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EU LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Power Rankings - Esportsranks
EU LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Power Rankings

We’re 4 days away from first quarterfinals of the EU LCS knockout phase between Unicorns of Love and Misfits. The excitement is in the air as teams prepare to meet each other for one last time. Here’s Esportsranks detailed EU LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Power Rankings breakdown!

EU LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Power Rankings #1 – Fnatic



With the exception of their 2 surprising slip-ups against ROCCAT in Week 3 and a weird loss against Ninjas in Pyjamas last week, “Rekkless” Fnatic has been nothing but dominating throughout summer.

During the course of the regular season, they won 23 games, dropping only 6 in the process.

9 out of their 11 series wins have been sweeps.

They are first when it comes to win-rate – 79.3%!

They lead in first blood as well – they grabbed the first kill in 72.4% of their games!

Average gold differential at 10 minutes is astonishing – 532.8 gold. Compared to second best G2 Esports, who sport a mere 260.7 differential, Fnatic’s number looks unreal! They average 2 times more gold in every game after just 10 minutes!

Fnatic also has the highest K/D ratio at 1.87, and second highest total amount of kills – 462, just 9 less than Splyce.

Now, Fnatic’s strongest suit – polished, teamfight-oriented playstyle – is also their main weakness. ROCCAT masterfully exploited this flaw in both of their series.

Fnatic focus on killing and chasing enemies so much that they just can’t seem to finish their games quickly enough.

Consequently, they sport the highest average game time of all teams. Their games lasted more than 37 minutes on average.

While that’s only a bit more than 4 minutes longer compared to H2K’s 33 minutes per game, if accumulated through a total of 29 games they played out so far, that amounts to roughly 130 minutes of extra playtime.

Divide 130 by 37 and you get around 3.5. That’s more than 3 games of extra playtime that Fnatic has basically had to play. That’s a lot. It speaks volumes about their one-sided approach.

Fnatic’s strategy obviously works against EU teams this summer. However, I’m afraid that they will have to radically change their approach if they qualify for 2017 World Championship. If ROCCAT can defeat them twice, imagine what TSM or SKT T1 would do?

Nevertheless Fnatic are the biggest favourites for championsip this season.

EU LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Power Rankings Broxah

Flick @lolesports

EU LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Power Rankings #2 – G2 Esports


TOP: Expect

G2 had an awful start at the beginning of the split. The epilogue was their horrendous showing at Rift Rivals. Since then, the Spring Split champions have been steadily improving and growing into a proper form. Most of their wins came in the second half of the summer split.

Yet, in their most recent regular season clash with Fnatic, they came up short for the second time. What’s even worse, they lost against ROCCAT as well, going 0-2 in the end.

Sure, BO5 Playoffs are a different beast compared to BO3 in the regular season. But, there’s a legitimate concern whether they are even capable of beating Fnatic at the moment.

They should be able to parry and defeat the rest of the playoff contestants though. Their first opponents are Splyce, who just recently fired their Head Coach and looked unconvincing against Unicorns in Week 9.

Now, one thing that may play a role in the playoffs is G2’s objective game.

In 69.7% of their games, G2 got the first tower kill, more than any other team. Also, they are slightly above Fnatic in Creeps-per-minute too – ~33

They are consistently in the top 3 teams when it comes to first Dragon kills (63.6%), first Baron Nashor kills (60.6%), overall Dragon control (64.5%) and Baron control (58.8%), tower kills per game (7), dragon kill per game (2.2), Baron kills per game (0.9), gold differential (260.7).

Unfortunately, Fnatic has them slightly beat in most of the categories listed. On the other hand, the stats are somewhat skewed when you take their atrocious form at the start of the summer split.

One has to wonder – can G2 defend their championship title this year?

EU LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Power Rankings #3 – Unicorns of Love


TOP: Vizicsacsi

Despite losing to Vitality last week, and therefore missing the direct semifinals seeding, Unicorns of Love deserve to be placed above H2K Gaming solely due to their head-to-head score.

Now, Unicorns have remained notoriously inconsistent throughout the split. They have the highest number of games played of all teams – 35.

This affects their winrate, which is mediocre 60.6% compared to H2K’s 72.4%. They finish games rather quickly at 33:14 minutes on average.

They kill a lot – 456 kills total. However, they die even more – 472 total deaths. This puts them even below Misfits and Splyce in terms of K/D.

Obviously, to manage so many kills, Unicorns deal a lot of damage – more than 2k damage per minute on average.

EU LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Power Rankings Championship Points

Twitter @lolesports

However, their first blood ratio is atrocious 31.4%. This puts them just slightly above Splyce who have exactly 31%.

Probably the worst of all stats is their gold differential. On average, Unicorns are in a heavy deficit after 10 minutes, with 332.6 less gold than their opponents.

Now, stats tell only half the story about Unicorns. The other half is the one that matters.

Whenever it matters, Unicorns bring their A game. Now, their A game surely wasn’t enough in Rift Rivals finals against TSM, but Unicorns were the best EU team then and there.

EU LCS Playoffs matter, obviously. Unicorns are well aware of that. Really, the only “dangerous” series are the quarterfinals. They’ll face Misfits, who are a very solid team this summer, but Unicorns are clearly so much better than them.

The danger of Unicorns underestimating the weaker opponent in Misfits is very real. It’s sort of their habit – they lose the series they shouldn’t and easily win the ones that are seemingly 50-50 scenarios.

However, the added weight of the knockout phase with no “second chances” will most likely push Unicorns over the edge. Just enough to stampede straight towards the finals!

EU LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Power Rankings #4 – H2K Gaming


TOP: Odoamne

Perennial top 4 contenders, H2K Gaming can’t seem to break their mould. They steadily and easily beat lesser competition, but when faced against the top of the EU LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Power Rankings, they falter more often than not.

The same scenario happened last week. They swept Mysterious Monkeys easily, as expected. Then, on final day, in the last series of the regular season, they came up short against Unicorns of Love, their long-time archrivals.

Stat-wise, H2K could easily rank higher in our EU LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Power Rankings.

H2K are second in terms of win rate, with 72.4% victories. Their games are the shortest in the league, lasting only 33 minutes on average. This is a true a testament of their ability to close and finish the games quickly.

They are true to their name, Hard 2 Kill, with the second least number of deaths, 272, only trumped by Fnatic’s 247.

They belong in the top 3 in terms of first blood (65.5%), first tower kill (58.6%), first Baron kill (62.1%), dragon control (61%), Baron control (66.7% – #1), towers per game (7.4) etc…

None of that mattered against UOL and Fnatic this split. Losing decisively against the two championship favourites, H2K really doesn’t show potential to pull off an upset against either of the two top teams.

EU LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Power Rankings #5 – Splyce

EU LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Power Rankings Splyce

Flick @lolesports


TOP: Wunder

Splyce are certainly reasonably below the top 4 in our EU LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Power Rankings, but clearly above Misfits as well.

They played well enough during the split, accumulating a decent score of 8 wins and 5 losses.

However, they clearly struggled against H2K and UOL in Group B, despite hovering in the tie-zone for a few weeks.

In the cross-group phase of the regular season, they got defeated by G2 Esports and Fnatic as well.

One thing Splyce does exceptionally well is killing. They have the highest number of kills of all teams in the regular season – 471!

This huge stat is offset by a significant amount of deaths though -360. Therefore, the final K/D of 1.31 puts them below H2K (1.54) and Fnatic (1.87).

They are also the second best in dealing damage with 2051 damage per minute, just below Fnatic’s 2115.2.

In every other category though, Splyce is middle-of-the-pack team. Against G2 in the quarterfinals, they’ll need a small miracle to pull through.

EU LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Power Rankings #6 – Misfits


TOP: Alphari

Misfits midlaner PowerOfEvil has recently explained his view on the EU LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Power Rankings.

While I would certainly agree that Fnatic and G2 are S tier, putting the rest of the 4 teams, including Misfits, into the same categry would be unfair to the favourites.

Misfits have certainly played well this summer, with Maxlore proving to be a worthy substitute for KaKAO.

They play like a team, with exceptional kill participation (2.67, highest of all teams), warding (4.18 wards per minute, more than anybody else) and objectives (5.8 towers and 1.8 dragons per game).

However, they lack the true, raw power of teams such as Fnatic and G2 Esports. They’re simply not on their level, not yet at least.

Last, but not least, they’re facing Unicorns of Love in the quarterfinals. Talk about having very little chance at anything…

EU LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Power Rankings

Twitter @lolesports

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