their team composition.

The one mistake that Fnatic did make was not anticipating that Schalke might have something in mind coming into the match. They expected Schalke to play with their slow, scaling style with Amazing on a Sejuani, but they were completely wrong.

Schalke drafted an early game composition, and baited Fnatic by handing over Akali – one of the strongest mid laners in the current meta. Caps didn’t hesitate to pick her instantly, which was a blatant mistake as Nukeduck had Lissandra waiting for him. The entirety of Schalke’s composition was based around early game strength with the potential to lock down single targets.

Schalke Lost Their Footing After the First Game

EU LCS Summer 2018 Finals

Losing to the best team in Europe is nothing to be ashamed of. (Image via LoL Esports Flickr)

Fnatic seemed to have learned their game, because after that, not a single chance was given to Schalke. Although S04 tried their best with their teamfighting skills, Fnatic had the upper hand during the draft phase.

Nukeduck started picking mechanically intense and high damage champions, which, ironically, Caps replied to with a Malzahar. He was able to shut Nukeduck down after that.

The final blow came with Fnatic drafting Xayah and Rakan in their fourth game, something which they seem to have had as a backup. It ended up paying big-time as well, because Rekkles became the huge carry that his team needed him to. After a picture-perfect engage by Hylissang on his Rakan, Rekkles was able to clean up shop and end the game entirely with a quadra kill.

Schalke still have a chance to make it to Worlds, however. It could be a tough fight, seeing that teams like Misfits and G2 will be participating, but if they play as they’ve done this far, they’ve got a solid chance to rise again.

What did you think of our EU LCS Summer 2018 Finals Recap? Did you find the games exciting or lackluster? Let us know in the comments below!

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