Betting Tips for the ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals

Since the IEM Sydney finals, the competitive CS:GO circuit has had a long break with just a few online CSGO matches. The next stop for the circus this year is the ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals.  Sixteen teams and a prize pool of $750,000 is a good indicator that this will be an interesting tournament for the viewing audience. The tournament starts on May 15th in Dallas, Texas.

Out of 8 total matches in the two groups, we have chosen top 4 matches to bet on:

ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals Betting Tips

Group A:

Faze vs Cloud9

Rank: 2
Matches: 564
Won: 341 Draw: 1 Lost: 222
Win ratio: 61%
Opponent avg. rank: 27.03

Rank: 6
Matches: 900
Won: 571 Draw: 0 Lost: 329
Win ratio: 63%
Opponent avg. rank: 32.95

Both teams won 3 out of 5 last matches.

Head to head: Faze 13 Cloud9

Statistics do not matter in these kind of matches so we would skip that part. After losing to Faze in the playoffs of IEM Sydney, Cloud 9 is hungry for victory here. When it comes to these 2 teams you can never know what to expect. Faze, the all-star team, the fan and punter favourite here, even though Cloud9 seem to perform better on home ground. In recent LAN tournaments that were held in the USA, Cloud9 has always placed in the top 3. In addition, they won the ELEAGUE Major this year, which was also held stateside. Our final tip here is a medium bet on Cloud9 5/10. The odds are more than good, 2,7 at Arcanebet.

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Natus Vincere vs MVP PK

Natus Vincere
Rank: 4
Matches: 1120
Won: 646 Draw: 13 Lost: 461
Win ratio: 58%
Opponent avg. rank: 28.02

Rank: 23
Matches: 235
Won: 144 Draw: 0 Lost: 91
Win ratio: 61%
Opponent avg. rank: 104.38

Out of last 5 matches MVP won 2 and Na’Vi 3.

They have never played head to head.

When you look at the statistics, things are very clear in this match. Na’Vi is a way better team, with more matches behind them, more experience and this should not be a problem for them. MVP, a Korean team currently ranked as the 23rd team in the world, is a rising star. They have great potential, and this is their best ranking ever, but they have an uphill battle here. They have played against 5 tier 1 teams, Mouse, Hellraisers, SK, VP, G2 and they lost each series. Tier 1 Counter-Strike is just too far for them right now. Our final tip here is a high bet on Navi 9/10.

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Group B:

Liquid vs Greyhound(ex Immunity)

Rank: 9
Matches: 820
Won: 478 Draw: 1 Lost: 341
Win ratio: 58%
Opponent avg. rank: 34.43

Rank: 24
Matches: 224
Won: 156 Draw: 0 Lost: 68
Win ratio: 70%
Opponent avg. rank: 132.92

Out of last 5 matches, Liquid won 3 and Greyhounds 2.

They have never played head to head.

This match is similar to the one above.  The only difference is that Greyhound managed to win against a weakened SK’s new roster. That win was definitely the highlight of their year so far, but SK was nowhere near how they usually play. If they played again today, SK would probably wipe the floor with them. Liquid has had a little problem due to roster change but they are adjusting now. After acquiring TACO as a support player on B side they lost a few matches, but they are winning now and they are currently at 60% win/loss ratio with TACO in the team.

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NiP vs SK

Rank: 7
Matches: 859
Won: 503 Draw: 1 Lost: 355
Win ratio: 59%
Opponent avg. rank: 38.63

Rank: 8
Matches: 1301
Won: 847 Draw: 5 Lost: 449
Win ratio: 65%
Opponent avg. rank: 38.28

Out of 5 last matches, SK won 2 and NiP won 4.
Head to head SK 43 NiP.

We saved the best for the end, last but not least. From the statistics you can see that these two tier 1 teams are ranked one above other. They have a similar win ratio playstyle. This would definitely be the most interesting match in the first round of fixtures for this tournament. REZ and f0rest have been doing great lately, and NIP are just unstoppable. They won against Mouse, Astralis and Faze. From what we see SK is just next in line. The star player, GeT_RiGhT, is not doing so great lately, and he is on the bottom of the scoreboard, but this team can always rely on him in tough situations and he is able to do 1 v 3 or 1 v 4 clutches in the most crazy circumstances. Our tip here is a medium bet 7/10 on NIP. Odds are good too,  2,10 @ Arcanebet

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Look out for more ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals tips as the tournament progresses.