EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 4 Recap – Splyce And Misfits Keep Winning!

Week 4 is over and now that the dust has settled down, Esportsranks brings you a short recap of the excitement that unfolded over the course of 3 days. Here’s our EU LCS 2017 Summer Split week 4 recap.

EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 4 Recap – Day 1 (June 22)

MSF vs. VIT – 2:1

The opening series was a real gem. The first match was a heavily one-sided beating dictated by Misfits from start to finish.

The second match was an almost one hour long slugfest. Misfits killed 6 Dragons and 3 Barons, sporting a huge team gold advantage by the end. However, Vitality pulled together in the last 5-6 minutes and through clever baiting and map movement secured an equalising win.

The third and final match was a series-sealing win for Misfits. In the end, MSF PowerOfEvil had a monstrous combined 30/11/17 score.

FNC vs. H2K – 2:0

After dominating performances from both teams so far, very few people, if any, expected to see a convincing victory for either one in this series. However, Fnatic once again proved they’re nearly untouchable in teamfights.

The ultra-aggressive attrition approach employed by FNC has so far only been exploited by ROCCAT last week. However, H2K decided not to follow ROCCAT’s blueprint. They opted to engage Fnatic head on, which proved to be a grave mistake.

A landslide victory in both matches lasted just a bit more than an hour of total playtime. As it stands now, Fnatic is in a very solid position to keep the top spot of Group A for the rest of the season.

EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 4 Recap – Day 2 (June 23)

ROC vs. SPY – 1:2

EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 4 Recap ROC

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Splyce has shown drastic improvement last week, pulling off an upset against Unicorns of Love, 2:1. They flexed their muscle this week as well, after losing the first match to ROCCAT.

SPY Kobbe was on fire, collecting a total of 16 kills in the second and third match. The snowballing beatdown looked wonderful and scary at the same time. The message is sent, everybody got the memo. We’ve got a new contender in line, so watch out!

UOL vs. G2 – 2:1

G2’s troubles continued this week against Unicorns. The first blow was handed out in game 1, when UOL staged a complete turnaround after G2 took the early lead.

In game 2, G2 recovered with a convincing 24-8 final kill score victory. The third match was probably the most painful defeat they suffered so far. UOL racked up 11 kills in half an hour of playtime, while G2 barely got a single kill during the entire game. It was so one sided that it wasn’t even fun to watch. This is a pretty strong statement from UOL, and a definite proof that G2 needs significant changes for the upcoming weeks.

EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 4 Recap – Day 3 (June 24)

FNC vs. MM – 2:0

EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 4 Recap FNC

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The only interesting thing about this series is that it looked like Mysterious Monkeys were putting up more of a fight against Fnatic than H2K did on Day 1. However, it might’ve been that Fnatic had underestimated them a bit, being such a strong favorite in this series. All in all, an expected result in the end.

NiP vs. H2K – 0:2

In the first game, Ninjas parried H2K quite well for more than half an hour, which was a surprising thing to see considering how good H2K really is. However, in the second game, H2K opted for their signature slow attrition playstyle, finally breaking NiP around the 25 minute mark. H2K’s Nuclear went…well, nuclear, with a total of 15 kills in the end.

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