Esports Championship Series – The Elimination Matches

The initial matches in the ECS Finals are complete, with a serious upset as Astralis hit back hard at last, to demolish Cloud9 and enter the Semifinals. The best of three elimination matches are today, and Luminosity Gaming will be facing mousesports, while Cloud9 will go up against Team Liquid.

Elimination Matches – Luminosity Gaming Vs mousesports

These teams have never fought each other in LAN matches with their current rosters. Luminosity Gaming have played eighteen LAN matches and won just six of them. Their current win rate is just thirty three percent per match. Mousesports have played forty three LAN matches, winning twenty five. They have a win rate of fifty eight percent per match. This clearly gives mousesports a sixty four percent chance of a win against Luminosity Gaming.

The maps that each team dominates

Luminosity Gaming dominate mousesports in Inferno and have a seventy three percent chance of winning against them. In Cache, once again. Luminosity Gaming are better than mousesports, with a sixty percent chance of a win. Those are the only two maps where Luminosity Gaming are better than mousesports. Mousesports dominate Luminosity Gaming in Train, with a seventy eight percent chance of a win.

Mousesports have a forty three percent win rate in Mirage, as against Luminosity Gaming, whose present roster has never won a match in that map. Similarly, in Cobblestone, mousesports have a sixty percent win rate, and Luminosity Gaming, once again, has never won a match in this map either. Other than these five maps, Luminosity Gaming’s current roster has never played any other map in LAN events, and this includes Nuke and Overpass, which are currently mousesports’ best maps, with and eight five percent and seventy five percent win rate respectively.

Mousesports have the upper hand here

There is no doubt that mousesports are the better team, and this match is likely a sure win for their team. But mousesports’ performances are inconsistent. Of course Luminosity Gaming are hardly consistent themselves, which makes this pair a very unpredictable one. Mousesports nevertheless do have a very good chance to win this, since it is going to be a best of three match, and Luminosity Gaming do not have a good map pool. The odds are running at 1.36 on mousesports

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Elimination Matches – Cloud9 Vs Team Liquid

Cloud9 are doing much better as of the moment as compared to Team Liquid, and is likely to do better in the elimination rounds. Team Liquid’s performances are always unstable. These teams will be facing each other for the first time since steel joined Team Liquid. Cloud9’s current win rate for LAN matches is fifty nine percent, with twenty nine wins out of forty nine matches played. Team Liquid’s new roster has put out dismal performances, and have only won two matches out of six played in LAN. They have a win rate of just thirty three percent per match. This gives Cloud9 a sixty four percent chance to defeat Team Liquid.

The maps that each team dominates

Team Liquid have only played in three maps with steel on their roster, and have done badly so far. Does steel rust in Liquid, or has the team just not got their team-play right yet? Liquid’s best map is Cache and they have a mere forty three percent chance to win against Cloud9 in it. In Mirage, Liquid have an even more dismal thirty percent chance of a win against Cloud9. Cloud9, in short, have dominating stats in all the maps, having won fifty percent of their matches in Inferno, while the new Liquid roster has won none. Mirage and Cache are Cloud9’s best maps, followed by Train.

Cloud9 have a good chance to win this best of three

This will be the first best of three match that Team Liquid plays after they added steel to the Liquid roster. This gives Cloud9 an advantage over them. There is some slight chance that Team Liquid might decide to upset these predictions, but the path to a victory is reasonably clear for Cloud9 for now, and the odds are running at 1.62 on Cloud9.

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