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Road to Worlds: H2K vs. UoL Sees H2K Go Through - Esportsranks
Road to Worlds: H2K vs. UoL Sees H2K Go Through

After a closely fought series, H2K beat UoL 3-2. A lot of predictions said it would go to all 5 games. They weren’t wrong. The bot lane meta was the initial driving force of the series.

H2K finally broke their curse of not beating UoL this year. This win booked their seats in the EU LCS Regional Qualifier finals against raid boss Fnatic. They have made it this far, now they only have to defeat the team which has consistently had their number during the regular splits. If they could make it to worlds, it would definitely have been an impressive run by H2K!

Classic Unicorns of Love

The Unicorns were at it again in game number one of the EU LCS Regional Qualifiers. A level 1 roam by Hylissang, as well as an invade by Xerxe, gave Unicorns an early advantage. Febiven’s flash was used at level 1, and a few minutes later Exileh took first blood.

This was vital, considering all the criticism Exileh had received during the regular split. The casters before the game said they hoped that Exileh had sorted out his ‘inting’ and it was apparent that the three-week break they had taken had given them time to iron out any problems.

A 20-minute baron after an exceedingly snowball-y early game led to Xerxe being fed on Kayn. Kayn is one of the strongest snowball champions. Xerxe was showing why. The 20-minute baron was the beginning of the end for H2K. Game 1 to UoL.

H2K Fight Back

H2K weren’t going down without a fight. UoL decided on a 4-1 composition. H2K beat them at their own game. They took a teamfight composition into a team renowned for their 5v5 plays and beat them. Everything was level.

Match Point to H2K

H2K started the snowball rolling early on, with a tower dive at 9 minutes. They used this momentum to roll into the mid and late game with an advantage. UoL were still perfectly happy to take fights, with the kills almost equal. H2K’s gold advantage was all in turrets, however.

They used this willingness of the Unicorns to fight. One explosive team fight led to H2K being on match point. As everyone had said, they needed to get an early game lead to beat the Unicorns. In game 3 this was precisely what happened.

H2K beat UoL in the EU LCS Regional Qualifiers 2017

Flickr @lolesports

Classic Viziscacsi

A massive Gnar ultimate is sometimes all it takes to swing a game. After some small early game advantages for H2K, Viziscacsi jumped in. Stunning 3 members and helping them secure baron. The Ivern, Tristana combination is a huge way to close out a game and UoL destroyed most of the H2K’s base at 23 minutes.

With one Nexus turret left, H2K had their backs against the wall. Samux felt too safe with the Ivern for back up and after repeatedly jumping in they ended the game after 25 minutes. Game 5.

Odoamne’s turn to show up

The Unicorns gave up early game pressure yet again. They began clawing it back in the mid game and brought the gold back to almost level. All H2K had to do was not choke, but you could see the Unicorns wanted to exploit this pressure.

H2K’s top laner Odoamne really came up strong on Gnar in this match. H2K had too much pressure and they managed to beat Unicorns of Love 3-2. What a great series!

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