EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 3 Preview

Entering Week 3 of the EU LCS 2017 Summer Split, we’ve had a big shuffle in Group A standings, as well as rather expected team standings in Group B. These are how the groups line up in our EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 3 Preview.

EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 3 Preview – Standings

FNC: 3W – 0L
MSF: 2W – 1L
G2:   2W – 1L
ROC: 0W – 2L
NiP:  0W – 3L

UOL: 3W – 0L
H2K: 2W – 1L
SPY:  2W – 1L
VIT:  0W – 2L
MM:  0W – 3L

EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 3 Preview

EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 3 Preview – Schedule & Predictions

DAY 1 (June 15)

VIT vs. MM

Although neither team has shown much so far, VIT is a slight favourite, at least on paper. Nevertheless, this could be a very close series. Either team can take this, no questions about it. One factor to take into account is the fact that this is Mysterious Monkeys’ EU LCS debut. 2 weeks might been just enough to warm up and calm their nerves.

WINNER PREDICTION: Vitality should emerge victorious in the end


There’s no rational argument to be made for ROCCAT to win this, especially after that loss against Misfits last week. From what we’ve seen so far, FNC probably stands the best chance to win the title this summer. ROCCAT will most likely have to seek their opportunity against NiP on Day 3.

WINNER PREDICTION: FNC. They’re too good at the moment

Day 2 (June 16)

MSF vs. G2

Last week, we saw Misfits narrowly beat NiP and then trash ROCCAT in the second and third match. Against reigning champs G2, their newfound confidence will be put to a serious test. Logic dictates that if they had problems against arguably the worst team this summer, Ninjas in Pyjamas, they will face a serious hurdle in G2 Esports.

WINNER PREDICTION: G2 Esports, relatively easily


Now, this should be a rather simple task for UOL to take on. Splyce snatched 2 wins against MM and Vitality last week. However, it’s nothing compared to UOL’s own convincing show of force against MM and a pure battle of wills against H2K. Splyce is definitely still not on the level of H2K and UOL, at least not for the moment, so this should go to UOL.


EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 3 Preview

Day 3 (June 17)

ROC vs. NiP

This is THE series for ROC to take their first win this season. The NiP roster has shown individual skill thus far, but they’re a newly formed team with no experience and familiarity of playing together. Obviously, this should play into ROCCAT’s favour. Still, they need to play their A game, as the NiP players have shown they can parry 1v1 fights easily.

WINNER PREDICTION: Catz beat Ninjaz!

VIT vs. H2K

As much as there’s “no way” of ROCCAT beating Fnatic on Day 1, there’s probably even less of a chance Team Vitality can pull an upset against H2K. Coming up short only against the behemoth that is UOL, H2K’s grinding, unrelenting playstyle is a tough cookie to swallow for any team. Vitality hasn’t shown any semblance of a promising performance yet, so they will have to dig really deep if they want to win this series.


Starting tomorrow, we’ll keep a close eye on EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 3. Once again, stay tuned for mid-week and week ending recaps.

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