EU LCS Summer Split Week 5 Preview – A Test Of Skill

Week 5 is set up to demonstrate skill levels of teams from both groups, which you can see in our full EU LCS Summer Split week 5 preview below.

Underdogs are going to battle it for a chance to improve their scores, while top teams from both groups are going to clash against each other in a show of strength.

Esportsranks brings you a closer look into the upcoming series. Let’s take a look.

EU LCS Summer Split Week 5 Preview – Day 1 (June 29)

NiP vs. MM

A 0-5 debut duo from the bottoms of Group A and Group B meet each other for the first time this season.

The records speak for themselves. However, we still don’t know who the ultimate bottom dweller is.

Mysterious Monkeys possess team coordination and communication. On the other hand, the NiP lineup sports a slight edge in terms of individual skill.

Teamplay usually trumps solo playstyle, but when the differences are minimal, anything is possible.

WINNER PREDICTION: Monkeys will get their first W here


EU LCS Summer Split Week 5 Preview SPY

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Both of these teams have played marvellously so far. Fnatic with their ultra-aggressive approach have produced a highlight reel of their own. On the other hand, Splyce have masterfully dealt UOL their first and only defeat so far.

Both teams have shown obvious weaknesses against ROCCAT and H2K respectively, although Splyce took the blow earlier in Week 1.

Overall, The stakes are high in this series for both teams, with team standings and prestige on the line.

WINNER PREDICTION: Fnatic, but it’s going to be very close…

EU LCS Summer Split Week 5 Preview – Day 2 (June 30)


After ROCCAT’s upsetting victory against Fnatic in Week 3, it’s hard to imagine Team Vitality winning this series. However, it’s still not too late for VIT to be in contention for the playoff phase if they manage to snatch a victory somehow.

ROCCAT does have an edge here, at least on paper. However, this is not going to be an easy series for either team.


MSF vs. H2K

Misfits have certainly made a statement this season with a 4W-1L score. Their most notable win so far has been against a shaky G2 Esports.

The real test is now – against H2K. H2K is certainly a beatable opponent. However, anybody who faces them can attest to their strength, fluid teamplay, and coordination.

Surely, this is going to be a grindfest as well.

WINNER PREDICTION: H2K by a very tight margin

EU LCS Summer Split Week 5 Preview – Day 3 (July 1)

MM vs. G2

EU LCS Summer Split Week 5 Preview MM

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As much as this is an unfortunate series for MM, it’s a much needed pressure release for G2. After a disappointing track record this season, G2 are slowly clawing their way back into the spotlight.

On the other hand, Mysterious Monkeys have had a hard time adapting to the meat-grinder EU LCS stage so far. The season is almost half-way through. it’s about time to make a statement against a top team.

WINNER PREDICTION: G2 Esports. I mean, come on…

NiP vs. UOL

Unicorns are simply too good and too experienced of a team to let anything unexpected happen here.

NiP are capable of making this series go the distance, but other than that, this is a safe bet for anyone.


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