ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals – Semifinals Preview

ESL Pro League Season 5 is now down to 4 teams. G2 Esports and North will taste their first action since the group stages. These teams have already secured $60,000 with the 3rd-4th place, and will be striving to get that $225,000 first place win. SK Gaming looked ready to go with a swift beating of mousesports in the quarterfinals. Team Liquid finished their series strong at the end with a 16-4 scoreline against Team EnVyUs. Here is a semifinals preview between these 4 teams and the two matches.

ESL Pro League Season 5  Finals – Predictions for the Semifinals

G2 Esports

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G2 Esports vs SK Gaming

G2 Esports took the first seed even with a 3-2 record in the group stages. This happened because the 3 wins that they had were against every single team they were tied against. They won against fnatic, SK Gaming and fnatic and lost to Immortals and Cloud9. G2 Esports may have the upper hand after winning against SK Gaming in the group stages with a decisive score. However, SK Gaming just entered playoff mode and completely looks different from the group stages. I expect this series to be close in the scorelines with a good possibility of a 2-0 from either side. This game should be more of a 50-50 and should bet small with the best returns.

G2 Esports 2 – SK Gaming  1 


Team North

Courtesy: Team North Facebook

North vs Team Liquid

In this series, North should be favored around 65-35 but could be skewed with people hoping that Team Liquid could pull off consecutive upsets. Team Liquid might have taken a game from North giving them their first and only loss of the tournament. But in theory, that last game was completely irrelevant to team North as they already secured the top seed with their overtime win against mousesports. Even with ‘EliGE’ and ‘jdm64’ playing extremely well, North should be able to win this one convincingly.

North 2 – Team Liquid 0 (2-0 in favor of North)