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EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 4 Preview - Esportsranks
EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 4 Preview

The coming week marks the first week where each team will face an opponent from outside of their own group. This will give weaker teams a chance to stabilise a bit against possibly easier opponents, as well as pit top dogs against each other and give us a glimpse of future playoffs. Esportsranks brings you an exclusive preview of the series coming up this week. Keep reading to find out more in our EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 4 Preview.



MSF: 3W – 1L
FNC: 3W – 1L
G2:   2W – 2L
ROC: 2W – 2L
NiP:  0W – 4L


H2K: 3W – 1L
SPY:  3W – 1L
UOL: 3W – 1L
VIT:  1W – 3L
MM:  0W – 4L

EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 4 Preview – Day 1 (June 22)


Misfits demonstrated a significant improvement thus far, despite clearly feeling the absence of KaKAO. So far, their only loss has come at the hands of a ludicrously mental Fnatic lineup. On the other hand, they decisively beat G2 Esports, ROCCAT and NiP. Well, the last one is not that much of an accomplishment, but G2 and ROC are formidable opponents.
On the other side, we have Team Vitality with a single victory against Group B bottom-feeders Mysterious Monkeys. They were schooled by the rest of the Group B, so it’s very hard to expect anything more than a single match victory against Misfits.

WINNER PREDICTION: MSF will keep the winning streak

FNC vs. H2K

Fnatic were clearly exposed by ROCCAT last week. Despite dominating in duels and teamfights across the board, FNC were humiliated by a macro-plan. ROCCAT demonstrated their expert feel of the game and timely shotcalling.

H2K has to merely emulate ROCCAT’s formula. FNC clearly counts on relentless teamfight pressure, a strategy that is easily countered by clever top and bottom lane pushing. Adaptability is FNC’s weak point, something that many top teams struggle with. Still, FNC might expect H2K to apply similar approach as ROCCAT,  and H2K is not known to be an adaptable team as well. This is a very hard series to predict, for sure.

Our EU LCS 2017 summer split week 4 preview match of the week.

WINNER PREDICTION: Whoever wins this is going to do that on a macro-plan. H2K looks to be in slightly better position to take this series.

EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 4 Preview – Day 2 (June 23)


Via Twitch


Both teams beat their groups’ respective top dogs last week. We are lucky to be treated with this gem of a series this week, because it’s the best time to see how well these “upset virtuosos” handle each other. Individual stats suggest Splyce to be a series favourite. However, after seeing ROCCAT’s rhapsody against Fnatic last week?! This will either be a 2:0 for Splyce or 2:1 for ROCCAT.

WINNER PREDICTION: ROCCAT will grind out the series win here

G2 Esports

Via Twitch

UOL vs. G2

G2’s midlaner Perkz and 2 Koreans have definitely demonstrated a lack of form in the last 2 weeks. After a disappointing defeat against Misfits last week, G2 has a thing or two to prove. Nevertheless, UOL has a chip on its shoulder as well – a loss against Splyce still hurts. Overall, UOL looked better in the last 3 weeks. G2 will need to step up to the plate hard to snatch a victory here.


EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 4 Preview – Day 3 (June 24)

FNC vs. MM

This is a no-brainer really. Mysterious Monkeys will need a proper miracle to pull off on upset here.

WINNER PREDICTION: FNC via whatever they want

NiP vs. H2K

H2K has to catch a team-wide flu or something to lose this one. NiP needs to seek their first series win in the coming weeks. First, they’ll need to rapidly learn to play with each other instead of soloing all over the place.

WINNER PREDICTION: H2K by destruction

Do you agree with our predictions? Maybe you think something’s going to play out radically different? Let us know in the comments below, we’d like to know your thoughts.

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