EU LCS Summer 2017 Week 10 Preview: Who Will Win Group B?

EU LCS Summer 2017 Week 10, Group B – UOL or H2K?

There is one final question left unanswered – which team will finish first in group B?

UOL and H2K have 2 deciding series left in EU LCS Summer 2017 Week 10.

First up is H2K against Mysterious Monkeys on Friday August 11. This should be an easy job for H2K, one of the most consistent EU teams this season.

Right after that, Unicorns will meet Vitality. Hopefully, UOL won’t make it difficult for themselves this time around. Looking at you Exileh!

Then, the two giants clash against each other in the deciding last series of the last day. Whoever wins ends up as a first team of group B and goes straight to semifinals. It couldn’t have ended better if you ask me!

EU LCS Summer 2017 Week 10 Schedule

EU LCS Summer 2017 Week 10 Day 1 (August 10)

NiP vs. FNC

This is basically a no-contest for NiP. Yes, they’ve been on a moderate rise recently, but they’re nowhere near Fnatic. However, they surely CAN win at least 1 match and make Fnatic work for the series victory.

Betting: NiP to win at least 1 map at 2/1

G2 vs. ROC

G2 Esports has seen their form improve ever since Rift Rivals fiasco. This matchup should pose no problems for them.

On the other hand, ROCCAT has been a on slow, but consistent decline. They’re very inconsistent in their performances overall, but they should be able to snatch at least a single match win this time around.

Betting: ROC to draw first blood on Map 1 and Map 2 at 11/10

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EU LCS Summer 2017 Week 10 Day 2 (August 11)

MM vs. H2K

EU LCS Summer 2017 Week 10 MM

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Mysterious Monkeys have always had decent early game, but they were historically unable to convert that early success into mid and late stage. This comes as a perfect test for them before the promotion tournament.

On the other hand, H2K has been the most consistent underdog killer this season. Their only losses come at the hands of UOL, Fnatic and G2 – all 3 clearly at the top of their game this summer.

H2K need this win much more than Monkeys, so expect to see some stomping and trashing.

Betting: MM to win at least 1 map at 13/8


Of all the top teams this summer, UOL has been the most inconsistent. However, when it matters, they show up and perform with flying colours.

Expect nothing but a win for Unicorns here. They need the win just as much as H2K.

Betting: To go the distance at 11/8

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EU LCS Summer 2017 Week 10 Day 3 (August 12)


Neither team has much to gain or lose. Misfits are obviously favourites, but ROCCAT has pulled off a few upsets this summer. It doesn’t look like they can repeat those feats, but who knows.

Betting: To go the distance at evens

FNC vs. G2

EU LCS Summer 2017 Week 10 G2

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This one is an interesting series for sure. The stakes are not high in terms of outcome, but the pride, ego and the quest for supremacy will play a role.

Whoever wins it will send a strong message. I suspect Fnatic will sweep G2, but anything is possible here.

Betting: Fnatic to win 2-1 at 13/5

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EU LCS Summer 2017 Week 10 Day 4 (August 13)


Both teams have pretty much remained consistent in their overall performances throughout the season. Splyce have established themselves as the upper half team, while Vitality is a classic middle-of-the-pack representative.

Splyce should take the W here.

Betting: To go the distance at 6/5

H2K vs. UOL

The final treat of the regular season is reserved for the end. It’s basically a qualifier for semifinals.

UOL has already beaten H2K on Week 2 . When stakes are this high, UOL is usually up to the task.

Will H2K falter again?

Betting: UOL to win 2-1 at 3/1

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That’s it for our EU LCS Summer 2017 Week 10 Preview. Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. Make sure you follow us on social media as well – links are in the right sidebar!