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EU LCS Spring Season Full Schedule - Esportsranks
EU LCS Spring Season Full Schedule

The EU LCS Spring Season starts on the 19 of January, and the hype has us on the edge of our seats.

As many as ten teams are going to compete in the EU LCS Spring Season this time around. With rosters now changed and the met anew, it’s up to the best players of EU to show us what they’re made of.

Below is a list of all the teams competing in the EU LCS Spring Season, along with the full schedule. We also took the time to single out the matches that you should keep an eye on, based on their importance and entertainment value.


1. FC Schalke 04
2. Misfits Gaming
4. G2 Esports
5. H2K
6. Splyce
7. Team Vitality
8. Fnatic
9. Unicorns of Love
10. Giants


Week 1

EU LCS Spring

FNC Roster

Friday 19/01

• 18:00 CET – G2 vs. MSF
• 19:00 CET – VIT vs. H2K
• 20:00 CET – UOL vs. GIA
• 21:00 CET – ROC vs. S04
• 22:00 CET – FNC vs. SPY

You’ll want to be present for the very first match of the series, G2 vs. MSF. Not only is this match the official start of the EU LCS Spring Season, the teams involved have something to prove. MSF have shown us that they easily have the ability to be on top of EU, while G2 have a serious case of wounded pride after last year’s Worlds. The first match between these two could tell a lot about what’s to follow this year in the EU LCS.

Fnatic vs. Splyce is also an important match in that we’ll see how much Fnatic have been able to improve since Worlds 2017. This team could be a serious contender for the trophy this season, and this match is where they’ll show where they stand.

Saturday 20/01

• 17:00 CET – GIA vs. VIT
• 18:00 CET – SPY vs. UOL
• 19:00 CET – H2K vs. FNC
• 20:00 CET – G2 vs. ROC
• 21:00 CET – MSF vs. S04

MSF vs. S04 at the end of the day is something you don’t want to miss out on. Schalke is a highly underrated team, and a match against Misfits is everything they need to show if they’re planning on changing their outlook in the EU LCS Spring Season this 2018.

Week 2

EU LCS Spring

Misfits PowerOfEvil

Friday 26/01

• 18:00 CET – GIA vs. G2
• 19:00 CET – SPY vs. ROC
• 20:00 CET – MSF vs. H2K
• 21:00 CET – VIT vs. FNC
• 22:00 CET – S04 vs. UOL

If you have just enough time to watch a single match between these, then make sure you catch the last one. S04 will have yet another chance to go up against a formidable team in the EU region. If UOL doesn’t perform well in week 1, this match will be all the more interesting. If you have more time, then throw in GIA vs. G2 and MSF vs. H2K as well.

Saturday 27/01

• 17:00 CET – H2K vs. GIA
• 18:00 CET – UOL vs. ROC
• 19:00 CET – VIT vs. MSF
• 20:00 CET – SPY vs. S04
• 21:00 CET – FNC vs. G2

Hands down, the last match of the day is the most important and must-watch for every LoL fan interested in the EU LCS Spring Season. FNC and G2 are two of the strongest teams in the region. They’ll fight for dominance over the region with everything they’ve got, and we’ll have an amazing match to watch.

Week 3

EU LCS Spring

G2 Perkz

Friday 2/02

• 18:00 CET – UOL vs. H2K
• 19:00 CET – GIA vs. ROC
• 20:00 CET – S04 vs. VIT
• 21:00 CET – G2 vs. SPY
• 22:00 CET – FNC vs. MSF

Once again, the last day of the match is extremely high profile. Fnatic will face Misfits, another top team in Europe. This match will be imperative in deciding who will eventually dominate the region, and how the teams stack up against each other in the new meta.

Saturday 3/02

• 17:00 CET – UOL vs. VIT
• 18:00 CET – S04 vs. GIA
• 19:00 CET – ROC vs. FNC
• 20:00 CET – H2K vs. G2
• 21:00 CET – MSF vs. SPY

It’s difficult to predict which matches will be the most action packed as none of the matches are exceptionally high profile. However, fans will probably enjoy watching MSF vs. SPY at the end of the day.

Week 4

EU LCS Spring

FNC Rekkless

Friday 9/02

• 18:00 CET – H2K vs. SPY
• 19:00 CET – ROC vs. VIT
• 20:00 CET – GIA vs. MSF
• 21:00 CET – FNC vs. UOL
• 22:00 CET – G2 vs. S04

Fnatic vs. UOL is something to keep an eye out for. UOL may not have made it to Worlds last year, but that doesn’t mean they’ve lost their position of being a force to be reckoned with. This match will most likely be the highlight of the day.

Saturday 10/02

• 17:00 CET – VIT vs. SPY
• 18:00 CET –H2K vs. S04
• 19:00 CET – ROC vs. MSF
• 20:00 CET – FNC vs. GIA
• 21:00 CET – G2 vs. UOL

The general trend so far has been that the last match of the day holds a lot of importance, and this day is no exception. G2 and the Unicorns of Love have a score to settle from last year, and we’ll see if UOL can have a tinge of revenge during this match.

Week 5

EU LCS Spring

UOL Exileh

Friday 16/02

• 18:00 CET – SPY vs. GIA
• 19:00 CET – ROC vs. H2K
• 20:00 CET – VIT vs. G2
• 21:00 CET – MSF vs. UOL
• 22:00 CET – S04 vs. FNC

If you aren’t able to watch today’s match of MSF vs. UOL for the 2018 EU LCS Spring Season, you’ve done yourself a huge disservice. MSF were solely responsible for snatching the chance to attend Worlds from UOL. It’s safe to assume that this match will be high profile, and filled with nonstop action.

Saturday 17/02

• 17:00 CET – H2K vs. VIT
• 18:00 CET – GIA vs. UOL
• 19:00 CET – S04 vs. ROC
• 20:00 CET – SPY vs. FNC
• 21:00 CET – MSF vs. G2

MSF vs. G2 is the match of the day due to both teams’ stature. However, you should aim to watch S04 vs. ROCCAT as well. The reason being that they aren’t high profile. Yes, you should get a glimpse of what the other side of the pool looks like. Chances are that you won’t be disappointed.

Week 6

EU LCS Spring

FNC Caps

Friday 23/02

• 18:00 CET – VIT vs. GIA
• 19:00 CET – UOL vs. SPY
• 20:00 CET – ROC vs. G2
• 21:00 CET – FNC vs. H2K
• 22:00 CET – S04 vs. MSF

This hopefully pleasant Friday evening doesn’t seem to have any high profile matches happening. However, if you only want to watch a match or two, then go for VIT vs. GIA. See how these teams are doing and how much potential they’ve got.

Saturday 24/02

• 17:00 CET – GIA vs. H2K
• 18:00 CET – ROC vs. UOL
• 19:00 CET – MSF vs. VIT
• 20:00 CET – S04 vs. SPY
• 21:00 CET – G2 vs. FNC

By this point, the entire dynamics of the spring split might have changed. However, for now it seems like G2 vs. FNC is the most relevant match to watch.

Week 7

EU LCS Spring

Misfits Hans Sama

Friday 2/03

• 18:00 CET – H2K vs. UOL
• 19:00 CET – ROC vs. GIA
• 20:00 CET – VIT vs. S04
• 21:00 CET – SPY vs. G2
• 22:00 CET – MSF vs. FNC

Once again, the highlight of the day is right at the very end. MSF vs. FNC should be very entertaining to watch. At week 7, it will be clear which team has the better lineup and strategies. H2K vs. UOL is a good match to watch too if you’re home early.

Saturday 3/03

• 17:00 CET – ROC vs. SPY
• 18:00 CET – G2 vs. GIA
• 19:00 CET – H2K vs. MSF
• 20:00 CET – FNC vs. VIT
• 21:00 CET – UOL vs. S04

Assuming that the teams are as we’re predicting them to be, this day shouldn’t have any matches that’ll require too much attention. However, a lot could change, and we’ll keep you updated on how the teams are doing relative to each other.

Week 8

EU LCS Spring

G2 Jankos

Friday 9/03

• 18:00 CET – GIA vs. S04
• 19:00 CET – VIT vs. UOL
• 20:00 CET – G2 vs. H2K
• 21:00 CET – FNC vs. ROC
• 22:00 CET – SPY vs. MSF

There doesn’t seem to be much to miss this day. This might change, but for now it seems like things will be latent during this evening. If you need to make a pick, go with the G2 vs. H2K match as it could have more action as compared to the other matches.

Saturday 10/03

• 17:00 CET – VIT vs. ROC
• 18:00 CET – SPY vs. H2K
• 19:00 CET – MSF vs. GIA
• 20:00 CET – UOL vs. FNC
• 21:00 CET – S04 vs. G2

Make sure you watch the match between UOL and Fnatic. It will be interesting to see where the EU juggernauts of last year measure up to by the end of the spring season playoffs.

Week 9

EU LCS Spring

Misfits Alphari

Friday 16/03

• 18:00 CET – S04 vs. H2K
• 19:00 CET – SPY vs. VIT
• 20:00 CET – GIA vs. FNC
• 21:00 CET – MSF vs. ROC
• 22:00 CET – UOL vs. G2

For the second last day of the playoffs, we’ll have a requiem for UOL and G2. It’s to be expected that those teams will go at each other like their entire world is at stake. It’s highly recommended that you’re online when this match starts.

Saturday 17/03

• 17:00 CET – H2K vs. ROC
• 18:00 CET – GIA vs. SPY
• 19:00 CET – G2 vs. VIT
• 20:00 CET – UOL vs. MSF
• 21:00 CET – FNC vs. S04

To finish the playoffs, we have one final intense match between the Unicorns of Love and Misfits. This match will likely predict which team is better suited to move up to the Worlds stage this year.

We wish all these teams the best of luck during the EU LCS spring season. It’s safe to say that we’ll be some amazing matches between these teams this season. We’re hoping for a better display at Worlds 2018 from our EU teams than what we saw last year, when only one team came close to shining (Misfits).

Check out how this year’s EU LCS Spring SeasonE is different from last year here.

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