ESL Pro League Betting Predictions for Today; September 13, 2017

Here are the latest ESL Pro League betting predictions for today, September the 13th. We have quite a few intense matches slated for the day, as well as a smattering of more mundane face-offs.

As per the usual format, each team will fight 2 Matches against each other. So, without more ado, let’s go on to the…

ESL Pro League Betting Predictions

Hellraisers vs Team LDLC

Hellraisers vs Team LDLC

The matches between these two teams are slated for today at 18:00 and 19:10 BST. That’s 10:00 and 11:10 PDT.

This year, these teams fought each other in 2 events. One of them was the ESL Pro League Season 5, where Team LDLC won both matches against Hellraisers. Their most recent encounter was in the ESG Tour Mykonos 2017 Qualifier, where both teams failed to qualify for the main event. Nevertheless, Team LDLC defeated Renegades in their Qualifier Match.

ESL Pro League Betting Predictions:

Current stats show that Team LDLC is dominating Hellraisers for now. There’s a good chance that Team LDLC will win both these matches against Hellraisers.

The odds are 6/4 on Team LDLC!

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BIG vs Godsent

The matches are slated for today at 20:20 and 21:30 BST. That’s 12:20 and 13:30 PDT.

BIG and GODSENT first went face to face in the ESEA Season 24: Premier Division, where GODSENT won the BO3 Finals 2-0. They met again in the ESEA Season 24: Global Challenge Semi Finals, where BIG won 2 matches out of 3 and so defeated GODSENT.

ESL Pro League Betting Predictions:

When compared to GODSENT, BIG’s current performance and rankings are rather below average. If BIG hasn’t drastically improved their game, they will surely lose to GODSENT.

The odds are 11/8 on GODSENT…

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Rogue vs Ghost Gaming

rogue vs ghost gaming

The matches are slated for today at 00:00 and 01:10 BST. That’s 16:00 and 17:10 PDT.

Ghost Gaming and Rogue have never encountered each other before. Both these teams are performing rather under par.

They both hold the lowest 2 positions in the League ladder. It will be interesting to see which of these teams will win. Ghost Gaming still shows some promise, since they managed to win a match against Team Liquid.

ESL Pro League Betting Predictions:

It’s recommended that you give this match the go-by. There are plenty of matches where the odds are reasonable and the outcomes predictable, without one having to waste one’s money on random chance. The outcome of this match is random chance.

Misfits vs Splyce

misfits vs splyce

The matches are slated for today at 02:20 and 03:30 BST. That’s 18:20 and 19:30 PDT.

Misfits are playing very well as of now. They are one of the top six teams in North America. If they manage to hold this position to the end of the Qualifier Rounds, they will certainly make it to the Finals of Season 6 of the ESL Pro League.

Misfits and Splyce have fought each other two times. The first was in the Esports Championship Series Season 3, where they ended up winning one match each.

Later they faced each other again in the ESL One: Cologne Quarter Finals, where Misfits defeated Splyce 2-0 in BO3 matches.

ESL Pro League Betting Predictions:

Misfits are likely to dominate Splyce – they are more skilled and determined, and show better team-work.

The odds are 4/9 on Misfits!

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These are the most carefully formulated betting and match predictions, by analysts who thoroughly study team histories and playing styles.

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