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Esports Championship Series - Sure Bets on American Teams - Esportsranks
Esports Championship Series – Sure Bets on American Teams

We recently gave you some sure bets for this week for the European Teams in the Esports Championship Series. While you profit from those, here’s another chance to further increase your winnings!

Here are this week’s opportunities to Win Big on the North American Teams…

OpTic Gaming vs Ghost Gaming – A Sure Bet

7th November, 2017 – Match 1 (20:00 EST) and Match 2 (21:00 EST)

ECS Season 6

Image Credit: ECS

Since “Dallas” left the crew, Ghost Gaming’s coach “bee-1os-” has stepped in for the team – this happened just two days ago. Yes the change is very recent. Ghost Gaming’s coach not only plays for the team, but will also lead them.

This will be the first encounter between Ghost Gaming and OpTic Gaming after this roster change.

Let see if Ghost Gaming have ever defeated OpTic Gaming in their entire career.

And the answer is no.

Ghost Gaming were never able beat OpTic Gaming.

They have played 4 matches against each other.

OpTic Gaming ELEAGUE

Image Credit: ELEAGUE

Their first encounter was in ECS Season 3, and the matches were Bo1.

OpTic Gaming defeated Ghost Gaming in both the matches – match 1 (16:3) and match 2 (16:14) and both times Train was chosen as battleground.

This is rather a rarity, where in two Bo1 matches both teams pick same maps. Their next encounter was in ESL Pro League Season 6, and again OpTic Gaming defeated Ghost Gaming in both the matches. This time match 1 was Cache (16:5) and match 2 was Inferno (16:10).

Overall stats

OpTic Gaming have played 63 matches with their current roster and won 39 of them. This gives them a 62% win-rate per match and 54% per round. They have a 9% chance for either a draw or of a match entering overtime.

Ghost Gaming have played 108 matches in their entire career and were only able to 41 of them. Their win-rate is just 38% per match and 46% per round. They have a 6% chance of a match going in to overtime.

Esports Championship Series Season 4 stats

With 4 wins and 4 losses OpTic Gaming has a 50% win-rate per match and per round. Two of the matches went into overtime, giving them a 25% chance of entering overtime.

After playing 12 matches and winning only 3, Ghost Gaming’s win-rate is just 25% per match and 43% per round. None of the matches went into overtime.

OpTic Gaming ESL Pro League

Image Credit: ESL

Map win-rates

Nuke – OpTic Gaming have a 69% win-rate here, against the 31% win-rate of Ghost Gaming.

Train – With a 61% win-rate OpTic Gaming again have the upper hand in this match, against Ghost Gaming’s 39% win-rate.

Overpass – It looks like Ghost Gaming does not stand a good chance in Overpass with a mere 27% win-rate, as compared to the 73% win-rate of OpTic Gaming.

Inferno – In Inferno, OpTic Gaming leads with a 68% win-rate, against the 32% win-rate of Ghost Gaming.

Cache – Cache is another map that favors OpTic Gaming, with a 66% win-rate. Ghost Gaming, on the other hand, have a 34% win-rate.

Mirage – In Mirage OpTic Gaming lead Ghost Gaming with same stats. Mirage is OpTic Gaming’s worst map and Ghost Gaming’s best map, but even in their worst map they are still much better than Ghost Gaming.

Betting Pick of the Day

This is the Pick of the Day – Bet on this match, even if you don’t bet on any others.

After comparing the two teams’ stats comprehensively, OpTic Gaming really does overwhelm Ghost Gaming at every point.

Bet on OpTic Gaming in both the matches – they are NOT going to lose!

The odds are 1/2 on OpTic Gaming!

Bet Now!

Team Liquid vs NRG Esports

8th November, 2017 – Match 1 (18:00 EST) and Match 2 (19:00 EST)

ECS Season 3

Image Credit: ECS

NRG Esports changed their roster in October. They have a coach now – “daps” stepped down from active play, and now is the current coach of their team. In his place, NRG Esports have hired “RIKO”, on trial, of course. “CeRq”, who joined the team as a trial player became an official part of the team on the 9th of October.

These teams have already faced each other after the roster change in America’s Minor – ELEAGUE Major 2018. They fought in a single Bo1 match, in Inferno, and Team Liquid won it. However, you can’t rely upon a single win, so let’s look at some of the stats of these two teams.

Winner of ESG Tour Mykonos 2017 Team Liquid playing

Image Credit: ESG

Esports Championship Series Season 4 stats

Team Liquid is currently in the top 4, with 8 wins and 4 losses. They have a 63% win-rate for matches and a 53% win-rate for rounds. They have a 9% chance for a match to go into overtime.

After playing 14 matches, NRG Esports were only able to win 6 of them, this reduces their win-rate to the rather below-average of 46% per match, with a 50% chance to win a round. Two of their matches went into overtime, giving them a 15% chances at a draw.

Overall stats with their current roster

Team Liquid – They have played 107 matches with the same team, with a win-rate of 61%. They have a 53% chance of winning a round. They have a 16% chances at a draw or of entering overtime.

NRG Esports – NRG Esports have already played 24 matches with their new roster, but have just 11 wins. This makes their win-rate 46%, but they still have a 50% chance of winning a round. Their chances of entering overtime are 25%, which are really quite high.


There is no doubt that Team Liquid is better than NRG Esports. But NRG Esports have defeated both Luminosity Gaming and Cloud9 in the past, and they are not a team to be underestimated. There is a good chance both teams will win at least one match. We suggest betting on Team Liquid, they have more chance of winning a match and if they play their regular game they could even win both the matches.

NRG Esports plays very well in Nuke and Mirage and Team Liquid is weak in them. On the other hand Team Liquid is good in Inferno and Cobblestone which are worst maps for NRG Esports.

Bettors’ Note –

Maps picks and bans will be a big deciding factor with this pair, so be especially careful to note which match is chosen, especially for live betting.

Bet carefully, this is not a reliable combination.

We actually recommend that you put any money that you would have on this match on the PREVIOUS one instead, which is a much more sure bet.

The odds are 3/5 on Team Liquid!

Bet Now!

Renegades vs Ghost Gaming

9th November, 2017 – Match 1(18:00 EST) and Match 2 (19:00 EST)

ECS Season 3

Image Credit: ECS

These two teams first fought in the Esports Championship Series Season 3. Renegades defeated Ghost Gaming effortlessly in Mirage. But they underestimated Ghost Gaming in the next match. Match 2 was in Train, and Ghost Gaming won the match 16:12. Yes the match was close, but Ghost Gaming have defeated teams like SK Gaming and Team Liquid, and it’s a mistake to underestimate them.

Months later the teams met again – with some changes to their rosters – in the ESL Pro League Season 6. The first match was in Train, and it was very close fought, but Renegades defeated Ghost Gaming 16:14. In match 2 – Cobblestone, Ghost Gaming then fought back hard. Renegades did win, but the scores were – Renegades 16 and Ghost Gaming 14.

Ghost Gaming have proved many times they can match Renegades, even if their roster has been considerably altered.


Image Credit: ESL

Esports Championship Series Season 4 stats

Currently, Renegades are at the bottom of the leader board. Not because they are playing badly, but because they have played only 4 matches as yet. Out of those, they were not able to participate in one match against Team Liquid, due to their matches in DreamHack Denver. Out of the remaining three matches, they won 1. That one victory, however, was no minor one – it was against SK Gaming in match 2 – Cache (16:14). Their current win-rate in the league is 33% per match and 48% per round. None of their matches have gone into overtime and their matches against OpTic Gaming were postponed. ECS have not yet announced the dates for any postponed matches.

How well are Renegades doing against Ghost Gaming?

Renegades have a 57% chance of winning a match and a 53% chance of winning a round against Ghost Gaming.

Overall maps stats

Ghost Gaming’s best maps are Mirage, with a 47% win-rate; Train, with a 45% win-rate, and Cobblestone, with a 41% win-rate.

Let’s see the map stats for Renegades in the same maps. In Mirage they have a 53% win-rate, 54% in Train and 60% in Cobblestone. Renegades’ best maps are Nuke, with a 78% win-rate, Inferno, with a 68% win-rate, and Cache, with 62% win-rate.

Ghost Gaming does not stand a chance against Renegades in Renegades’ best maps. They have a 33% win-rate in Nuke, 30% in Inferno and 25% in Cache.


Renegades does have a good chance against Ghost Gaming and this make this pair the second-best bet of the week in the North America section of the ECS. Renegades have a good chance of winning both the matches and a sure chance to win one match. If Renegades pick a map they are good at (see above), they will win for sure.

The odds are 2/4 on Renegades!

Bet Now!

These are the most carefully formulated betting and match predictions, by analysts who thoroughly study team histories and playing styles.

Stay tuned for more match-by-match betting analyses for this event.

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