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EU LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Quarterfinals: Misfits Upset Unicorns, G2 Narrowly Beat Splyce - Esportsranks
EU LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Quarterfinals: Misfits Upset Unicorns, G2 Narrowly Beat Splyce

EU LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Quarterfinals opened up with a loud bang – Misfits decisively swept Unicorns of Love!

Unfortunately, UOL’s Exileh and Hylissang both fed in the first two games. This has been a deciding factor in most of UOL’s losses this summer. Overall, UOL looked really faded in all 3 games.

G2 grinded through Splyce the following day in an insanely close and dynamic 3-2 series They will have a favourable matchup against H2K in the semifinals.

EU LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Quarterfinals: MSF vs. UOL

In the first match, it was UOL Hylissang throwing the game, boosting MSF Hans Sama with 3 relatively easy kills.

UOL Exileh, the usual feeding suspect, was actually doing rather well early, with 2 kills after first 10 minutes.

Nevertheless, UOL overall teamplay looked very uncoordinated and incoherent, with solo efforts yielding next to no results. This enabled Misfits free rein on objectives and an overall tempo control.

The game ended after 36 minutes, with Hans Sama’s insane pentakill, for a total of 12 kills and 0 deaths in a single game.

In the second match, we’ve seen a typical Exileh overextending and overstaying in his lane. He went 0-4 in the first 15 minutes. As the only UOL player to die over and over again, Exileh is pretty much the only one to blame for UOL’s second defeat.

The rest of the Unicorns failed to compensate for Exileh’s usual hijinks. In the end, Misfits had 20 to 5 kills and an easy win.

Third and final game was different in a sense of timing. Exileh and Hylissang didn’t feed early into the game, but the end result was nearly identical. The two of them combined collected more than half of all Unicorns’ deaths in the end. Expect shuffling in Unicorn’s ranks in the coming days.

From this day onward, rest assured that Misfits will rub this sweeping victory in Unicorn’s face whenever they get the chance.

EU LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Quarterfinals: G2 vs. SPY

EU LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Quarterfinals G2 Perkz

Flickr @lolesports

It’s almost criminal to see Splyce leave the playoffs after their defeat against G2.

First match went to Splyce. It was a more than 50-minute long show of beautiful madness.

Splyce took the early lead, getting decent kills and rushing through G2’s towers.

Then, shortly before the half-hour mark, G2 completely reversed the tempo and control in their favour, nearly acing Splyce in the process. For nearly 15 minutes, they were bull-rushing through dragons, Barons, towers and inhibitors.

Then, in the chaotic post-Baron teamfight near the end, Splyce nearly aced G2.

The following minutes looked like the stuff of tales. Both teams pushed each other’s lanes simultaneously, racing towards Nexuses.

In a nerve wracking fashion, Splyce remained cool. They forced G2 Zven and Trick, who were inches away from taking Splyce’s Nexus, to desperately rush back.

At this point, it was too late for G2 to survive again. 1-0 for Splyce

After this thriller of the first match, G2 equalized in the second game, in a relatively calm and controlled manner.

Third game looked bad for G2 again. But, they managed to ace Splyce near the end and turn things around for the second win.

After a 2-0 from G2, Splyce didn’t falter. They overwhelmed G2 in the fourth game.

The decision was set for game 5. The thrilling, teeth grinding rollercoaster of a match lasted more than 52 minutes, overshadowing the excitement and spectacle of game 1.

Neither team was backing down until the very end. How could they anyway? G2 looked really vulnerable and Splyce certainly had a chance at winning.

However, G2 pulled out their championship-level gameplay in the last 10 minutes. They took the game under their control, killed the Baron one last time and nearly aced Splyce in the ensuing teamfight.

This was more than enough for a final push and a series sealing third win.

What a fight!

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