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EU LCS 2018 Spring Split Day 2 Recap - Esportsranks
EU LCS 2018 Spring Split Day 2 Recap

The first week of the EU LCS 2018 Spring Split came and went, but not without leaving some unforgettable moments in our minds.

Below is a summary of what went on during those matches:

Game 1: Giants vs. Vitality

Day 1 of the EU LCS 2018 Spring Split saw a monstrous performance on the side of Team Vitality. They absolutely destroyed H2K, a team which we expected would outplay them at every turn. However, Vitality showed us that they were a team not to be trifled with. Out hopes for this team rose sharply, and we were certain that they would come out on top against the Giants on Day 2. Team Vitality didn’t let us down.
The early game was all but in favor of Giants. They had the first blood and first brick gold to their name, and were inching towards Vitality’s nexus. They might have continued like this, gaining kill after kill if not for the eventual turnaround by Vitality during mid game.

Once Jiizuke and Minitroupax got a few items on their Azir and Caitlyn, their ranged poke became too much for Giants to deal with. This meant that Giants’ main engage on Cho’Gath couldn’t perform as expected. Without him, the rest of Giants crumbled. Within 10 minutes, Vitality won multiple teamfights, almost making the gold difference even.

Vitality continued to scale up, and even though Giants got a Baron, it didn’t make a large difference. However, once Vitality got their hands on the next Baron, the results were quite the contrary. Vitality was easily able to push up to Giants’ base, and after winning a huge teamfight by a landslide, they demolished a helpless Giants’ Nexus.

Game 2: Splyce vs. Unicorns of Love

The Unicorns of Love had left us wanting on Day 1 of the first week. They lost to Giants, which despite being a better than expected team, still shouldn’t have been on the same level as UOL. However, UOL’s second performance in the first week didn’t result in a win either.

They can’t be blamed for losing in this match, though. UOL played aggressively and in a well-planned manner for the better part of the game. They made sure they shut down Odoamne repeatedly, who had gone for a counter pick to Ornn as Illaoi. Their early plays turned the odds against Splyce, who looked like they wouldn’t last for more than the next 20 minutes.

However, Splyce managed to endure. Once the mid game began, they had a farmed up Azir and Sivir on their team, which meant they could wave clear faster than UOL could push them in. Even a Baron by UOL didn’t mean completely ending the game. Splyce’s damage was off the charts with the hyper carry composition. Even when UOL won teamfights, Splyce managed to hold out long enough to keep them from winning.

This all went on till the final point in the game, which was well over an hour, when both teams entered an insane Nexus rush. With Sivir and Illaoi defending their base, the rest of Splyce decided to simply attack UOL’s base. Once they started hacking away at the Nexus turrets, and Ornn from UOL came back to defend his base. What ensued was a heart stopping, nerve wrenching moment in which the casters were yelling out blurred words, the crowd was yelling it’s teams name, and both teams madly tried to do everything they could to destroy the enemy Nexus.

Splyce had better clearing at their base, however, and they were able to hold out their base while UOL fell for the second time this week.

Game 3: H2K vs. Fnatic

After their victory over Splyce to open up EU LCS 2018, we never would have expected them to lose to H2K in this match. The game started out with the first blood going over to FNC. However, from that point on, H2K seemed to have more kills. FNC still had the more aggressive playstyle for the better part of the game. They had more turrets to their name, but couldn’t increase the gold difference between them and their opponents.

Caps played nothing short of spectacularly, landing Q’s left and right, dealing absurd amounts of damage. However, H2K remained defiant till the very end. They won by completely storming FNC’s base and overpowering them.

Game 4: G2 Esports vs. ROCCAT

Perhaps even more surprising than Fnatic’s loss against H2K during the second day of week 1 of the EU LCS 2018 Spring Split was G2’s loss against ROCCAT. ROCCAT has been quite the underrated team up until now, but it seems like they’ve had enough. During this game, Blanc played immaculately on his Azir, and dealt more damage than G2 could handle. Although, it’s becoming common to see Azir completely dominating the enemy team this patch.

ROCCAT started the game off by taking first blood off Perkz himself. The rest of the game included shenanigans like a roam from ROCCAT’s botlane to the mid lane to pick up a kill. All that can be said is that ROCCAT dominated the entire map throughout the game. The best G2 could come up with was a few good teamfights to hold ROCCAT off, after which ROCCAT redoubled their efforts to run G2 down.

Game 5: Misfits vs. S04

In short, MSF was the better team during this match up. There wasn’t any real competition for them. Even though S04 tried their very best, Misfits’ superior battle experience gave them the upper hand. From the very start, Misfits started building a lead for themselves and snowballed harder than S04 would have liked.

This margin slowly grew to the point where Misfits had an almost 20K gold lead at 40 minutes. The game was a mere stroll through the park for Misfits. S04 may have lost this game, but we can’t forget the fact that they’re the ones who beat ROCCAT, the team to dominate G2 on Day 2. There’s a possibility that this team has more to show us that what is perceived now.

Which match upfrom the EU LCS 2018 Spring Split did you enjoy the most? Was it Splyce vs UOL? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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