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EU LCS Spring Season 2018 Week 5 Recap - Esportsranks
EU LCS Spring Season 2018 Week 5 Recap

Our expectations for Week 5 of the EU LCS Spring Season 2018 were completely upset. And the team that let us down the most? None other than Vitality. We thought that G2 would be a matchup they could handle, and we were certain that they would demolish H2K. None of that happened, however. Even the Giants managed to disappoint us, losing both games this week. The only team that lived up to our expectations was Fnatic, who have pulled themselves all the way up to the top.

Once again, the kings of Europe are Fnatic and G2, both of whom went 2-0 in Week 5 of the EU LCS Spring Season 2018, and now both are tied with Vitality in a race to the finish.

Here’s a recap of what went on during the matches that took place in Week 5 of the EU LCS Spring Season 2018.

EU LCS Spring Season 2018 Week 5 Day 1

1. Giants vs. Splyce

Giants started off with a Twitch in the draft phase, making it clear they wanted yet another teamfight draft. However, the game started tilting in Splyce’s favor when Xerxe had a fantastic gank in the bot lane to answer a gank by Djoko, securing first blood. The game kept slipping away from Giants as Odoamne made a massive outplay on his Camille, getting a double kill on Ruin and Steelback when they tried to jump him.

Splyce kept pushing Giants in and kept taking turrets. They had so much pressure that they were easily able to turret dive Targamas under turret and kill him without a response. After taking out every outer and inner turret from Giants, Splyce went off to take the Baron. Giants were unable to contest it.

Splyce kept on pushing after that, and since Splyce were so far ahead in gold, there was nothing Giants could do to hold them off. After some pushing, Splyce took down Giants before the 30-minute mark with over a 10K gold lead.

2. ROCCAT vs. H2K

H2K really surprised us with this victory. ROCCAT were looking much better overall, and a victory for H2K was something no one was expecting. There was nothing too special about either team’s composition, with ROCCAT having a siege composition to H2K’s teamfighting one.

At first, the game was going as we would have thought. ROCCAT had a well-orchestrated kill on Smittyj in the top lane with a 3-man dive. However, H2K capitalized on this, attacking ROCCAT’s bot lane and getting two kills in return.

From there on, we began to see the ROCCAT that we’re used to. They got themselves a good fight and made a pick, and after that, they used Blanc’s ult on Ryze to secure a double kill. Even then, however, the gold advantage was on H2K’s side.

H2K showed off their power against ROCCAT when they made a combo with Selfie and Shook’s ult, killing two. ROCCAT did make good plays from there on and managed to get the Baron and a gold lead. They kept pushing and taking turrets, and it seemed like H2K would lose yet another match.

However, their push was punished when they overextended, and before long, H2K had the upper hand again. They used their lead to take the Baron, and then they wiped out half of ROCCAT. They kept pushing into ROCCAT’s base, and there was nothing they could do to hold them off.

3. Misfits vs. UOL

The day seemed to be one of non-stop upsets, but Misfits stopped the trend. Misfits might have lost with their full tank composition. UOL had a balanced composition that was inclined towards the damage side, so it was already decided that Misfits would lose once UOL scaled.

Misfits had a great early game due to their combos, and make UOL feel like they were on a trampoline. They even tool down the Baron while UOL were struggling to keep up. Just as always, it was impossible to completely push against an Azir. Misfits were unable to break UOL’s base, but a huge teamfight went their way after which UOL were pushed right into their base due to Misfits taking the Baron. UOL didn’t stand for long once Misfits unleashed hell upon them.

4. G2 Esports vs. Vitality

The highlight match of the first Day of Week 5 of the EU LCS Spring Season 2018 went exactly the opposite to what we had predicted. And this was perhaps due to Vitality’s composition. They didn’t have many tanks, and the only one they had on Cabochard got outscaled by Wunder.

The game set off in G2’s favour with the first blood going over to Perkz as he killed Jiizuke – not a good start for Vitality. G2’s insane ‘trampoline’ combo was similar to that of Misfits, and there was nothing Vitality could do to hold off their aggression. G2 kept getting kills after kills, and their map pressure was huge. With a 7K gold lead at 27 minutes, they could easily own Vitality during confrontations, and they easily took the Baron.

This Baron was all that G2 needed to crack open Vitality’s base, and even though Vitality tried to fight back, they simply lost members, and G2 eventually took their Nexus.

5. Schalke 04 vs Fnatic

Like the two matches before, Schalke went with a Galio on Nukeduck. Fnatic, however, knew how to counter him. The went with a Corki mid, and Caps was able to apply massive amounts of pressure on him.

On the whole, both teams were going back and forth. The had a negligible gold difference at weren’t far off in KDA at the 18-minute mark. This back and forth went on for the next ten minutes, and Fnatic were finally able to pick off a few S04 members, after which they quickly took the Baron.

Once FNC tried to infiltrate Schalke’s base, the tried to resist, and almost threw Fnatic off. However, since Fnatic had such a huge gold lead, they were able to win when they would have otherwise lost. After taking out 4 members of Schalke, taking the enemy Nexus turned into child’s play for Fnatic.

EU LCS Spring Season 2018 Week 5 Day 2

1. UOL vs. Giants

The Giants had to suffer a second humiliating defeat in the same weak- this time against UOL. There wasn’t anything special about any team’s composition with the exception of Giants having two scaling AP champions in Vladimir and Kassadin.

The Unicorns looked more like the team they used to be last year, making crazy plays like 3-man invading the enemy blue buff at 5 minutes. Not only did they get 3 kills, they also took Djoko’s blue.

UOL continued to make pays across the map and got another kill. A 5v5 at 20 minutes did go evenly, but in the end, UOL were the ones that looked better. Giants did make a turnaround after Ruin sacrificed himself to get damage to UOL. Betsy’s follow up meant that Giants mitigated much of the lead that UOL had grown for themselves.

The Unicorns showed no signs of slowing down after that and kept the aggression going, which paid off as they got even more miraculous kills. The kept repeating this pattern, and Giants had no way to answer this.

After getting the Baron, the Unicorns of Love stormed Giants’ base from the botside, and pushed their way to victory. UOL fans were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief as their team finally started to show more promise.

2. Vitality vs. H2K

Of all the matches in Week 5 of the EU LCS Spring Season 2018, this was perhaps the most unexpected. Never would we have thought that H2K, the worst performing team in the EU LCS, would have beaten the best team in the region. H2K had, however, gone with the trampoline combo composition, which has seen immense amounts of success during Day 1. This consisted of Galio, Ornn and Jarvan for a non-stop crowd control combination.

This was exactly what happened. H2K had two great fights right off the bad and got themselves a lead. Vitality tried to retaliate, but nothing seemed to work. H2K’s macro lead got them a Baron despite Vitality’s attempts to contest it. Vitality took a few kills as H2K tried to escape, but that didn’t matter. H2K’s push with the Baron buff meant 2 inhibitors down for Vitality.

This was where things looked hopeful for Vitality as they aced H2K and reset the map. It turned out to be a momentary victory, however, because H2K pushed forth aggressively once more, and after their full trampoline combo went off on Vitality, there wasn’t much of team Vitality left to stop H2K from dismantling their Nexus.

3. Schalke 04 vs. ROCCAT

Once again, ROCCAT’s macro playing abilities helped them through another match. They also managed to gain first blood in the mid lane after a well-timed gank from Momento, a player who has managed to shine through during this split.

ROCCAT had the upper hand in the early game and were ahead in kills and gold. The only redeeming factory for Schalke was that they managed to take the Baron while ROCCAT were trying hard to contest it. Even then, ROCCAT managed to take out multiple Schalke members who were trying to escape.

ROCCAT always knew where they were meant to be, and Schalke kept getting caught. However, even at the 30-minute mark, the gold lead was quite small between the teams. This all changed drastically at 36 minutes when a huge teamfight erupted in the mid-lane and ended up with everyone on S04 dead except for Upset.

Upset could do nothing against the entire team of ROCCAT, and even though he kept shooting skillshots, they made little difference as ROCCAT seized their victory.

4. Misfits vs. G2 Esports

This was an insanely huge win for G2 Esports. Of all the teams playing in the EU LCS Spring Season 2018, Misfits are one of the few that G2 needed to beat, and they did. The game started off with both sides showing aggression. MSF actually punt Maxlore on a Khazix for early game domination.

However, both teams seemed to go even for the first 10 minutes of the game.

Perkz played near perfectly on his Zoe, doing immense amounts of damage, and G2 took the Infernal drake after a good teamfight.

Another fight went over to G2 with Hjarnan doing massive damage, and this allowed G2 to secure the Baron. There seemed to be nothing that Misfits could do against G2’s comp. Even if they made good engages, Wadid simply ulted on his Taric and provided excellent disengage for his team.

The game was decided after a 5v5 just over 30 minutes, where G2 absolutely demolished MSF, leaving only Maxlore alive. They easily walked down mid and took down MSF for the win.

5. Fnatic vs. Splyce

Splyce tried to shuffle up the meta with a Cho’Gath, but it didn’t go so well for them. Fnatic had excellent gameplay similar to the one they’ve exhibited for the last few matches. They had complete pressure on the entire map for the early part of the game.

Splyce finally got a kill at 17 minutes, but it did little to close the 5K gold lead that Fnatic had at this point.

sOAZ got caught out, but even that wasn’t enough to turn things around. FCS offered relentless pressure, and it was incredible that Splyce wasn’t crumbling right there. Odoamne started getting huge after the 30-minute mark, and he became the person his team was banding around. This didn’t last long, however, and FNC took him down as he sacrificed himself to save his team.

Eventually, Splyce were unable to hold off Fnatic as the got two inhibitors and got their Nexus turrets. Splyce made a final desperate dive to save the game, but Fnatic easily won the fight and destroyed Splyce’s Nexus.


It’s highly exciting to see the celebrated EU teams from last year stand up again. Fnatic and G2 are back on top of the EU LCS Spring Season 2018. Though it is quite sad noting seeing UOL among them, new faces like Vitality stepping up to the challenge are a welcome sight. So far, the season has been highly unpredictable, and we’re hoping it’ll stay exactly like this.

Which matches in Week 5 of the EU LCS Spring Season 2018 surprised you the most? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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