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WESG - Esportsranks gets a Full Spread of Predictions Right - Esportsranks
WESG – Esportsranks gets a Full Spread of Predictions Right

If you’ve been following our predictions for the WESG, you’ll notice that we made a string of predictions in our last article, for Day 2, and every one of those predictions was right. It was a great day for an Esportsranks bettor, with a string of sure wins, and today we’ll be going one better, with new predictions for the Playoffs of the North American qualifiers of the WESG.

Cloud9 are currently the dominating team, with no losses, followed by SK Gaming, with one loss. French Canadians are at number three, with three wins, with Swole Patrol at number four. Mythic and subtLe are trailing in fifth and sixth place respectively.

The top five teams have qualified for the main event

As you all know, the top five teams will qualify for the Main Event, which means that all four teams participating in the Semifinals today have already booked their spot there. But the winner of the North American qualifiers will also win twenty thousand dollars in prize money, and every little bit added to what you have counts in the long run. Oddly enough, subtLe, who have not won a single match, have now qualified for the fifth spot at the main event. There was supposed to be a Relegation Match between Mythic and subtLe, that would decide which team would be the fifth qualifier, but Mythic forfeited the match for undisclosed reasons, and subtLe are now in the Main Event.


Esportsranks bettors have made a lot of money on the WESG, with extremely predictable matches and lots of sure wins. This trend continues today, so bet high and rake in the winnings.

Sure Wins for the WESG – Cloud9 Vs Swole Patrol

Cloud9 are incomparably above Swole Patrol in terms of skill, strategic planning and tactical capability. Swole Patrol are in this match because they won two matches against subtLe and Mythic respectively. That’s hardly a recommendation of excellence. Even French Canadians defeated them with a difference of fourteen rounds. They fought against Cloud9 on the first day of this event, and could take just three rounds from the dominating team there. Swole have reached the end of the line, whether they realize it or not. Yes, they’ve qualified for the main event, but they’re unlikely to survive the group matches there. This match is one of Cloud9’s sure wins at low odds, but a high stake could counter that to up the winnings. Go for it, because this match is the pick of the day.

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A potential Sure Win – SK Gaming Vs French Canadians

French Canadians may not have been able to defeat Cloud9 and SK Gaming in the earlier matches of this event, but they really held their position against other teams. It’s also important to remember that though they lost against the two dominating teams earlier, they still put on a good show. Ordinarily, one would say that they had no chance against SK Gaming, but remember that SK have a tendency to simply drop matches once they qualify for the main event. If you go by the stats, SK Gaming emerge a clear winner here. If you’d like to check out our earlier spread of predictions for the WESG, you can find it here.

It might also interest SK Gaming fans to know that SK Gaming finally have their cup from EPICENTER. You’ll all remember how their cup was impounded at the airport when they tried to leave Russia with it after the event. Well, it seems the Russians finally decided they had to let the cup go. Which of you can spot it in the picture below?

SK Gaming Trophies

Image Credit: SK Gaming

These are the most carefully formulated match predictions, by analysts who thoroughly study team histories and playing styles. Stay tuned for more match-by-match analyses and predictions for this event. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest on your favourite Esports titles.