EU LCS 2018 Spring Split: The Biggest Surprises and Disappointments

The EU LCS 2018 Spring Split came and went like it was nothing. And though it went by fast, there was nary a single boring moment throughout the entire split. From upsets, surprises, sweat, tears, and triumph, the EU LCS 2018 Spring Split had it all.

Right from the get-go, it looked like any team could take over the region. The Kings of last year were no where to be seen, and new players were taking to the stage. This season will definitely have implications on the future of the game, and definitely so on the rest of this year. While the season ended on a high note, with one of the most popular teams in Europe taking the trophy, there were a huge number of surprises and regrets that lead us to that point.

We’ll have a close look at each of those surprises and disappointments that we had to face so far during the EU LCS 2018 Spring Split.

The Rise of Vitality

It’s relatively rare that an upstart team simply takes over the region. Misfits did it last year, and this time, it was Vitality’s turn to shine. This team was absolutely nowhere to be seen during the previous yea, but after going through a complete makeover and sporting a roster full of rookies, Vitality came up big.

People loved seeing the new faces dominate the scene. Things became really intense when the team refused to lose, even to the teams which were famous for dominating their opponents, like Fnatic.

Spearheading their initial success was their midlaner, Daniele “Jiizuke” di Mauro, who made some really insane plays on Ryze during his first two games. The audience knew right then that this player and his team would have something special to present – and that they did. They overwhelmed the region for the first half of the regular split, only to fall off then.

After a losing spree, they were able to get back up again and make it to the playoffs. They finished fourth place, but that’s far better than one could have expected from them. This team has shown real potential, and will definitely keep performing for the rest of the year.

Jiizuke won Rookie of the Split, which went just as everyone wanted. A team of rookies that made it so far deserved to have one of its players receive that award.

The Fall of Misfits

As much as Vitality’s immaculate advances excited us, the way Misfits played this split had us confused and upset. They were the Vitality of last year, having gone all the way to last World’s playoffs from the very bottom of their region.

What’s even more disappointing is that Misfits were actually playing well at the start of the split. When Vitality were looking undefeatable, it was Misfits who got the better of them and proved that they were only human. From then on, Misfits went into a long slump. Perhaps the reason was a shift in the meta, because they kept losing games in which it seemed like they would sweep their opponents. One of the most fitting examples of this would be their game against Giants during the mid-season. Misfits were far ahead of them, but a single botched team fight resulted in their loss.

Misfits missed the playoffs of the EU LCS 2018 Spring Split by the breadth of a hair, which is quite anti-climatic because this is one team that would have made things far more interesting. However, they’ve got a dependable roster, and we’re sure they’ll be making a comeback during the Summer Split.

Unicorns of Love Failing to Perform

Perhaps the most disappointing of the lot were the Unicorns, who had previously instilled a certain amount of respect in their fans and haters alike. Their utter randomness and their outstanding victories last year made the Unicorns one of the most feared team in the region.

All of that changed during the EU LCS 2018 Spring Split, in which UOL spent most of their time at the very bottom of the ladder with H2K. They did try to get back up again during the ending phase of the regular split. However, it was too late by that time, and most teams in Europe still outclassed them. The saddest part is that they don’t look like they’ll be making a comeback any time  soon. We doubt they’ll perform any better during the summer season unless they revamp their roster or really think about their playstyle.

H2K Making it to Playoffs

This team is what made the Unicorns of Love look even worse. Both, H2K and UOL were at the bottom of the EU LCS 2018 Spring Split, sharing the last place. From there, H2K made a huge winning spree occur, and found themselves in the playoffs.

According to them, coming so far up the split was more than they could have hoped for. They were the worst team in the region for the longest time. Them making it where the likes of Misfits and Giants had failed has renewed our opinion of them. H2k have shown that they’re full of potential, and will likely look to impressing us even further during the summer season.

Fnatic Making a Comeback

One of the most celebrated and special teams in the region, Fnatic didn’t look like they were sure to make it past the quarterfinals stage at the start of the EU LCS 2018 Spring Split. Teams like Giants, ROCCAT and Vitality were showing too much promise, and Fnatic weren’t looking too good.

G2 were doing far better than them after they found their footing. After a few weeks, it was clear that G2 had figured out what they needed to do in order to win. Fnatic, on the other hand, didn’t look so confident. Most of their wins comprised of Rekkles giving his team a hard carry, which was not an apt solution for the long run. However, soon they too starting winning games in a streak, and we realized that Fnatic were in the place they wanted to be since the start.

G2 Losing the Split

Fnatic winning the EU LCS 2018 Spring Split wasn’t the worst thing on earth. Of course, someone had to be disappointed with the outcome, given the nature of the match and the teams involved. However, we were more put off by how the match went.

Fnatic completely wiped the floor with G2.

With the amazing hype video released prior to the match, along with the performance both teams had displayed thus far, we were certain that the match would be a close one. Many analysts expected the match to go all the way to game 5. The bright side of this match is that Europe finally has its champions to showcase during MSI this year.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the EU LCS 2018 Spring Split was nothing short of amazing. As mentioned already, Fnatic now look ready for the international stage. Looking at how Europe went all the way to the finals against Korea last year, we’ve got expectations that this year will bring us something similar. If Rekkles can keep up his amazing playstyle, there’s a lot of hope for the region.

What did you think of the EU LCS 2018 Spring Split? Was it enjoyable for you as it was for us? What were your highlighted moments during the split? Let us know in the comments below!

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