Esports Championship Series Season 3 Tournament Preview

The Esports Championship Series Season 3 Tournament is about to start in SSE Arena Wembley, London. The tournament is a combination of competitive regional tournaments held in Europe and North America where the top teams are participants.

Ultimately, only the top 4 in each region got to advance to this point. Cloud9, SK Gaming, OpTic Gaming and Team Liquid represent North America. FaZe Clan, Astralis, G2 Esports and Fnatic represent Europe.

The games will be from June 23 to June 25 with a whopping prize pool of $660,000. The champion will get $250,000 of the prize pool and the trophy. Group stages will be played in the standard GSL Bo1 format while the tiebreakers will have the GSL Bo3 series format.

The top 4 teams will enter the playoffs which are a Bo3 all the way to the finals. This will be quite similar to most recent tournament DreamHack Summer 2017. SK Gaming and G2 Esports will be favourites to win the tournament, but it will be extremely close. The gap separating these teams in skill is merely fractional and will be sure to bring exciting match-ups all throughout the tournament.

Esports Championship Series Season 3 Tournament

Credit: Jesse Arroyo

Esports Championship Series Season 3 Tournament Preview

The Top 4 Teams – SK Gaming, G2 Esports, Fnatic and Astralis

The group stages will be competitive right off the bat. It will be a tight one especially with Group A having teams like FaZe Clan, SK Gaming and G2 Esports with a serious underdog in OpTic Gaming.

It would be tough for FaZe Clan as they haven’t been playing much games recently, especially in the month of June. On the bright side, they will be facing OpTic Gaming at the start and this would definitely be an opportunity for OpTic Gaming to start strong. It will be a tight group but G2 Esports and SK Gaming would be likely ones advancing. SK Gaming just won the ESL Pro League and DreamHack Summer and are on a tear.

Group B will also be quite competitive as Cloud9 and Team Liquid are no push over teams. Team Liquid has recently performed well and fared well against European teams. Cloud9 is still a volatile bunch, having the potential of beating any team if everything clicks.

They have great individual players and have been together for a long time. However, the European region is clearly more stacked. The format made sure that the Esports Championship series season 3 tournament will be made up of only the best.

Astralis and fnatic will have the advantage in skill. It would be tough to pick another team over them into advancing to the next stage. Team Liquid will surely be a threat to them.