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EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 2 Midweek recap – Fnatic on a Tear! - Esportsranks
EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 2 Midweek recap – Fnatic on a Tear!

We are 2 days into the EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 2 and we can already safely say we have a 3rd legitimate title contender – team Fnatic! They’ve dusted their shoulders off after the Spring Split, and now they’re absolutely demolishing their opponents one after another. Here’s Esportsranks’ quick week 2 midweek recap of the action in the last two days.

Week 2 Midweek Recap – Day 1 (June 8)

MSF vs. NiP – 2:0

While we had the luxury of watching both teams getting wrecked by Fnatic last week, it seems our initial predictions for this series were off quite a bit. Misfits clearly showed there’s more to the story than just the absence of KaKAO. NiP, on the other hand, continues to prove that it’s not enough to form a lineup of Koreans + LCS veterans and expect good results.

Despite being tested in the first game, Misfits’ experienced lineup established enough control to snowball into the late game. NiP didn’t have any answer for that, and it was over after just around 29 minutes.

After 32 minutes into game 2, it looked like NiP was slowly winning. However, MSF kept their heads cool under the pressure. After almost 50 minutes of a gruelling back-and-forth, MSF took the win for a 2:0 series victory.

G2 vs. Fnatic – 1:2

Ladies and gentlemen, the old Fnatic is back and they look F-NTASTIC! On the other hand, G2 seemed to be struggling with the 3-player roster shift.

The first game was basically decided after the first teamfight. G2 saw 4 of its members dying. FNC Rekkles snatched 3 of those 4 kills. With immediate 3k team gold advantage, FNC slowly, but steadily snowballed for the rest of the match.

The second match was a classic G2 equaliser. Despite FNC being in the lead for the majority of the game, G2 turned things around after about half an hour. FNC didn’t manage to stabilise in time and lost the game soon after.

Third match was an absolute FNC stomping clinic with Rekkles going 6/0/3. After just 30 minutes and 14-4 final kill score, FNC took the win for a third series victory.

Rekkles back

Week 2 Midweek Recap – Day 2 (June 9)


As we predicted in our EU LCS 2017 Summer Split predictions post, Splyce took the win against Vitality. However, it looked really close during the first game. VIT put up a hell of a fight. Still, Splyce managed to win a crucial teamfight by the end of the match. This was enough to create an opening as they pushed the top lane for the win.

Game 2 featured SPY Trashy feeding VIT Djoko 2 easy kills very early into the game. SPY survived through the early gold disadvantage relatively unscathed, slowly working their way out. Starting from somewhere around 18 minute mark, SPY completely turned the tempo around in their favour, snowballing into a quick 27 minute win.

MM vs. UOL

UOL are simply too good at the moment to be challenged in any meaningful way by a team making their LCS debut.

The first game was an absolute one-sided trashing. With 26 to 6 player kills, Unicorns secured an easy and quick win after just 26 minutes. UOL Samux had 12 kills alone in the end!

Game 2 saw not as convincing of a win for UOL. Monkeys showed they can fight back. Nevertheless, UOL was in the lead whole game, and it was only a matter of time before they prevailed. We saw it happening around the 40 minute mark, when UOL managed to win 2 crucial teamfights and secure the win.

With the second half of the week starting soon, Esportsranks will bring you more of the action coverage soon. Stay tuned for more as we bring you the end-of-week recap, as well as final Week 2 standings!