ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals – Playoffs Preview

The ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals group stages just finished. It had a ton of exciting plays as well as some unbelievable upsets. OpTic was able to take down Na’Vi at the same time Team Liquid took out North to secure the 3rd spot of the playoffs. In the other group, Team EnVyUs surprised everyone how dominating they could actually be. They secured the highest point differential and was beating on teams they were facing. Ultimately, the group was very competitive with 4 teams getting finishing with a 3-2 record.

The 6 teams that advanced to the playoffs are G2 Esports, Team EnVyUs, and SK Gaming from group A. Team North, mousesports, and Team Liquid advanced from group B.


ESL Pro League Season 5  Finals – Betting Predictions for the Quarterfinals

Mousesports vs SK Gaming

Mousesports were incredibly clutch throughout their games. They played with a chip on their shoulder and was able to take an impressive 4-1 record in a tough group. It could have possibly been a 5-0 sweep if this went the right way. That was extremely soul crushing and was that close in advancing straight to the semifinals.

SK Gaming were great at times but after losing their last game so badly (16-3 in loss to Team EnVyUs), it is tough to tell if they can shake off some of their rust. The odds should favor SK Gaming. Depending on how skewed the odds are, I’d shoot for a little on mousesports on this for a more valuable return.

SK Gaming 1 – mousesports 2 (2-1 favor of mousesports)

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Team EnVyUs vs Team Liquid

Team EnVyUs was my pick for the dark horse in the group to cling to the final spot. They exceeded expectation by playing great to finish the group stages. They were pulling off great individual plays.

Team Liquid also surprised the group as they took the last spot from Natus Vincere who had the slight edge just before the end. They would need EliGe and Twistzz to keep up their pace especially after this insane play from Twistzz.

Both teams did will at the end to secure their spots with Team EnVyUs winning their last 3 games and Team Liquid winning against the heavily favored North. It would be a tough choice but I’d give the edge to Team EnVyUs.

Team EnVyUs 2 – Team Liquid 0 (2-0 favor of Team EnVyUs)

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