EU LCS 2018 Semifinals Predictions – Will Vitality or Fnatic Move Forward?

Fnatic and Vitality will square off in the EU LCS 2018 Semifinals and we have a fair idea of who’s going to go home early and which team will end up advancing. Also pitted against each other in the semifinals are G2 and Splyce, but their results will have far fewer repercussions as both have played a bit of a passive role all throughout the season.

EU LCS 2018 Semifinals – Who Will Advance?

Fnatic have had the worst luck they could possibly have at this point. Their jungler has an injured hand, and will not be playing in any of the playoffs games. In his stead, Fnatic has called on Bwipo.

Now, we know that Caps is a really taxing midlaner. He regularly needed sOAZ’s support in getting him ahead, or to counter the enemy jungler’s pressure on him. This was easily done when sOAZ was on the team, but now that Caps finds himself without him, there’s no telling if the team will be able to make it.

At this point, Fnatic should have been at their peak performance level. Vitality would have probably given them more trouble than the finals even if Fnatic were with their complete roster.

With a new jungler playing, the challenge will be even more difficult.

Vitality Are Looking Scary

Either this team is exceptionally great in acting confident, or their actually completely sure that they’ll win this match. We don’t doubt that they’ve got some good reasons for feeling this way. Vitality’s top lane in one of the most underrated in the region, but Cabochard has shown us that he can make some great plays if the need arises.

Gilius could possibly have a free jungle all to himself if he can somehow get Jiizuke ahead of Caps. Without Caps to carry the team into the mid-game, Fnatic’s only hope will be to rely on Rekkles during the late game. Sure, Rekkles has carried Fnatic through the late game on more than one occasion, but this time could be different. Again, the reason is that sOAZ won’t be playing with the team. If the late game team coordination doesn’t work out, the team fights could easily sway in the favour of Vitality, who’re exceptionally good at winning long and drawn out fights.

We think that Vitality will be the one to win this match, no matter how much the crowd wants the opposite to happen. The odds are stacked up in their favour, and their morale is ultra-high at the moment.

G2 vs. Splyce – Who’s going to the Finals?

Splyce might have been the favourites for this match, if not for their utter defeat at the hands of G2 during the regular season. However, G2 has been playing far better than they have heading into the EU LCS 2018 Semifinals. It’s not that Splyce is unable to get a good match going for themselves – they’re just too unpredictable to establish a sense of trust with the audience.

G2, on the other hand, have been playing quite reliably during the last few weeks of the regular season. We’ve seen their team coordination build up considerably, and are sure that they’ll be the ones to go on to the finals.

Which teams are you rooting for in the EU LCS quarterfinals? Let us know in the comment below!

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