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EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Power Rankings - Esportsranks
EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Power Rankings

No better time than now to drop our EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Power Rankings. See where your favourite team lines up below.

EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Power Rankings – Top 3

1. Unicorns of Love (5W-1L)


  • TOP: Vizicsacsi
  • JUNGLE: Xerxe
  • MID: Exileh
  • ADC: Samux
  • SUPPORT: Hylissang

The only reason to put Unicorns of Love above Fnatic in EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Power Rankings is their Rift Rivals Finals participation. However, the margins between these two top dogs are very tight.

One thing plaguing UOL is their overwhelming tendency to chase, overextend and overstay. Exileh is at the forefront of UOL’s fight-and-kill oriented playstyle. Among all the rest, he’s the one most likely to feed in the early and midgame.

The recipe for UOL is simple. Lure and bait Exileh and the rest into a disadvantageous situation and kill them one by one. It’s no easy task to do, as UOL sports a very high level of teamplay, but many teams have managed to do it so far.

The said flaw has cost Unicorns at the Rift Rivals Finals as well. Unable to gain an upper-hand in teamfights against monstrous lineup of TSM, they simply got stomped over and swept in B05 format.

If they manage to patch up these flaws and iron out the rest of the kinks in their armour, Unicorns of Love can easily parry Fnatic on the regional level.

However, on the international stage, UOL has to completely revamp their sub-optimal approach to objective-oriented play.

2. Fnatic (6W-1L)


  • TOP: sOAZ
  • JUNGLE: Broxah
  • MID: Caps
  • ADC: Rekkles
  • SUPPORT: Jesiz

Fnatic and Unicorns of Love are somewhat similar in their dependency on aggressive teamfights to win matches and series.

Although none of the Fnatic players do Exileh-type of plays and chase as much as UOL, they are not that different when it comes to objective-oriented play.

This was made evident against TSM and C9 in group stage. Once their aggression had been contained, even the worst performing NA team, Cloud9, managed to defeat them without too much trouble.

Probably the best example of Fnatic’s inability to adapt was their ridiculous series against ROCCAT in Week 3. ROCCAT were getting demolished left and right as Fnatic imposed their trademark aggression onto them.

However, ROCCAT simply kept pushing for objectives, paying very little attention to the fact they were getting obliterated all over the map. In the end, this is what got them a much needed series victory.

When it comes to EU LCS, Fnatic are by far the scariest team this summer. There’s enough time for them to polish their macro-plays. However, time runs fast, so they better get to work right away!

3. H2K (5W-2L)

EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Power Rankings H2K

Twitter @lolesports


  • TOP: Odoamne
  • JUNGLE: Jankos
  • MID: Febiven
  • ADC: Nuclear
  • SUPPORT: Chei

The only two teams to defeat H2K in 5 weeks of EU LCS have been none other but Fnatic and Unicorns of Love.

One of the most consistent teams in EU LCS for a long time, H2K has really proven to be hard to kill.

However, the main problem with H2K is that they themselves often times resort to flashy, risky plays. Odoamne is the first to come to mind, with his crazy stunts that often pay off, but sometimes he just feeds unnecessarily.

Without a doubt, H2K’s lineup is full of killers. These killers, however, sometimes lack discipline.

Always near the top, but never quite at it, H2K remains a strong gatekeeper to the top.

EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Power Rankings – The Middle

4. Splyce (4W-2L)


  • TOP: Wunder
  • JUNGLE: Trashy
  • MID: Sencux
  • ADC: Kobbe
  • SUPPORT: Mikyx

It’s probably quite surprising to see Splyce so high, but their victory over UOL in Week 3 was a strong statement and a testament to their strength and veteran LCS status.

Coming up short only against H2K in Week 1 and Fnatic in Week 5, Splyce have been very tough and very consistent throughout the first half of the EU LCS 2017 Summer Split.

They should have no problem against beat up G2 Esports in Week 6. However, moving up past H2K to a top 3 spot is definitely going to be quite challenging, if not near impossible.

Judging from their overall performance so far, they should have no problem staying in the upper half of EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Power Rankings till the rest of the split.

5. Misfits (4W-2L)

EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Power Rankings MSF

Twitter @lolesports


  • TOP: Alphari
  • JUNGLE: Maxlore
  • MID: PowerOfEvil
  • ADC: Hanssama
  • SUPPORT: IgNar

Now that the myth of KAKao being alpha and omega of Misfits had been dispelled, let’s try and take a better look at this frisky team.

Misfits definitely deserve a spot above G2 Esports considering they defeated them in Week 3. They’ve been playing surprisingly well overall, posing a significant challenge to all of their opponents so far.

However, one can’t look at this team without asking a serious question – are they capable of breaching into top 3?

The answer to that question so far has been a resounding no. They’ve lost both to Fnatic and H2K so far. Their victory against G2 doesn’t look as impressive, considering G2’s lackluster showings this summer.

As far as I can see, Misfits are exactly where they should be at the moment.

6. G2 Esports (3W-3L)


  • TOP: Expect
  • JUNGLE: Trick
  • MID: Perkz
  • ADC: Zven
  • SUPPORT: mithy

Possibly the biggest disappointment thus far, G2 Esports have looked burned and faded ever since Week 1.

Week 1 was different. Expect and Trick were in Korea, while Perkz was sick. The 3 substitutes, loulex, sendo0 and Blanc all had stellar performances against ROCCAT on Day 2.

Then, starting from Week 2, the losses started to accumulate. Losing to Fnatic and UOL is somewhat justifiable. However, a loss against Misfits was unacceptable for reigning Spring Split champions.

The lowest of the low was their showing at Rift Rivals recently. Sporting by far the worst score in the group stage, G2 Esports left the tournament humiliated and demoralized.

Question is, do they still have what it takes to regain their spot at the very top?

7. Team Vitality (2W-4L)


  • TOP: Cabochard
  • JUNGLE: Djoko
  • MID: Nukeduck
  • ADC: Steeelback
  • SUPPORT: Vander

Vitality and ROCCAT had a recent meeting. Vitality emerged victorious. That’s pretty much the only reason to put Vitality above ROCCAT in EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Power Rankings.

Vitality has had their moments. Overall, they have been unable to mount any meaningful defence and resistance against the teams above them.

Still, with a couple of wins, they can advance easily – there’s more space in front of them than behind!

8. ROCCAT (2W-4L)


  • TOP: Phaxi
  • JUNGLE: Pridestalker
  • MID: Betsy
  • ADC: Hjarnan
  • SUPPORT: Wadid

It seems like ROCCAT is in to miss yet another round of playoffs.

A cerebral team obviously capable of surprising anybody (win over Fnatic in Week 3 this summer!), they have yet to hit the stride and get on those winning streaks.

They’ve shown they can parry the best of the best skill-wise, but it looks like they simply can’t connect the different phases of the game effectively and consistently.

There really isn’t much to hope for other than a potential breach into the upper half of the EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Power Rankings.

If, by some miracle, they even reach the playoff phase, ROCCAT has very little chances of advancing very far.

EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Power Rankings – The Bottom

9. Mysterious Monkeys (1W-6L)


  • TOP: Kikis
  • JUNGLE: Amazing
  • MID: Cozq
  • ADC: Yuuki60
  • SUPPORT: Dreams

So far, the former Misfits Academy team has shown nothing but glimpses of individual skill. Their performances have been plagued by misplays and mistakes.

The common theme of most of their matches is a relatively solid early game, often times even under their complete control.

However, as soon as they enter midgame, they start to fade and all that advantage dissipates into a disappointing defeat.

The only win so far has been against NiP – a bunch of Koreans and LCS veterans that have lost all series so far.

It’s very hard to see MM anywhere else but at the bottom of the EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Power Rankings till the very end.

We’d be pleasantly surprised if it turns out we’re wrong.

10. Ninjas in Pyjamas (0W-7L)

EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Power Rankings NiP2

Twitter @lolesports


  • TOP: Profit
  • JUNGLE: Shook
  • MID: Nagne
  • ADC: HeaQ
  • SUPPORT: sprattel

As most people expected, NiP quickly turned out to be a bottom-feeder team unable to click together and hit a proper form.

After the controversial decision to disband the Fnatic Academy, NiP brought in a rag-tag group of Koreans and LCS veterans.

As we all know, the competitive scene has evolved past the “Koreans + veterans = win” formula for quite some time now. NiP is a textbook example.

When engaged in 1v1 and 2v2, NiP is actually surprisingly competitive. Especially Nagne, with his stunning snipes and escapes.

However, as soon as they get hit with more advanced, strategic macro plays, NiP immediately fall behind.

Now that they’ve had a break, NiP could very well surprise us all with a few upsets. However, it’s very unrealistic to expect any breakthroughs.

EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Power Rankings – What to Expect?

The 3 teams at the top, UOL, Fnatic and H2K, will remain locked in a fierce battle for supremacy.

The middle is likely going to experience most of the shuffling. G2 Esports, Misfits, Splyce and even Vitality are all in a good position to advance their rankings.

ROCCAT will probably remain where they are.

The bottom duo, Mysterious Monkeys and NiP, need a miracle to escape from their troubled predicament. There’s very little hope for either of these two.

Overall, we’re in for an exciting second half of the Summer Split. Teamfights, aces and flashy escapes are at the door!

We’ll be there, following all the action, so make sure you follow us on social media @Esportsranks.

Don’t forget to let us know your own thoughts in the comments down below.