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ESL Pro League Ladder and Rankings – Week 5 - Esportsranks
ESL Pro League Ladder and Rankings – Week 5

Week 5 is over and it was one of the most intense weeks in the ESL Pro League. There have – obviously – been a lot of changes to the League Ladder, so let’s see how things stand.

Remember that the matches between Astralis and Natus Vincere have been postponed, as also the battles between G2 Esports and Hellraisers. So these rankings could change. But for now, here are the…

European Teams in the ESL Pro League

The Top 6 Teams


Fnatic are still right at the top of the Ladder, having played 6 matches in week 5. They started out quite badly, losing 2 matches to Ninjas in Pyjamas. On the next day, Fnatic again started out by losing their first match against Hellraisers. They did win the second match, but the match went into overtime. They won both their matches against Astralis. Fnatic have finished 20 matches out of 26, scoring 41 points.

Esl Pro League - Fnatic

Image Credit: DreamHack


Astralis, on the other hand, have soared in the rankings, from 10th to 2nd place. The team had played only 8 matches up to week 4. In week 5, Astralis played 10 matches. Their current score is 33 points with 11 wins and 7 losses. Astralis have played 2 matches less than Fnatic, but the gap in their scores is big enough that Astralis isn’t going to pass Fnatic even if they take 2 more wins.

FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan played 8 matches in week 5 of the ESL Pro League, out of which they lost 5. This supremely-dominant super-team has failed to dominate the League. After a fairly dismal set of performances, their win-rate has dropped from 70% to only 56%, which is quite average. They only have 8 matches left. FaZe Clan’s current score is 31 points.


After ranking 2nd for 2 weeks, North has been dragged down to number 4. They still have a chance to gain on the top three teams, since they have only played 16 matches, and have a good many left. If they win their next 4 matches, they could well lead the League Ladder! North have a lot of potential here, and it won’t do to underestimate them. North’s current score is 30 points.

Esl Pro League - North

Image Credit: ELEAGUE


Number 5 is held by mousesports. Quite impressive, for a team that were at the bottom of the Ladder until week 4. They fought in 10 matches in week 5 and were able to win 7 of them. This boosted them in the rankings. They added 20 points in week 5 to their modest score of 9 points at the end of week 4. This brings their current score to a total of 29 points. Mousesports have played 20 matches and have won and lost 10 of them. They have lost their chance to lead the Ladder, and for now must focus on remaining in the top 6.

Ninjas in Pyjamas

Ninjas in Pyjamas have taken the 6th place on the Ladder of the ESL Pro League. They were ranked 7th in week 4. Ninjas in Pyjamas took part in 6 matches in week 5. They started out by defeating Fnatic in both the matches they played against them. They were then shut down by Team LDLC. Ninjas in Pyjamas ended the last week of play by losing and winning a match against mousesports. Their current score is 27 points, with 18 matches played so far.

European Teams – Rank 7th – 11th


Hellraisers are now 7th on the Ladder. This team are certainly doing their best to prove themselves. They fought in four matches and won three of them. The teams they fought against were FaZe Clan and Fnatic. Hellraisers defeated FaZe Clan in both matches and were able to win one match against Fnatic – which is all rather impressive. If this wasn’t just luck, then this team have a good chance to enter the top 6.


Team LDLC, once ranked 6th on the Ladder, are now ranked 8th. Week 5 did not favor Team LDLC. They lost 5 out of 8 matches, and out of their 3 victories, two went into overtime, which gave them even less points. They only scored 7 points in week 5. Had they taken their wins without letting the matches go into overtime, they would still rank 6th.


Heroic have gone down by one rank, from 8th to 9th. This team has been continuously falling in rank since week 4. They played in four matches and won 2 of them, and one of those was against FaZe Clan. With 16 matches played, their current score is 23 points.

Esl Pro League - Heroic

Image Credit: ELEAGUE


BIG have fallen from 5th to 10th in the 5th week of the ESL Pro League. They only managed to win a single match out of 4 that they played in week 5. Their current score is 22 points with 8 wins and 8 losses.

G2 Esports

G2 Esports have held this spot since week 4. They still rank 11th, with 7 wins and 9 losses, having scored 22 points.

European Teams – the Bottom of the Ladder

Team EnVyUS

Team EnVyUS is still 12th on the Ladder, even though they won 3 out of 4 matches. Their previous scores were so bad that even scoring 9 points in week 5 did not make much of a difference.


GODSENT have fallen massively in the rankings in week 5, from 4th to 13th. However, the reason for this is quite simple; GODSENT were the only European team that didn’t play any matches in week 5. They still have 10 more matches to play, and may be able to rise again into the top 6.

Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere are defending the last place on the Ladder of the ESL Pro League. This though they won 4 matches out of 6 played.

American Teams in the ESL Pro League

The Top 6 Teams

OpTic Gaming

OpTic Gaming played 6 matches and won 4 of them. Their current score is 45 points, with 15 wins and 5 losses, which gives them a 75% win-rate. They only have to fight 6 more matches against 3 teams. We’re sure to see OpTic Gaming in the main events.

OpTic Gaming ESL Pro League

Image Credit: ESL

SK Gaming

SK Gaming now rank 2nd on the Ladder. They played 10 matches in week 5 and won 7 of them. One of the 3 losses was against Splyce. SK Gaming defeated Splyce 16:0 in the first match and then lost to them in the second match. This team has a long way to go before they can be called reliable. SK Gaming’s current score is 43 points, after playing 20 matches, with 14 wins and 6 losses.


Misfits are number 3 on the Ladder. Their performances in week 5 were pretty dismal. They faced the most losses in week 5, as compared to all the previous weeks of play. They lost 4 matches out of 6. Misfits may only play a total of 22 matches, instead of 26 in the League. They may not get to fight against NRG Esports and compLexity Gaming. This might change, of course, but if not, it’s certainly something for Misfits to worry about, since that gives them less of a chance as compared to other teams.

Luminosity Gaming

Luminosity Gaming have risen from rank 9th to 4th. They have played 18 matches, and have won 10 of them. They still have 8 matches left to play. If they do well in these, they could well qualify for the main event.

Esl Pro League - Luminosity

Image Credit: ESL

Team Liquid

Team Liquid are still at number 5. They only won 3 out of the 6 matches they played in week 5 of the ESL Pro League. They lost both the matches against OpTic Gaming and a match against compLexity Gaming. Their current score is 29 points, with 10 victories and 6 defeats.

Counter Logic Gaming

Counter Logic Gaming are once again in the top 6. And they could rise further. This team have played 16 matches, which means they have 10 more matches to fight. Since they’re already at number 6, they could easily rise further if they put out some good plays. Their current score is 29 points with 10 wins and 6 losses.

American Teams – Rank 7th – 11th

NRG Esports

Dropping from the 3rd to the 7th place, NRG Esports have been kicked from the top 6. This team only played 4 matches in week 5, and lost 2 of them. They also won 2, but barely so. They have played 16 matches and won 10. But they have only 8 more matches left to play instead of 10, since the matches with Misfits may not take place. This threatens their chances of entering the top 6.


Cloud9 have not moved from the 8th place. Week 5 didn’t go as well as week 4 for Cloud9. They lost 3 matches out of 6. Two of the matches were against SK Gaming, and they lost a match against Luminosity Gaming that they really could have won. With a 56% win-rate, Cloud9 ‘s current score is just 26 points.

ELEAGUE Premier – Group C Cloud9

Image Credit: ELEAGUE


Renegades have 26 points. But Cloud9 has only played 16 matches, while Renegades have played 18.


Immortals also have 26 points. However, Immortals have played 20 matches so far, which gives them very little chance of rising. Week 4 was very hard on Immortals, but they somehow staged a comeback, thanks to “horvy”. Immortals rank 10 on the League Ladder.


Splyce did a splendid job in defeating SK Gaming in one match. But the remaining matches were a disappointment. They lost 4 matches out of 6, and stand 11th with 21 points.

American Teams – the Bottom of the Ladder

CompLexity Gaming

CompLexity Gaming are still in the bottom three. Though they have climbed to rank 12. Like NRG Esports, they have 2 matches less to play, because the irmatches against Misfits may be cancelled. Their current score is 16 points.


Rogue is back to 13th place in the ESL Pro League, with 12 points after 12 losses and 4 wins.

Ghost Gaming

Ghost Gaming seems to be putting out the most consistency in play, as they have not moved from the last spot. However, their score is finally in the double digits, at 10 points.

Those are the rankings for week 5 of the ESL Pro League – after a round of intense and bitter fighting, these rankings are unlikely to shift too much. Yes, some teams have a lot of matches to play, which could allow them to climb in the rankings. On the other hand, many other teams have played a majority of their allotted matches. One can already see which teams are going to be in the main events.

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