Heavy Odds and Sure Wins in the ESL Pro League

With just two weeks left in the ESL Pro League, teams are jockeying for position, and the odds keep changing – for every team, that is, but Team Liquid. They’re leading the North American region at the moment, and have already scored enough points to qualify for the main event. All they have to do is maintain that position to the end of week seven, and they’ll have won these qualifiers.

SK Gaming finally have a chance at a comeback, with a potent addition to their roster. Stewie2K of Cloud9 is now on the team, which massively strengthens SK Gaming, and just as surely weakens Cloud9. Cloud9 have been doing reasonably well up to now, but with Stewie2K gone, are likely to fall out of the top six at this event.

FaZe Clan aren’t doing too well either, with olofmeister on break, and Xizt will be playing in his place. Xizt isn’t a bad player, of course, but his recent performances have been unexceptional, and he was replaced by dennis in Ninjas in Pyjamas.

There have been a lot of crucial roster changes in the last month, but we’ve taken them into consideration to bring you the best matches to put money on in the ESL Pro League this week. As always, there are matches with great odds, as well as those that provide reasonable odds with a sure win.

HellRaisers Vs FaZe Clan – Double your Stake

HellRaisers are likely to do exceptionally well here, against a FaZe Clan weakened by olofmeister’s being on break. There’s no doubt that HellRaisers are a good enough team to put FaZe Clan down under these circumstances. HellRaisers have a very aggressive playing style, and with FaZe missing their lurker olofmeister, they may not be able to counter that effectively in this match. With the odds on HellRaisers running at about 2.76, even a small stake could lead to big winnings here.

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Fnatic Vs FaZe Clan – Double your Stake on a Sure Win

This is going to be a desperate week for teams who still haven’t qualified for the main event. This match against FaZe Clan is an opportunity for Fnatic to win points while putting down one of the top teams around. As we’ve already explained, FaZe are off their stride without olofmeister, and in no condition to take on a team of Fnatic’s standing. Xizt has the worst kill-loss ratio, and seems unable to adapt to FaZe’s playing style. This is the best match to bet on in this week, because Fnatic have odds of 2.12 on them against a weakened FaZe Clan.

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Image Credit: Fnatic

 Astralis Vs Space Soldiers – Good odds on a Sure Win

Astralis are playing with consummate skill, and though Space Soldiers are skilled, their playing style makes them especially vulnerable to Astralis. They are a team of intelligent thinkers and strategists, and teams that rely upon mere aggression tend to be put down by them with relative ease.

Astralis also have a vast repertoire of strategies that they are always adding to, and often switch these in-game, making them extremely difficult to read by any but the most experienced teams. Space Soldiers are quite simply not in the same league, and with odds of 1.59 on Astralis, this is an excellent chance to earn on a sure win.

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Fnatic Vs Heroic – A Sure Win

Fnatic have finally made a comeback after winning two majors in just one month. They first won the IEM in Katowice this year, and then just two weeks later, they also won the WESG World Finals. With Fnatic presently playing at the top of their form, there’s no chance that they are going to go down playing against Heroic. Despite this, Fnatic are still drawing odds of 1.50, which are excellent odds for a sure win.

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Mousesports Vs Natus Vincere – A Sure Win

These teams have faced off against each other in eight matches with their present rosters, and mousesports have dominated the majority of those. Mousesports definitely have the upper hand here. Natus Vincere can win against mousesports, but only in the maps they are best at. In the present match, mousesports will be playing one of their best maps, and they have an excellent track record there. The odds are running at 1.67 on mousesports, and that is really reasonably high for a team that have recently won two majors back to back.

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Renegades Vs NRG Esports – A Sure Win

NRG Esports have played fourteen matches at this event, and lost just two, one against Team Liquid and one against Cloud9. This is a team that is playing exceptionally well, and perhaps better than they ever have before. NRG’s new roster have a win rate that ranges at around seventy seven percent, which is little short of amazing. They are also a versatile team, with one of the biggest map pools around, and a sixty seven percent win rate on their weakest map. With odds of 1.79 on them, this is almost doubling your stake on what is virtually a sure win.

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Luminosity Gaming Vs OpTic Gaming

While both these teams are just about equal in terms of performance, OpTic Gaming still have the advantage in some respects. Luminosity have an advantage in the map chosen for match one, so one could put a stake on them for that match, at odds that are running at 1.97. Optic Gaming are likely to win match two, and also offer reasonable odds at 1.76.

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AGO Esports Vs Team EnVyUs – A Sure Win

This is an interesting match between arguably the worst teams at this event. All we have to decide to pick the winner here is which team are most competent at incompetent plays. Team EnVyUs seem to be the best at losing, since they have taken just two matches out of the fourteen they’ve played so far, and seem to be doing their best to lose more predictably than ever. It seems that removing SIXER from the team was a bad idea. AGO Esports are playing brilliantly – that is, if you compare them to EnVyUs, and are certainly the likely winners here. While we’re sure to see AGO Esports in the next season of the EPL, the same cannot be said for Team EnVyUs. AGO Esports have odds of 1.57 running on them for this match, on what is certainly a sure win.

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These are the most carefully formulated match predictions, by analysts who thoroughly study team histories and playing styles. Stay tuned for more match-by-match analyses and predictions for this event. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest on your favourite Esports titles.