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An Advanced Esports Betting Guide - Maximise your Profits Today - Esportsranks
An Advanced Esports Betting Guide – Maximise your Profits Today

This esports betting guide is bound to come in handy for any dedicated betting man. That’s because esports betting has really hit the big time. Though it took a few years to get off the ground, esports betting is now a solid part of the esports community experience, and it has grown massively over the last two years or so. Now, that growth seems to be accelerating, so that experts believe that global markets involving esports betting will be maxing out at a minimum of thirty billion dollars in the next two years.

That figure is very impressive, when you consider the fact that esports are still a very rapidly growing industry, and that a good portion of the sports betting fraternity are not too familiar with them. Remember that esports themselves, while they have a massive fan base, are still not quite as big as sports such as tennis, football, or even cricket. At the moment, the esports betting community draws heavily from the gaming community, but as awareness about esports expands, and virtually every major esports event boasts a prize pool that exceeds a million dollars, awareness is bound to continue to grow.

An esports betting guide – how to start betting on esports

That’s what this guide is all about. We’ve had experts on esports betting compile an article full of advice that will help you get started with esports betting today. The first part of the article will give you an in-depth knowledge of esports themselves, while the second part will focus upon how to bet effectively on esports. Not only we will introduce beginners to esports, but we will also introduce you to advanced betting strategies that can make sure you turn a profit on your betting.

So let’s go ahead and explore this intriguing betting industry, in a way that will be not only interesting but profitable.

What are esports?

No  esports betting guide for the beginner would be complete without an introduction to how esports work. Esports are actually digital sports, and have been based upon games. In other words, esports are the natural descendants of video game competitions, in which the best pro gamers in the world go up against each other for what are becoming massive prize pools. Of course, people have been competing in games for years, but never before on a global scale, and never before for such sums of money.

It’s no wonder that esports have gone professional, as some statistics show that over a billion gamers worldwide are actively engaged in playing one type of game or another. That gives you some idea of just how popular gaming has become. While a great many of those people are playing solo, a significant percentage are playing against each other in PvP competitions. Of course, even those who are playing PvP are mostly playing casually, and for fun. However, the best of these tend to enter online tournaments at the local level, and the winners of those are usually taken on by pro teams of increasing sophistication.

How pro esports players move up through the ranks

How this works is that the lowest level of pro team will usually pick up a casual player who’s playing exceptionally well at a local competition, and that pro team will go on to play against other pro teams in higher levels of competition. The pro gamer who is brilliant at his chosen game can rise massively in the ranks, until he is a member of one of the top pro teams that dominate his chosen esport globally. Most of the top competitions and tournaments today spell big money, and take place in immense arenas or stadiums.

Not only do these competitions attract massive audiences who go there to watch pro teams compete live, but they also have extended audiences that watch the streams of the competitions, on services such as Twitch and YouTube. TV channels such as ESPN have also started featuring esports majors live.

Esports betting guide esports fans

Image Credit: ESL

The first steps to successful esports betting

It goes without saying that you can’t get into esports betting until you gain at least a basic knowledge of the esport that you are betting upon. You cannot make successful decisions in esports betting unless you have at least this basic understanding. This doesn’t mean to say that you have to be a top analyst or professional expert, but you need to understand the strategies that different pro teams are using, and just how successful – or not – individual players are. While an esports betting guide can help you with general strategies, you’ll have to develop a knowledge of various teams in your chosen esport.

Some of the top esports played today are DOTA 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty, Battlefield, FIFA, League of Legends, StarCraft 2, PUBG, World of Tanks, and more. There are a good deal more competitive esports around but those are some of the most commonly played ones. It’s best to stick to the most popular esports, as these have the most options available on esports betting sites. Don’t try to specialize in every one of the top games on the planet.

Focus on one or two esports for the best results

When going into competitive esports, and especially when starting to bet on them, focus on one or two esports that you like best. We’d actually advise you to try playing some of the games involved, though this is not absolutely necessary. However, any esports betting guide will tell you that if you play one or more esports, and like to do so, this is a definite advantage, and allows you to better understand what is going on, on the screen. It will also allow you to better analyze what chances one pro team has of defeating another.

Another important thing that you should learn about is the formats of different events in your chosen esport. When you start out in esports betting, you will do well to bet on the biggest tournaments, such as the ELEAGUE, the DOTA2 Championships, Intel Extreme Masters, the World Electronics Sports Games, the League of Legends World Championships, the Call of Duty Championships, and so on. Once you’ve chosen both your esports and the tournaments you want to focus upon, you need to take a look at the top pro teams. Look at their track records for their past month or so, or at least, their track record with their current roster.

There is no point in analyzing stats that belong to a previous roster of a team

Stick with the current roster when making your analysis. Look at all the teams taking part in a tournament and see how they have been playing with their current roster in recent events, and how their effectiveness stacks up with each other. As the event goes into the opening rounds, watch each of the teams you have selected as potential candidates for your bets, to see if there’s any reason their game is off.

This sometimes happens with a pro team

One player may have a slight injury, or be slightly ill. If there’s anything of the sort wrong with the teams you are observing, it will become evident in the opening rounds of the event. Once you identify a match where you are certain that one team is about to win, you can place money on that match. Do note that sure wins tends to give much lower returns than an upset. We will go into this in more detail later, telling you how to choose value picks. However, when you are starting out, bet on the team that your analysis says is going to win.

Esports betting guide – The various types of betting

Now, while there are lots of different kinds of betting, such as challenge betting, where gamers challenge each other to a duel and decide upon what the loser will pay the winner; fantasy betting, which is based upon fantasy sports; social betting, which is casual and informal betting, these are not really serious betting, and would not interest the dedicated esports betting man.

Skin betting

Skin betting is something that has drawn a lot of attention in recent years, largely because of various scandals associated with it. While it is extremely popular among gamers, it is also the most risky form of betting, as one can sometimes have problems with the transfer of skins. However, there are dedicated websites that deal in skins betting, where people can deposit various skins, and have them converted into the website’s currency so that they can bet for money winnings.

As a matter of fact, some websites allow you to deposit skins, and use the virtual cash generated by them to even play in a casino. However, even this is unlikely to satisfy the dedicated betting man, who will generally only be associated with betting real money. This is also the closest that esports betting comes to other forms of betting, and indeed there are many overlaps.

Betting real money on esports

Obviously, no esports betting guide would be complete without a summary of money betting. The way it works is simple. You simply place a wager upon the team of your choice at the odds offered by a website, and you get paid at those odds if your team wins. Different sites offer all sorts of interesting betting options, including the number of kills a player takes, or the outcome of an individual match. These options, of course, vary from esport to esport. These options are called markets in the esports betting industry.

Esports betting guide to various esports

Strategies for dominating in esports betting

We’ve covered the basics of betting on esports, but if you really want to make money on esports betting, you are going to have to bring an element of strategy into the equation. Firstly, if you are already a betting man, do remember that esports betting with real money is actually pretty much the same as betting on regular sports. If you are used to betting on regular sports, you should have no problems at all bringing those principles into play in esports betting.

Value picks are the soul of good betting strategy

Nevertheless, it is important for you to understand that you must ultimately place your money on matches where you are getting real value in your payouts. Real value in your payouts tends to mean that you must pick matches where the winner is NOT quite as obvious as in a match where a heavy pro team goes up against a team that is absolutely new to the esports scene. These overbalanced matches tend to give very minor odds that are often not worth placing money on.

What you really need to see is a team that is getting very good odds that should range between 1.50 to at least 2.00. When you come upon a match like this, and are relatively certain that your analysis shows that the team getting heavy odds will win, then that’s the match to put your money on. Such picks are called value picks, and they are what the esports betting man uses to maximize his profits.

Esports betting guide – choosing esports betting sites

While there are great many sites dedicated to esports betting, it goes without saying that many of them aren’t reliable. Any esports betting guide will tell you that you have to be very careful about the terms and conditions offered by an esports betting site, as you may have problems getting paid if you do not do so. That said, there are esports site that are very professional and very reliable in their payouts.

Betway and GGbet are really excellent and have very good track records. Betway has been around for at least ten years, and is one of the largest sites in esports betting today. GGbet is a site created by professionals and it really has esports fans in mind. 10bet is another good site, as are Thunderpick and Arcanebet. All these sites can be trusted and have excellent reputations. They also tend to offer very good bonuses that will allow you to multiply your money.

Ease of use in another option to consider, and most of these sites have very intuitive interfaces. Best of all, they offer reliable payouts and easy withdrawals. When you make your bets, remember to canvas different sites and choose the site that is offering the best odds on the match and team that you have chosen.

That’s all it takes to make a success of esports betting. You’ll need a little experience, and a little practice, but esports betting remains one of the most lucrative kinds of betting today, offering excellent predictability and considerable profits. Reading every esports betting guide you come across doesn’t hurt either.

 esports betting guide best websites

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