ESL Pro League Season 8 Semifinals: Odds, Analysis, Predictions

And just like that, the ESL Pro League Season 8 semifinals is about to kick off.

Anyone who listened to us yesterday certainly made bank with our predictions, as mousesports were able to outlast the surging Renegades while Team Liquid made short work of Natus Vincere. But then again, nobody could’ve expected the latter matchup to end as quickly as it did.

It seems that Team Liquid have figured out how to beat Natus Vincere, and that is to avoid Oleksandr ‘s1mple‘ Kostyliev. While that may be too simple of a breakdown of their strategy, it was clear that they tried their best to play around s1mple and not let him pull off his usual theatrics. This is understandable though. s1mple is the consensus best CS:GO player in the world right now. As proof of his brilliance, he walked away as the leading fragger of the series, and the top rated player of the tournament overall. This is despite his team winning only 10 combined rounds in their quarterfinal matchup against Team Liquid. 

Now, after having given Natus Vincere such a decisive loss, Team Liquid will face off against MIBR in the ESL Pro League Season 8 semifinals. Meanwhile, mousesports will try and see if they can keep up with Astralis, who are looking to win the trophy and the Intel Grand Slam award in front of their home crowd.

Having said that, let us not delay any further and get right on with our predictions.

ESL Pro League Season 8 Semifinals

mousesports vs Astralis

ESL Pro League Season 8 Semifinals

A win here could be the punctuation mark that Astralis need for their historic run to be validated and for everyone to consider them the best CS:GO team in the history of the game. (Astralis)

If mousesports hope to even steal one map away from Astralis, they’ll want to play either Cache or Mirage, where they can tilt the odds towards their favour if only ever so slightly, and ban out Nuke, where Astralis have literally been unbeatable over the course of 20 or so maps.

But, even if mousesports do indeed manage to steal a map off of Astralis, it’s hard seeing the Danes lose. Especially not this early on. We’ve seen many teams try to break Astralis before. Even recently, MIBR pushed Astralis to the absolute limit, often going a round or two away from winning only for Astralis to pull it back and tap into the proverbial next gear with their backs against the wall.

Unless we see a monumental choke job from Astralis, this series is theirs to lose.

Betting: Astralis to win at 1.21 odds via 10bet.

Team Liquid vs MIBR

ESL Pro League Season 8 Semifinals

MIBR are the closest we’ve seen to any team beating Astralis in the current form. (MIBR)

Judging by their recent string of tournament performances, Team Liquid seem keen on reasserting themselves as the biggest threat to Astralis’ throne. Unfortunately, that’s what MIBR are looking to do as well, and between these two teams, it’s MIBR — not Team Liquid — who we’ve seen push Astralis like no other team have in recent memory.

Controlled chaos is the name of the game for MIBR, and as prepared as Team Liquid might be heading into the ESL Pro League Season 8 semifinals, MIBR’s playstyle could ultimately be far too much for them to handle.

Betting: MIBR to win at 1.95 odds via 10bet.

Which of our predictions for the ESL Pro League Season 8 semifinals do you think will come true? Will we see Astralis and MIBR meet up in the Grand Finals once again? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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