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What to Expect Out of Final Two Days in EU LCS Playoffs? - Esportsranks
What to Expect Out of Final Two Days in EU LCS Playoffs?

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the days of judgement have come! The summer has been long and hard. The teams and players have fought valiantly to reach the pinnacle of European LoL competition.

6 teams have entered EU LCS playoffs. 4 teams remain. We already talked about these teams and their chances ahead of EU LCS Playoffs. Once again, the playoffs unfolded unlike anything anybody expected.

Misfits and G2 Esports have already qualified 2017 World Championship, so the only thing left is the pride, honour and bragging rights of winning the EU Throne.

Fnatic and H2K will fight for the third place. Regardless of the outcome, they will join Unicorns of Love and Splyce in the Regional Qualifiers, the so called gauntlet. The winner of that will be EU’s 2017 World Championship #3 seed in the Play-in Stage.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We have two important series in front of us. The third place series and the finals will be held in Paris, on September 2nd and 3rd. There still seem to be a few tickets available, so you there’s still time to get there, but better hurry before all the tickets are gone.

Fnatic and H2K for the Third Place

EU LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Third Place

Flickr @lolesports

Obviously, both teams will be interested in getting the consolation prize here. H2K has a thing or two to prove against an opponent of Fnatic’s calibre.

Fnatic, on the other hand, will want to regain some of the faded shine after losing to Misfits in the semifinals. They’ve played impeccably throughout the Group Stage, but failed to put up a worthy performance when it mattered.

In terms of the gauntlet seeding, the end result doesn’t matter. Win or lose, Fnatic will have enough points to be automatically seeded in the Finals anyway. Unicorns already have 90, so they’ll be seeded in round 2. H2K can’t avoid the longest road to gauntlet finals however you look at it.

Realistically, Fnatic should win this. The loss against Misfits might’ve been their third and last slip up this summer. They’ve had two confirmed ones, one against ROCCAT, the other against Ninjas in Pyjamas.

H2K, on the other hand, has been the most consistent gatekeeper to the top. However, when faced with the top themselves, they faltered each and every time. Hopefully, they don’t choke again.

Misfits vs. G2 Esports in the Finals – Who Would’ve Thought?

EU LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Finals

Flickr @lolesports

Misfits have performed well in the Group Stage. They’ve shown nothing extraordinary, but they certainly looked on par with Splyce, and possibly even H2K.

However, their quarterfinals and semifinals showings have been nothing but spectacular. Back-to-back victories against Unicorns (3-0) and Fnatic (3-1) put them in a 50-50 situation against G2 Esports.

The pair has already met twice this summer, with Misfits capitalizing on G2’s horrible form in the early weeks, and G2 returning the favour in the second half of the group stage.

Now, these teams have a perfect setting to settle their score. Will G2 Esports defend their turf? Can Misfits pull off a 3rd upset in a row?

Stay tuned – we’ll let you know.