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EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 2 Schedule & Predictions - Esportsranks
EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 2 Schedule & Predictions

Week 2 of the EU LCS 2017 Summer Split is about to start soon and we at Esportsranks can’t wait for it to begin! Featuring two matches per day, we’re about to see how good each team really is. Here are Esportsranks’ predictions for EU LCS 2017 Summer Split week 2.

EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 2

DAY 1 (June 8)

MSF vs. NiP

Both teams were paired against FNC last week. Despite the fact they both lost 0:2, it looked like NiP was more of a challenge for FNC’s revitalized roster. Misfit’s lineup, clearly weaker without KaKAO, was absolutely demolished in both games. NiP starters were able to show some semblance of parity in the second game. Nevertheless, MSF are certainly capable of winning a game against a team such as NiP.

WINNER PREDICTION: NiP wins the series

G2 vs. FNC

Now, this is probably one of the most interesting series of the whole week. G2 Esports, despite having a total of 3 substitutes during Week 1, defeated ROCCAT with a 2:1 score. Entering Week 2 of the EU LCS 2017 Summer Split, they should start out with their 2 Korean players Trick and Expect, as well as Perkz in the middle. Will jet-lag affect the Koreans? Is Perkz fully healed and ready to play at the big-stakes stage? Will FNC’s aggressive openings be enough to take the series?

WINNER PREDICTION: FNC will emerge victorious

DAY 2 (June 9)


With Splyce’s former coach Jakob “YamatoCannon” Mebdi now coaching Vitality, Splyce has a thing or two to prove. Despite both teams clearly losing in their first series last week, Splyce definitely showed more teeth against H2K compared to Vitality’s weak performance against UOL. Still, Vitality was once regarded as a “superteam”. Who knows, they might’ve just warmed up enough to turn all that potential into good results.

WINNER PREDICTION: Splyce should win this

MM vs. UOL

It has to be a really bad night for Unicorns Of Love and a really, really good one for Mysterious Monkeys in order for an upset to happen here. UOL looked superb against Vitality last week, while Mysterious Monkeys were taught a tough lesson against H2K.


EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 2 misfits

DAY 3 (June 10)


ROCCAT surprised G2 in the first match of the series last week, clearly showing they’re not going to let any team score easy wins on them. Misfits are objectively a weaker team, ROCCAT should take this one.


NiP vs. G2

G2 is simply too strong for NiP to have any meaningful chance of winning. They might snatch a match, maybe. However, unless G2 collectively brain farts, this one will be just a routine trashing of a weaker team.


DAY 4 (June 11)

SPY vs. MM

This one is quite hard to predict. Both teams looked relatively equally weaker than H2K last week. Splyce clearly has the experience on their side. On the other hand, the former Misfits Academy clearly showed they deserve the slot at the EU LCS 2017 Summer Split as well. One thing’s for sure – both teams are going to put a hell of a fight!

WINNER PREDICTION: Probably SPY by a very tight margin

UOL vs. H2K

Now this one will be epic! It’s very obvious these two teams are the group B favorites. It only remains to be seen which one will prevail as the group winner in the end. Although it’s still early, this particular series might be one of the crucial ones.


Do you agree with our assessment? Let us know your own thoughts of the upcoming EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 2 series.

Stay tuned for more, as we bring you bi-weekly recaps of the Rift action up ahead!