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G2 Esports crowned new ESL Pro League Season 5 Champions - Esportsranks
G2 Esports crowned new ESL Pro League Season 5 Champions

G2 Esports beat North, 3-1, for the ESL Pro League Season 5 Championship. Tensions flared while G2 Esports particularly wanted to face North to teach them a lesson. They did not like how cocky North are, as per ‘kennyS’. Both teams clearly wanted to take each other out and what better way to send a message than to win in the finals.

ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals

G2 Esports vs North Game 1 – Cache (16-13)

G2 Esports started the series by taking the first pistol round. North were able to force the gun round at 2-0 and ‘k0nfig’ came up barely clutching the first gun round. North was able to win the next 4 rounds and disrupted the CT’s economy to take a 2-5 advantage. With a weak economy, G2 struggled to force gun rounds and eventually fell into a deeper hole at the end of the half with a 10-5 scoreline.

G2 Esports won the second pistol round and secured the next 3 rounds on the T side. They lost the next gun round but won two anti-ecos against the Danes to bridge the gap. ‘kennyS’ was playing like the boogeyman, destroying North and taking over the game. The Danish side had no answer and struggled through the 2nd half with a low economy and it ended with a 16-13 score for the French side.

G2 Esports vs North Game 2 – Cobblestone (16-5)

G2 started again by winning the pistol round after a good defense on B site. ‘Magisk’ followed up with an incredible ace to bring it right back. ‘shox’ and ‘apEX’ took the next rounds and the French side never looked back as they dismantled every T push the Danish side was throwing at them. The half ended with a commanding 12-3 lead for G2 Esports.

North tried to comeback immediately by winning the second pistol round. The french team were too much to handle as they quickly got back with the first buy round. They eventually took the second map with a dominating 16-5 scoreline.

ESL Pro League Season 5 Champions

Courtesy: hltv.org

G2 Esports vs North Game 3 – Overpass (14-16)

G2 Esports were on the verge of taking another pistol round with a 3v1 advantage at the start. ‘k0nfig’ successfully stopped their long A push as he won the 3v1 with ‘NBK’, also getting a team kill while trying to shoot ‘k0nfig’ at the corner. Barely winning their first gun round, the Danes held the sites well throughout, only dropping 2 rounds at the end of the first half.

North won the next pistol round, jumping to a 14-2 lead. It looked like they were going to take this map easily but G2 Esports were able to string together the next 5 rounds. The Danes halted their run to force match point at 15-7. The French remained calm and continued to push for a comeback and eventually forced out the last round with a 15-14 scoreline. The Danes successfully pushed long A and won the game.

G2 Esports vs North Game 4 – Inferno (16-3)

G2 started again by winning the pistol round as well as the first gun round to jump to an early 5-0 advantage on CT side. They were able to generate good economy and were forcing gun rounds after losses to trade the rounds. G2 Esports eventually found their stride again and demolished North’s morale by winning the next 7 rounds to jump to a 13-2 lead at the half.

North won the subsequent pistol round but immediately lost to an anti-eco round. This removed all their hopes as the gap seemed endless and lost in an embarrassing 16-3 scoreline. Frustrations mounted on the North’s side as ‘k0nfig’ was the only one playing well in this series.

With this final win G2 Esports were crowned the ESL Pro League Season 5 champions by a clear margin.

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