Esports Championship Series – Savage Development Matches!

This is the last week of development matches for the Esports Championship Series, and teams that qualify will push through into the Promotion matches.

Let’s see what happened in the opening matches of week four.

Esports Championship Series – European Teams

Team LDLC vs Team Kinguin (2-0)

Cache and Nuke were the maps chosen for the two matches between Team LDLC and Team Kinguin. The first battle was in Cache, where Team Kinguin started out as Counter Terrorists. Team Kinguin won the first half 11:4. They needed just 5 rounds in the second half to win the match.

But Team LDLC hit back hard in the second half, and managed to win 11 out of 14 rounds, ending the first match in a tie.

The match went into overtime, where Team LDLC started out as Counter Terrorists and won the first half 2:1. In the second half, now playing as Terrorists, Team LDLC won 2:1 once again, thus winning the match.

The second battle was in Nuke

Team Kinguin started out as Counter Terrorists to win the first half 8:7. Kinguin now needed 8 rounds to win the match in the second half, while Team LDLC needed 9.

Team LDLC once again fought the match to a win, but unfortunately they still don’t qualify for the Promotion matches.

Esports Championship Series

Image Credit: ECS

Esports Championship Series – North American Teams

Misfits vs Rise Nation (2-0)

Misfits and Rise Nation fought against each in BO2 matches, on the battlegrounds of Overpass and Mirage. The first battle was in Overpass, where Misfits started out as Terrorists, and won the first half 10:5. They showed some very good play, and only needed to win 6 more rounds to win the match.

Rise Nation fought well in the beginning of the second half, but it didn’t last. Ultimately, both teams won 6 rounds in the second half, and Misfits won the match 16:11.

The second match was in Mirage

Rise Nation put up a desperate fight. Misfits still won the first half, but by just a single round. The first half ended 8:7. The second half began with Misfits as Counter Terrorists. Misfits drove Rise Nation into the dust in the second round, crushing them by a dominating 8:1. They won the second match 16:8.

Misfits still have a few more matches to play this week.

If they manage to win all of those, they’re sure to qualify for the Promotion matches in this season of the Esports Championship Series.

Tempo Storm vs Splyce (1-1)

The next set of battles for the day were between Tempo Storm and Splyce. They fought each other in Train and Cobblestone. The first match was in Train, where Tempo Storm played Terrorists. Splyce won the first half 9:6. In the second half Tempo Storm started out with some incredible plays, but Splyce somehow still managed to win enough rounds to take the match, winning 16:13.

The next battle was in Cobblestone

Tempo Storm completely dominated the first half 11:4, playing as Terrorists. Splyce then showed almost perfect form in the second half, not only covering their losses, but winning the second half 11:4. The match was thus drawn 15:15, and went into overtime.

Tempo Storm completely dominated overtime, winning the second match for themselves. The set between these two teams ended 1-1. Tempo Storm is already qualified for the Promotion matches.

We think that compLexity Gaming or Misfits are likely to be the next teams to qualify.

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