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The Semifinals of the ESL Pro League are Here - Esportsranks
The Semifinals of the ESL Pro League are Here

It’s come down to four teams out of twenty eight, and FaZe Clan, SK Gaming, Fnatic and Misfits are going into the Semifinals. This season was full of surprises, where we saw minor teams beating major ones in both online and offline matches. The pairings for the Semifinals are FaZe Clan Vs Fnatic and SK Gaming Vs Misfits, which makes it sure that at least one team in the Finals will be from Europe and one from North America.

FaZe Clan Vs Fnatic in the Semifinals

Of course, we’ve seen these teams in action against each other in the group matches, and they both performed equally well. The match went into overtime, and in overtime FaZe Clan were no match for Fnatic, and were not able to win a single round there. However, against other teams, FaZe Clan have been performing exceptionally well, defeating all comers without taking matches into overtime, and scoring more points than any other team on the board. On the other hand, Fnatic were drawn into another overtime by Team Liquid, who actually managed to push the match into a second overtime. Ultimately, however, Liquid were defeated in the second overtime against Fnatic. This shows that taking a match into overtime against Fnatic is not a good idea.

Fnatic have played a total of eight matches, and won six of them. They have played Inferno four times, with two wins and two losses, with Mirage being their best match. They play Cobblestone and Train reasonably well. Faze Clan, on the other hand, have played five matches with only one loss. Mirage is really their best match, with Train and Overpass coming a close second. Both teams seem to excel in same pool of maps, and this should make their battle extremely close fought and very interesting. It goes without saying that you are advised not to place a stake on this Semifinals pairing, especially as the next match is a sure win.

Misfits get the ‘luck of the draw’ in SK Gaming vs Misfits

Misfits will be facing their nemesis SK Gaming in the Semifinals. They were decimated by SK Gaming in the group matches. Misfits have played seven matches in the event and won five of them. Misfits best map is Overpass, with three wins and one loss, following by Cobblestone with two wins in two matches played. Cache is their weakest map at this event. SK Gaming, on the other hand, have performed very well, winning four matches out of five. Overpass and Cache are their best maps, and Mirage is their weakest one.

Both teams play well in Overpass, but SK Gaming have performed much better than Misfits, defeating opposing teams in this match with wider margins. Also, SK Gaming have a bigger map pool, and in a best of three, Misfits are at a disadvantage. There is no doubt that Misfits are playing in excellent form, but this has to be the end of the road for them.  SK Gaming have the best chance to qualify for the Finals. If you still doubt this, just check out their matches in this year’s EPICENTER and BLAST Pro Series. The odds are running at 0.33 on SK Gaming, so stake high to win big.

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